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7 Mind Stimulating Videos to Keep Your Mind Sharp During Quarantine



There is a general consensus that after a long day of WFH, doing school from home or playing teacher for your kids, you feel numb from head to toe. As a society, we’ve become glued to our devices, and let’s be honest, who isn’t looking for a mental escape while they’re in pajamas all day and glued to their phone or tablet?


Well, TheSoul Publishing’s YouTube channel, 7-Second Riddles, is the perfect channel for staying mentally fit. It’s full of trivia questions, riddles, and puzzles helping keep the brain stimulated and active while stuck in isolation! I’d love for you to consider 7-Second Riddles’ videos for any upcoming round-ups you might be working on.


For some background, 7-Second Riddles is extremely popular with viewers. In recent weeks, the channel has seen a 55% global increase in YouTube views (20.1 million). Watch time for the channel also increased by 58%, with channel subscribers up by 111%.


Check out links below that you can share with your readers (and maybe try for yourself?):