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50 Cent starts private investigation into Chris Lighty's death



When Violator, Inc. founder Chris Lighty was found dead of an apparent suicide last month, people close to Chris and throughout the industry were shocked.  While suicides are rarely predictable, this case appeared totally out of the ordinary for someone like the industry executive. After a second autopsy was ordered by Chris’ family, it was performed by former NY Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Baden, and results were found to be “inconclusive”.  It is no question that a gun shot was the cause of death.  But tests are still pending to determine if the shots were self-inflicted or not. Now, 50 Cent has hired a high powered private investigation firm, at the request of Chris’ mother, to look further into the case. What has raised even more eyebrows is what was in Chris’ will.  The final document was obtained by Fox 5 in NY. Chris willed his wife, Veronica Lighty, everything.  Plus, he left a $1.6 mill trust to his kids.  Interestingly, many believed Veronica and Chris were divorcing years ago when she filed papers.  But just recently, she made it known that she retracted those papers a few weeks later. Except for a fund set aside for his children, the will says if he is survived by his wife, “I give my entire residuary estate, real and personal, to her.”]]>

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