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5 Things You Will Miss If You Miss Emergency Wedding This Saturday



The most anticipated stage play, Emergency Wedding, is happening this Saturday at National Theater. Trending on Twitter this week, the expectation of patrons is high as the twice-cancelled event finally gets to be premiered.

Like all of Kobina Ansah’s plays, Emergency Wedding is set to thrill theater lovers and give them a run for their money. Tagged “Man has his timelines but God has the clock”, the play addresses the deadlines we give to life and how some of these deadlines can force us into taking regrettable decisions.

Happening at 3pm and 7pm this Saturday, Emergency Wedding is unmissable because;

Great music


Most of Kobina Ansah’s plays are musicals and Emergency Wedding is not any different. Laced with good music, patrons will be treated to the sweet vocals of cast members of the play. People who miss the play will be missing out on the live music that will aid in telling the story.

Thrilling suspense

Emergency Wedding is suspense-filled. Patrons will be held spell-bound by the story until some secrets begin to unfold. The main character of the play, Sika, is in for the shock of her life because the wedding she is all enthused about is only a setup.

Amazing cast


The well-selected cast of the play come in with their own headaches. Patrons must be prepared to be moved emotionally to tears. This is because of the sensitive nature of some of the themes of the play which are perfectly expressed by the cast.


Bringing in a deaf interpreter to interpret the story to hearing impaired audience means a lot of hard work and creativity on stage. From music to dance, creativity is expressed at different heights to sustain the emotions of patrons.

Deep lessons


It goes without saying that every Kobina Ansah play carries some deep lessons for its audience. Emergency Wedding creatively touches on times and seasons as it dramatically illustrates how man has his timelines… but God has the clock.

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Source: Scribe News

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