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5 World’s Most Expensive Weed of 2023



5 World's Most Expensive Weed of 2023

Cannabis has become a hot commodity worldwide due to its versatile nature and potential effects. While many choose to grow the herb at home, others prefer to acquire it from reputable and credible sources. If you think all weed or Cannabis strains are made similar, you are far off the mark. 

Different weed varieties offer unique experiences with their distinctive physical and psychoactive effects. While you can obtain inexpensive strains, numerous others are luxuries only elites can access. 

This article will help you discover some of the most expensive weeds in the world and learn about what makes them so costly. 



What Is the Average Price Of Weed Globally? 

You may not cognize how expensive the world’s most costly weed strains are without any point of reference. Therefore, you must know the general cost of cannabis. 

Marijuana prices vary across different regions in the United States. One ounce of weed costs around 500 USD in Washington, which is comparatively costly. You can find the same amount for 286 USD in Oregon.

If you buy weed from the black market, you can find it for 180 USD, which is very cheap. Other places have a much lower cost. Dispensaries in India offer one ounce of pot for 285 USD. Meanwhile, Columbian and South African dispensaries charge 125 USD and 163 USD. 


Marijuana is available at a steep rate in UAE for 857 USD, Japan for 722 USD, and Cyprus for 584 USD per ounce. The standard prices usually apply to common cultivars, including purple haze, NL or northern lights, and skunk #1 strains. While these herbs offer quality, they are still not as expensive. 



Why Is Legal Cannabis Strain So High-Priced? 

Cannabis lovers are known for their creativity with multiple seed alternatives and infinite edibles. And among these creatives stand the elite, the breeders. They have the skill to manufacture marvels in the laboratory. And, of course, they have found the most expensive cannabis strain in the world. 


Hence, you will encounter wide-ranging price options when you visit WeedSeedShop or a dispensary. Let us now discuss the following reasons that make some cultivars more costly.

  • Extraordinary Cannabinoids & Terpenes Combination

Among the several cannabinoids, THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a popular option that provides health properties to users. When looking for marijuana strains, you may come across weed strains with secondary or minor cannabinoid components. 

Various cannabinoids are available in overly expensive medical cannabis. These include cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), cannabidiol (CBT), cannabidiol (CBD), cannabielsoin (CBE), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabidiol (CBDL), and cannabicyclol (CBL). 

According to scientific studies about cannabis’s effects on humans, while THC offers extensive psychoactive effects, secondary cannabinoids also play an essential role. 

  • Scarcity & Difficulty in Cultivation

Growing strains like Autoflower is simple. These strains mature very fast and can endure harsh environmental conditions, unlike other less resilient cannabis plants. 

Other marijuana plants may have distinctive agricultural needs. They need precise nurturing concerning darkness, light, moisture, and unique nutrients. Certain weed plants have smaller bud structures and develop limited flowers. 


Hence, commercial growers generally avoid challenging cannabis strains as they take more time and cultivation costs. However, some weed strains are worthwhile. Cultivators can grow limited specialty flower amounts to fulfill local demand. 


  • THC Content

As a basic rule, any cannabis flower with over 25% THC content will cost an arm and leg. Generally, strains come with less than 20% THC content in the US and cost much less. People often think that strains with higher potency deliver enhanced effects. However, this is not true. 

Patients who use medical weed regularly for symptom relief benefit from strains with lower potency. While higher THC does not offer better results, many believe this, given the exorbitant pricing of higher potency weed strains. 

  • Ratio & Type of Terpene

Paying attention to the terpenes in your cannabis is essential when choosing a suitable medical strain. The terpene content for more expensive cannabis strains is generally higher. These are naturally present in various plants. However, certain unique terpenes are only present in strains with high potency.

20,000+ terpene available varieties positively impact the user’s health. Based on the cannabis strains, a weed plant has around 200 variations of terpenes. 

Some potent strains commonly include myrcene and caryophyllene. A few terpenes that cannabis strains comprise include humulene, pinene, bisabolol, delta 3 carene, limonene, valencene, and perpineol. 

  • Medicinal Advantages

Several strains are a favorite of consumers as they provide additional medicinal advantages. These include Northern Lights, black magic kush, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, LA Confidential, cannatonic, and Dutch Treat. 

Medical marijuana commonly helps manage pain for individuals with chronic intractable pain. Such individuals are not able to get relief from traditional therapies. Other symptoms include depression, mood swings, emotional reactivity, and anxiety. 

Some strains have an expensive price tag as they offer enhanced relief for mental health problems. 


List of the World’s Most Expensive Weed Brand Of 2023

A product of outstanding genetic material, some of the most expensive cannabis strains are a treat for the elite. Some of these tempting and most expensive strains in the world are as follows:

  • JustKana

Even though JustKana offers weed or Cannabis products containing only 0.3% THC, it is one of the most expensive yet powerful weed suppliers. You can buy pre-rolls from this supplier within the range between $40 USD to $50 USD. The significant reason behind the high price is its premium quality and different flavors.

The experts of JustKana rigorously use advanced methods to produce the weed for better convenience and potency. Therefore, it offers balanced effects to its users, helping them to avoid extra buzz. The smoothness and richness of the weed of JustKana also contribute to the high price of the products.

  • Oracle

No one was aware of the strains with over 45% THC content until the introduction of the Oracle weed strain. They offer twice the THC levels of an average weed strain marketed in the US. The strain’s flowering time of four weeks and THC levels are debatable. 

The per seed cost for the Oracle strain amounts to over 200 USD, while a cloned Oracle plant costs about 1,000 USD. Introduced in 2009, its rarity and incredible medicinal features make it so expensive. 

  • White Fire OG

The hybrid White Fire OG strain comprises 40% of Sativa and 60% of Indica. Some dispensaries offer this strain with a different name, like WiFi Kush or WiFi OG. It is a popular kind of weed strain. It is a result of breeding The White and Fire OG. 

It has 22 to 30% THC content with dominant terpenes like pinene, myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. Its medicinal benefits help individuals to feel more relaxed, focused, uplifted, and energetic. 



  • Island OG

Island OG is a hybrid strain that produces a height in the body and head, thanks to its 97% pure Indica. Generally, Island OG has physical and psychoactive effects, such as euphoria and relaxation. You can experience no stress for a limited time if you do not fall asleep after consumption. 

Some reviews have shown that people do not feel sleepy. But this is different for a strain dominant in Indica. It also comprises high levels of couch lock or myrcene terpene. 

  • Loud Dream 

Loud Dream offers a unique tropical flavor with orange citrus and spicy herbal notes. Comprising 14 to 16% THC levels, it is another strain that falls under the list of luxurious weed strains. One ounce of the Loud Dream strain was previously available for 800 USD. 

It has several unique characteristics that it takes from the famous parent plant strain called Blue Dream.





The cannabis world is taking a new turn and revealing high-priced strains to fancy your taste and change your experience of the highs. Various weed strains that fall under these categories showcase the creativity and capacity of the weed breeders. 

While you can try these high-priced strains for better results, you don’t need high levels of THC to deliver more promising results. You can instead seek less expensive alternatives to treat your symptoms. 

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