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A Comprehensive Smoker Buying Guide For Beginners



With so many options available, choosing a smoker can be overwhelming. This comprehensive smoker buying guide will introduce any beginner to the different types of smokers available and help them choose the best one.

When evaluating the popular smoker options, remember that each individual’s cooking preferences, space availability, and budget weigh heavily in finding the “right” smoker. The discerning buyer will use the questions in this guide to better identify their specific needs.

Decide on the Type of Smoker: Electric, Charcoal, or Gas

Deciding on the type of smoker for your needs can be difficult. Charcoal smokers are known for giving food an authentic, smoky flavor and are traditionally used for grilling and smoking.


Electric smokers are convenient to use since they regulate their temperature but cannot create the unique flavors that charcoal smokers provide.

Meanwhile, gas smokers offer some of the convenience of electric ones but also give users more control over temperature and flavor depending on the type of wood chunk used. The decision ultimately depends on factors like ease of use, personal preferences, and budget.

Consider the Size of the Smoker

When searching for a smoker, size is an important consideration. Many smokers are designed to accommodate different-sized meals—from smaller items like chicken thighs and fish to larger cuts like briskets and turkeys. It’s important to consider the volume of food that will be cooked regularly. If planning on using the smoker regularly with large amounts of food, choosing one with a higher capacity saves time in the long run.


On the other hand, if space is limited, and the family cook is only looking to make occasional small meals, it might be better to opt for a more compact model.

Look at Features Like Temperature Control and Ease of Use

When it comes to features that can make or break a product, two of the most important are temperature control and ease of use. Temperature control is essential in many products, and an inability to control temperature, whether extremely hot or cold, can result in poor performance and possible safety complications. Similarly, ease of use is considered an important factor when deciding the value of a product.

Ensuring that the learning curve is not too steep increases user satisfaction and makes customers more likely to recommend the product. These two features should be taken into account when considering which product to purchase.


Compare Prices From Different Brands

Comparing prices from different brands is a smart choice when completing any purchase. Making such comparisons informs the consumer about the best deals available and can also be used to save money. With access to hundreds of stores and products online, it can be easy to miss out on great opportunities without taking a few moments to assess the market.

By fully understanding which brands offer the same product for lower prices, shoppers make more informed decisions and cut back on unnecessary costs.

Check Reviews from Other Smokers Before Making a Final Decision


Taking the time to read online reviews before investing in a smoking product is always wise. Consumers often record their experience with the product, giving insight into its usability and quality. Doing due diligence uncovers potential downsides, like disagreeable tastes or hard-to-use features, as well as any rewards that may come with the purchase, such as sleek design and improved performance. Allowing enough time to research different reviews on smoking products can help narrow down the best fit.

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