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99% of my haters are broke and intimidated by my success – Criss Waddle



Rapper and CEO of AMG Business, Criss Waddle says the majority of his haters are broke people who are intimated by his life achievements

The rapper who’s been tagged a fraudster by many has made it clear that he is a businessman running a legitimate business.

But it seems as if all his explanations still didn’t go down well with some people.

In a social media post, the Kingkong hitmaker wrote: ‘99% Of The People That Hate Me Are Broke And Intimidated By My 2 By 4 Success Cus If U Sit Them Down And U Ask Them Why Do U Hate Waddle,U Will Realize They Have No Good Explanation ?? I’m Yet To Meet A Rich Man That Hates Me??? Ohiaa Y3 Adambor #AMG Wati….God Punish Poverty ??’



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