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7 Must-Have Accessories For Your 15th Birthday



15th birthday or the quinceañèra holds a special day in every girl’s life. This Latin American tradition finds its roots in the ancient Incan civilization. 15th birthday used to be the transition from girlhood to womanhood. It was the age when girls became eligible to get married. 

When the Spanish occupation started, this tradition merged with missionaries and slowly gained popularity throughout South and North America. The function is full of fun events. The birthday girl gets to choose her squad of 14 girls and boys each. 

There are several rituals. Some are traditional Latin American ones while some are missionary ones. Like, the squad of 14 represents the 14 years of girlhood. And, the ritual of seeking blessing from the church evolved with the Spanish colonization. It is a unique amalgamation of two cultures. But above all, it is a function that is close to the heart of every girl.

If you are turning 15 this year, you must be planning extensively for it. But gown is not the only thing that matters. Here is a list of 5 must-have accessories for this special day:

Tiaras: Tiaras are meant for ladies. And, 15th birthday marks your entry into this phase of responsibility. Usually, girls get it from their mothers. But if you are having the privilege of choosing your own, go for a classy look. Choose the one that matches your quinceañera dresses. A minimalist design is never out of fashion. Plus, you can use it afterward too. 


High heels: Just like tiaras, high heels are also an integral part of this iconic birthday celebration. High heels symbolize your entry into the world of badass women. Here, you must choose the comfortable one. Do not buy a heel because of its height or fashion label. 


You can also experiment with the type of high heel. Go for wedges if pumps are uncomfortable to you. After all, what matters is your confidence and comfort. You should be able to use the heels even after that party!


Ear drops: Since you need to look like a lady, nothing looks better than pearl ear drops. They add a classy sophisticated look to your personality. It is not necessary to go for real pearls though. Several brands manufacture matte-finished pearls and they look gorgeous on everyone. Also, choose a design that is not too flashy.


Watch: This is the 21st century and you do need to add a funky factor. A good watch may not be a traditional accessory for a gown but that adds an oomph factor to your look. Also, it makes you look more confident. If you want a feminine look, go for a stainless steel strap.


 If you want a tomboyish look, you can go with a digital watch. And, if you are into gadgets, a smartwatch is the best catch. Isn’t this event meant to be more responsible? So, be who you are!


Good stockings: Stockings are an indispensable part of the gown. Most girls commit the mistake of either leaving it or settling for cheap quality. This leads to their discomfort! While shopping for the gown, shop for good quality stockings too. Always select your right size. 

Also, choose the matching color with the gown. One way to find the perfect pair is to try it while trying out your gown. This may sound weird but most girls swear by this step. What would be the use of an uncomfortable piece of clothes for your party?


Nude nail paint: Maybe you don’t count nail paints as accessories but manicured hands always charm everyone. Many enthusiastic girls opt for bright off-beat colors like blue or neon shades. We feel this takes all the attention away from you. The best bet is to go with a nude shade. 


It has dual benefits. First, it gives you a classy look. Second, it makes your nails and hands look cleaner. Do not go with nail extensions. They look pompous. Rather go with trimmed nails.


Classy bracelet: The beauty lies in the fact that it elevates your beauty. You do not need too much jewelry to compliment it. In fact, very few pieces actually go well with it. One of them is a bracelet. But here is the catch. It need not be flashy or too heavy. 


Otherwise, it may ruin your whole look. Choose a simple and minimalist design in sober color. If you have a dark colored dress, try to either get a contrasting color. It will ensure that your look stays up the street and does overpower the look.


Even though this day finds its root in ancient civilization, it is a big draw for event organizers. There are several websites dedicated solely to cater to the needs of young girls. In fact, this event has become a big show-off for wealthy families. You will be stunned to know that many people spend millions on this event! 

Unknowingly, it paved the way for a wide economic gap in Latin societies. Instead of being a fun event, it became a show of power and money. That was the reason why the Mexican government put an upper limit on the budget of the celebration. Many NGOs have also started to organize this event to ensure that even girls from weaker sections get to experience this milestone in their life. 

However, what girls need to realize here is that a woman needs confidence and grit. This party won’t make her a real woman but her success will. She needs to be strong enough to fight all the social injustices. She must prioritize her education. It will ensure her being financially independent. 

Another thing that they need to be vocal about is their rights. They must not be submissive. They should assert rather than moving back. No matter what, they must hold their head high. Always learn to move ahead in life no matter what.



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