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5 Tips on Cleaning Guns for New Owners



Safety is the first priority when cleaning any type of firearm. New gun owners should know the dos and don’ts of responsible gun cleaning to avoid any accidents. To clean safely and efficiently, here are tips on cleaning guns for new owners.

5 Tips on Cleaning Guns for New Owners 

Accidental discharge is the common cause of injuries (and even death) when cleaning a gun. So before you jump right into cleaning, make sure that the gun is unloaded and cleared and all ammunition, whether real bullets or even laser cartridges used for something like AR15 Dry-Fire Training, is properly stored away from the workstation.

Use the Manual for Reference

While it is easy to use a brand new home appliance without referring to the manual, unfortunately, this is not the case for firearms. It is a must to read the manual

You can also use the manual to determine which are the best products to clean your gun. Use it to familiarize yourself with the parts and to know how to safely unload and take down your gun. User manuals for specific gun models are also available (and downloadable) online.


However, for most gun owners, referring to the manual won’t be enough. You can also check out resources like this gun blog, or watch video tutorials online for more detailed disassembly instructions if needed. 

Prepare Everything You Need for Cleaning

Find an open area with sufficient space to work. Cleaning a firearm of any kind requires the use of solvents, lubricants, and other products that may disperse toxic fumes. If you can’t assign a permanent takedown bench, clean outside or in the garage. While you’re stocking up on cleaning supplies, make sure to Find the best deals on bulk 9mm ammo at Widener’ to keep your range sessions well-supplied.

Arrange a spacious table to accommodate all parts of the firearm. Cover with a vinyl cloth or a mat that feels like a mouse pad.

Also, before you begin, gather all the tools you need to avoid interruptions while cleaning. Remember that leaving the work area unattended could invite unauthorized people like kids.


Below are some tools that you need to prepare for gun cleaning:

  • Cleaning rods
  • Cleaning swabs
  • Bore brushes for your specific gun model
  • Double-ended brushes
  • Slotted and form-fitting cleaning jags
  • Cotton swabs
  • Bore snake tool
  • Mop and hot water-dish soap solution
  • Cleaning products and lubricants or CPL
  • Luster cloth or silicone gun cloth
  • Drip pan

Remove the Debris

After you have unloaded the magazine and taken the parts down based on the manual, it’s time for a thorough cleaning. Remove all the debris in the barrel and chamber using the right cleaning tool and solvent. 

The same goes when cleaning the bore. However, you may need to soak it in solvent for a few minutes first to break down gunk and carbon deposits. Some gun owners prefer to use CLP or clean, lubricate, and protect oil, a 3-in-1 cleaning product. 

Still, it is safest to refer to the manual for any specific cleaning product

Apply grease on the movable parts of your gun to protect it against corrosion. Use a heavier lubricant when storing your firearm for a long time. Also, don’t forget to wipe the external parts to clean and make it look brand new.


Reassemble and Do Functional Checks

It’s too early to assume that you can get the gun parts back together in a snap as what our favorite superheroes in movies do. So again, reassemble your firearm with the help of the manual or a detailed tutorial video. This will come more naturally if you’ve used 80 lowers to build the gun yourself.

Then, perform a few checks to make sure that the firearm is properly assembled and performing according to its purpose.

Wipe It Down

Once everything is back in place and properly working, do a final wipe down to remove traces of fingerprints and dirt. Then, store the gun in a safe area, away from children’s reach.


Gun Cleaning and maintenance would not take long with the correct knowledge and the right tools. However, it is a must to prioritize safety when cleaning any type of gun. Unload your firearm and read the manual before you proceed to the next steps of gun cleaning and maintenance.

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