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5 Types of Rings to Manifest Your Unconditional Love for Your Partner



Engagement rings are a very special possession for any person. They are the perfect way to express love for your partner while asking for their hand in marriage. Engagement rings are a beautiful reminder of a very special life-long commitment between two people in love that they cherish the most along with their relationship.

Choosing an engagement ring is as important as choosing a life partner as it is something you will give to your soulmate. A ring will not affect the decision of your sweetheart but a beautiful ring will be something you will cherish for a period of a lifetime. Let us check out 5 types of the ring which are perfect to show your unconditional love for your partner:

1. Single Solitaire

A single solitaire is a very authentic and aristocratic design for engagement rings. A huge diamond fixed on the crown of a thin band made either of gold or platinum is the basic design of a single solitaire ring. Single solitaire rings are the oldest form of engagement rings. Somewhere in the form of literature, Victorian heroines have received this kind of ring from their knight in shining armor.

2. Cluster

The cluster kind of rings are the ones that are of the nonclassic design. As it can be guessed from the name, the cluster ring has several diamonds or gemstones around a single solitaire. Cluster rings are usually opted by those who have a higher budget. The assortment of several small diamonds in a specific geometric pattern makes the rings a type of their own. The geometric shape can be customized by you when you are purchasing it.

3. Halo

The Halo ring is something that contains several diamonds or precious stones. The Moissanite Rings NYC can be the center stone for the ring. There are several other smaller stones that can be diamonds that will surround the moissanite gemstone as a halo. The bright luster provided by this halo type of ring is unmatched by any.

4. Three-stone ring

The three-stone rings are very famous among the customers of the younger generation who are in search of glitter. The three-stone rings are similar to the Affordable Moissanite Rings which are used in the replacement of diamonds. The moissanite gemstone can be surrounded by several other stones like rubies and sapphires. This provides a bright pop of color to the ring.

5. Morganite Rings

Morganite rings are small colored beryl silicate stones set on a thin band of gold or platinum. The morganite rings are being opted by customers who need some color in their engagement rings.


These are some of the best designs for engagement rings that are perfect to express your unconditional love for your partner. These rings are of some of the best designs architected by the jewelers of the modern world. With an ethnic beauty within them, the rings which are mentioned above will add to the beauty of the hand of your soulmate on your special day. With the bright beauty of these rings and the smile on your sweetheart’s face, you will be the luckiest person on the day you are proposing.