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54 Kingdoms Unveils Its Final World Cup Collection: Forward Ever, Backward Never!



54 Kingdoms Unveils Its Final World Cup Collection: Forward Ever, Backward Never!

The 2022 FIFA World Cup just kicked off in Qatar, where Africa is being represented by Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia.

For most Africans, the tournament is a platform that reinforces continental unity, helping bridge the gap between Africans on the continent, and Diasporans globally. Since 2010, when South Africa became the first African country to host the tournament, 54 Kingdoms embarked on a creative journey of designing collections inspired by the United African vision engineered by the honorable Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

Forward Ever, Backward Never is the final World Cup collection by 54 Kingdoms as the company reaches the last phase of its unity design blueprint. The blueprint, which is primarily inspired by Pan-African giants, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Marcus Garvey ― aims to give the continent a larger vision of itself via four main themes: Educate, Unite, Build and Progress. Each collection is tied to a theme dating back to Homecoming in 2010 (Educate), Score for Unity in 2014 (Unite), and Goal 54 in 2018 (Build).

“This is a bittersweet moment for us. As storytellers, one of the hardest things is to write an ending for any story, and unfortunately the end has come for our World Cup collection series. This creative journey started with inspiration from Dr. Nkrumah and will end with him. Hence, a collection paying homage to one of his profound statements, Forward Ever, Backward Never” ~ Kwaku Awuah, 54 Kingdoms President.


In the Progress phase, the Forward Ever, Backward Never (FEBN) design seeks to echo Nkrumah’s larger vision of a united and developed Africa free of any form of colonial rule. However, ‘Forward Ever, Backward Never’ also means Africa shouldn’t bemoan its past misdeeds all the time; we should forge ahead, but when a similar challenge resurfaces, we look back and remind ourselves that we shouldn’t make the same mistake again.

Throughout this tournament, Forward Ever, Backward Never is a reminder to Africa’s representatives to push forward even when it seems impossible, and never look back!

The Forward Ever, Backward Never is a limited edition collection available for pre-orders on November 23, 2022 with expected shipment starting on December 9, 2022. More details will be updated on the 54 Kingdoms website soon!

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