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5 Things to Do Before Offering Your Collectible Watch for Sale



You’ve decided to part with one of your collectible watches. An easy way would be to visit a local pawn shop and sell it outright. Since that option won’t net much of a sale price, you do want to seek out high-end buyers instead. Before doing that, there are a few things that need attention first. Once they’re completed you should be able to sell your watch for cash and clear a reasonable amount of profit.

Have the Watch Cleaned

Before you offer the watch to any prospective buyer, take it in to a professional jeweler and have it cleaned properly. Ideally, the cleaning will be done by someone who is certified by the brand to do so. This will ensure no detail is overlooked and the watch does look its best.

You may not think that cleaning would make much of a difference, but it ill matter to a buyer. Seeing the watch in what appears to be pristine condition is likely to hold the buyer’s attention for a little longer. That extra time can work in your favor, since the buyer could easily decide that making an offer would be a good idea.

Make Sure You Have the Original Packaging and Documentation

Watches that accompanied by the certification provided by the maker as well as the original box or other packaging tend to fetch higher prices. If you have those in hand, it will be a lot easier to attract attention from serious collectors. You also stand a better chance of receiving the price that you really want.


Many collectors rely on the packaging as well as the certification to authenticate the watch. Along with elements on the facing or the back, these additional items can make it easier to distinguish from a clever fake and the real thing. See including the box and certificates as one more way to confirm that you are selling the real deal.

Get a Fresh Appraisal

You have a good idea of how much the watch is worth, but how long has it been since it was appraised by a professional? If it’s been a few years, now is the time to take your Datejust II to an expert and get a fresh one. You’ll get an honest appraisal based on the watch’s condition, the rarity, and what the expert knows about the current demand.

You can bet that interested buyers will want to know if the watch has been appraised in the last few months. By being able to confirm that it was and showing the proof, there’s a better chance of getting the price that you want.

Set a Price Based on the Appraisal and What You See Happening in the Market

Along with the appraisal, do some of your own research and see what others are asking for the same make and model. This allows you to set a minimum price that you’re willing to accept. Keep in mind that minimum price is different from the initial asking price that you hope to get.


See this as a way to include some room for negotiations. Start with a higher price and see what the buyers have to say. If they want to make counter offers, one of them is likely to be more than the appraisal but still less than your original asking price. If so, you still end up with a price that you can live with at the least. If you come across a buyer who is happy to pay your original asking price, that’s all the more profit for you.

Find Reputable Buyers

With everything in place, find buyers who are known to make reasonable offers. You could also offer the watch for sale through a jeweler who takes on consignment options. If the jeweler has a reputation for securing excellent pricing, this can be an easy and effective way to generate a faster sale.

Remember that selling vintage watches is different from selling mid-grade products at a local retail store. Prepare the watch properly and make sure it’s introduced into a market populated with the right type of buyers. There’s a good chance that the watch will sell in a short amount of time.

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