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8 Home Office Tips



Working from a home office can be a wonderful time saver and productivity booster. You’re bound to love the lack of a commute and having the stocked refrigerator just a few steps away. But perhaps the best part of working from home is the opportunity to curtail your home office to your precise needs. Unlike an office in a shared building or, even worse, a cubicle, a home office is entirely your own space. You call the shots and make the rules. As you lay out your space and gear up to work from home, here are eight tips for getting the most out of your home office.

Choose a Quiet Spot

If you’re like most people, then you do your best work in peace and quiet. If you have the rest of your household making a racket right outside your door, it will be extremely difficult for you to concentrate. Resist the temptation to think it might be cool to have your office right outside the playroom or the living room so that you’re still in the thick of the action while working. It might sound good in theory, but in practice it will have you pulling your hair out by week two of the home office experience.

Give Every Item Its Spot

Organization is important in any living space, but especially so in a home office. Remember, even though it is in your house, this room is going to be a working space. As such, you’ll be expected to be at your sharp and efficient best every time you’re there. Keeping clients waiting on a video conference as you look for your headset is not a good look. Decide ahead of time where everything will go, and then stick with the plan so you always know where to find it.

Keep it Fresh

Nobody enjoys working in a dark, dingy office. Do everything you can to brighten the space and give it a cheery vibe. That way, you’ll be a happier (and more productive) worker. Make sure there’s a window, and open it every time the weather permits. Get some potted plants to make the area feel a bit more alive. Invest in adequate lighting to keep you alert and an air freshener to avoid that stuffy, musty smell.

Pick the Perfect Chair

With countless varieties of office chairs on the market, make sure you find the one that is perfect for you. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in this chair, so it is worthy of a significant investment.

Keep a (Manageable) To Do List

Once you get to work in your new office, form the habit of pinning up a “to do” list by your computer screen at the start of each day. Do not make your plan too ambitious, or you’ll feel let down at the end of the day or start to work unhealthily long hours.

Keep It Tidy

A messy office makes it much harder to be productive. You’ll have a hard time finding what you need, and you won’t have the desk space necessary to work properly. Keeping your space tidy also has positive psychological effects, making you feel good about the space where you work every day. If you feel like a slob, you might start to work like one, too.


One of the main benefits of having a home office is that it gives you the opportunity to make your work space truly your own. You’ll likely find that making the area representative of your personality makes you happier while working. Don’t hesitate to put sports memorabilia or your favorite artwork up on the wall. Pictures of your family are also a nice touch and will provide a constant reminder of what you have to look forward to when your work is done.

Get a Door, and be Prepared to Close It

If your family’s going to be home while you’re working, it’s vital that your office has a door. It might make you feel cold inside, but sometimes a closed door is necessary to send the message that you’re busy and to keep the world out.