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5 Well-Grounded California White Wines You Need To Taste Right Now

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5 Well-Grounded California White Wines You Need To Taste Right Now

California wines are one of the most popular white wine varietals that are crafted in the state of California, USA. In the total production of California, wines make around 90 percent size of total winery production compared to France and Australia which was also one of the leading countries when it comes to winemaking. So, if California is a separate country, it is considered to be the world’s fourth leading wine manufacturer.


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Looking back into the history of California white wines, all its labels are popularly known to produce an exquisite sweet-port taste of wines. They are delicately made from Thompson and Carignan seedless grapes to ensure a pure and classic wine juice extraction. Nowadays along with the development of technology to create an excellent bottle of wine, California white wines are one of the most sought after wine labels in the market.


Hence, as you go along and gets excited to taste some California White wine labels, let us show you some top tier labels of this wine which greatly impacted the taste of each wine tasters. These California white wines do not only exude a perfect taste and aroma, but they give you the best wine tasting experience like no other. Here are they to get you started.

2015 Peirson Meyer Chardonnay Russian River Valley

The 2015 Peirson Meyer  Chardonnay Russian River Valley is one of the best highlights that every California white wine has to offer. This wine belongs to a Chardonnay family which comes off with a beautiful, rich, seamless, and opulent elegance. It’s a simple yet a classy California white wine you can serve in any given occasion.


Moreover, the 2015 Peirson Meyer  Chardonnay Russian River Valleyis composed of unique elements extracted from the flesh bed of figs, toasty light oak, apple, pear, and honey drew. Upon tasting this wine, it gives out a simple yet satisfying taste in your palate. It secretes a very sweet taste that makes you even pour some glass of it to taste.

2017 Alban Vineyards Viognier Central Coast

Another beautiful bottle of California white wine which comes in a yellowish, pale green-hued appearance. The 2017 Alban Vineyards Viognier Central Coast is exquisitely made from a highly scented and sexy aromas of white peach. Aside from that, the whiffs coming from orange zest, melon, and Anjou pear produces a full taste of strength in your mouth.


Further, the 2017 Alban Vineyards Viognier Central Coast California white wine label is purely extracted from the elements of densely packed, and juicy flavor of fresh fruits. When you get a chance to taste a glass of this wine, you will ultimately feel the true definition of long finish and striking taste that you can’t find in other wine labels.

2016 Au Bon Climat Chardonnay Sanford & Benedict Vineyard

This is one of the most interesting white wine labels that California state has ever produced. The 2016 Au Bon Climat Chardonnay Sanford & Benedict Vineyard comes with a sexy and enticing flavor making every wine taster set aside what they are doing to fully savor the full taste of this wine.


Besides, a glass of this wine can produce a tremendous tension in your palate which gives you a rare, powerful, and rich feeling. It burst inside your mouth leaving a perfection of sweet taste. The 2016 Au Bon Climat Chardonnay Sanford & Benedict Vineyard offers a full delineation of what wine labels can truly offer.

2016 Macayamas Chardonnay

If you are looking for a festive and fabulous California white wine label, then grabbing a bottle of  2016 Macayamas Chardonnay is a perfect choice. This wine label truly exudes a textured and vivid aroma which holds a very remarkable intensity and finesses in all its aspects. It gives a delightful taste in your palate which every drop of this wine satisfies your palate interestingly.


The 2016 Macayamas Chardonnay is made from elegant elements of white flowers and lemon oil accompanied by the natural intensity of the said ingredients. These wines are thoroughly aged in an oak barrel which is done purely. Actually, the  2016 Macayamas Chardonnay is setting the new standards of what Chardonnay and California white wines can seriously offer.

2016 Paul  Lato East of Eden Pisoni Vineyard Chardonnay

Produced from the highly crafted vineyards of Santa Lucia Highlands, the 2016 Paul  Lato East of Eden Pisoni Vineyard Chardonnay brags a phenomenal aroma of white peach, notes, and ripe fruits which produces a perfect combination of sweet taste. The taste is also added with fresh crushed rock-like taste which you can definitely savor in your mouth.


Additionally, the 2016 Paul  Lato East of Eden Pisoni Vineyard Chardonnay wine exudes an elegant, pure, and clean taste as it touches your tastebuds. This is truly one of the amazing California white wine labels which produce a high level of vibrancy and tension that you can’t find even in vintage wine labels.

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