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5 Things You Need To Know About Using CBD Oil For Knee Pain



The list of ailments that CBD oil can treat seems to expand every day. The compound is now popular among those who suffer from a range of ailments and conditions – from the lack of concentration to insomnia.

However, one of CBD’s best-known medical applications is the treatment of pain. It’s a highly effective analgesic that can address both inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

As anyone can tell you who has suffered from knee pain, it’s one of the most intense and debilitating kinds of physical ailments.

If you’re suffering this type of pain and wondering whether you should try to treat it with CBD, the following five tips are for you.

  1. You Can Take CBD Whatever Way You Want

Perhaps the best thing about CBD is its versatility. As the compound has become mainstream, manufacturers are experimenting with many different versions, and the results are now a broad range of choices. 

If you’re already a fan of cannabis, you might prefer to use CBD flowers. This allows you to smoke your CBD in a blunt or bong, just as you would with regular weed. However, if you’d rather consume it, you can buy CBD oil for pain and add it to food or purchase pre-infused snacks or beverages. 

Check out Love CBD’s range from for a broad range of CBD products that are available.

  1. CBD Oil Can Treat Your Pain Regardless of the Cause 

You may not know this if you’re experiencing knee pain for the first time, but not all pain is the same. There are two main types: 

Nociceptive Pain (Inflammatory Pain)

This is any pain that arises from bodily inflammation. This kind of inflammation occurs in response to harmful stimuli that affect the body; it is an essential function and causes severe pain.

Since CBD’s interaction with our CB2 receptors, the body triggers an anti-inflammatory response when you consume it. This makes it an effective painkiller for nociceptive pain issues.


When it comes to pharmaceutical treatments for inflammatory pain, ibuprofen is perhaps the most popular. However, it poses many health risks for those who use it consistently over a long period. 

As an all-natural remedy, CBD poses no risk. There are no significant long-term health risks currently associated with CBD.

Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain is any pain that arises because of nerve damage. 

Neuropathic pain is less common than inflammatory pain. Unfortunately, it is also more challenging to treat.


Inflammatory pain usually arises from a visible physical stimulus, such as a cut or sting. However, because neuropathic pain comes from nerves that transmit signals around the body, it’s often impossible to know the source. 

CBD’s interactions with the endocannabinoid system have a calming influence on the central nervous system. It is this effect that makes it useful to treat neuropathic pain. CBD is also effective in treating conditions like anxiety and insomnia.

  1. CBD Will Help You Sleep and Treat Your Knee Pain

Pain problems often cause other issues, which can be as severe as the pain itself. One of the most significant of these is sleep. If you’re suffering a lot from pain, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to drift off easily.

Luckily, CBD is highly effective in treating insomnia as well as pain. If you’re struggling to sleep, whether it’s due to knee pain or other conditions, adding CBD to your nighttime routine could be a good idea. 

  1. You’re Not Alone with Knee Pain

Nothing is more alienating when you’re unwell than a feeling that you’re alone or that nobody understands what you’re going through. However, with knee pain, this isn’t something concerning.

Statistics show that the percentage of Americans suffering from knee pain is increasing steadily, with the probable cause of this phenomenon being obesity. The older you get, the more likely you are to develop knee pain.


This trend means that there is now a better understanding of the causes and consequences of knee pain and the most effective ways to cure it.

  1. There are Many Different Symptoms of Knee Pain

Knee pain isn’t as straightforward as having discomfort in your joints. There are many different symptoms of knee pain, and not all present themselves in the same way. 

The most apparent symptom is soreness in the knee joint. This can range from mild irritation to a pain that’s so severe it will leave you unable to walk or even stand. 

Another common sign that you have a knee problem is the inability to straighten your leg entirely due to discomfort in the joint. Even if you’re comfortable and free of soreness while sitting down, pain could set in when you stand up or walk.

Get Back on Your Feet With CBD Oil

Being able to exercise is as essential as ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us sitting inside for long periods, and it’s crucial to be able to make the most of your time outdoors when possible. 


Knee pain is not what you need if you’re trying to stay active. If traditional pain treatments aren’t doing the trick, CBD might be what you require to get mobile again.  

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