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A Guide To How To Choose The Suitable Wig



Most women wear wigs nowadays and Choosing a perfect wig is something challenging task for a beginner. It is due to the reason that there are hundreds of wigs of the diverse sort are available in the market. There are some factors you should know that help you to choose a wig that matches your personality, not the one that seems attractive to your eyes.

For instance, if a burgundy wig looks very beautiful to your eyes but doesn’t suit your personality, an HD lace wig may not attract your eyes because the price is higher. So you cannot decide perfect wig for yourself upon one factor. Here we discuss some core of them;


Cap Size

Caps are very important when choosing a wig. It is the base of a wig and a good base is responsible for the comfortability and fitting. If the cap is small or large you will feel uncomfortable. There is diverse sort of cap sizes are available in the market and you have to choose one that fits you and also comes within your budget range.


You can measure your cap size by rolling tape from the hairline wrap it behind the ears to the neck and this is your head circumference. Take measurements two to three times and take an average of it. You can compare your measurements with standard harts available and thus you get the idea of your perfect cap size.

Usually, the standard cap size for children is 18 inches, for young persons, it is around 21 to 21.5  and for adults, it is 22 or 23 inches. wigs with straps allow you to adjust your cap if it is a little bit tight or loose. Choosing a perfect cap size will give you a more natural look.


Colour Of Wig

Many women love to alter their hair colour day by day to look diverse each day or at any function. There is a huge range of colours available in the market and they can choose any of them thy love. Skin colour defines which wig will suit them most.


Not every colour is for everyone, it may look dull and bad also. So you have to choose your colour wisely. You can also try highlights of colours to look awesome. A colour that matches your skin tone will not only enhances your beauty but also give you a more natural look.


Hair Type

Hair is the core part of the wig. A wig is chosen upon its hair type. There are two types of hair synthetic and natural. Synthetic hairs are soft, light weight, smooth and shiny. They are made in factories and therefore are available everywhere at less prices. They offer a stylish look and need a lot of care.

On the other hand, natural hair wigs are made up of virgin girls’ hair that she donates for money. These hairs are soft, silky, and look like your own natural hair. You can wash and style them any time. Due to these reasons, they have high price than synthetic hair wigs.If you are interested in undetectable HD lace wigs,you can find at UNice online wig store.


Style Of Wig

Looking stylish is every women’s desire and wigs provide them with a great styling option. They come in short hair, long hair curly form and wavey form. Select a wig that increases your personality like a lace front wig, t part lace wig, burgundy wig, brown wig, black wig and wig with highlights.

Wig has style near to natural hairstyles chosen by most women. Hair textures like body wave, straight loose wave, curly and deep wave also looks cool. All these wigs offer different styling options but you should choose one that you love and help to shine your appearance.


Face Shape

Knowing your face shape will help to select a wig that looks nice to you and here we have some face shapes from which you can guess which type of wig will suit you.

  • If you have an oval face shape, you should try a wig without bangs and wigs in which hair does not come to the face.
  • For a round face, you should try a wig with curly long hair and weight on top of the head.
  • If your face is round you should choose a short hair wig and try to use different colour highlights. Curly, and wavey hair look gorgeous to you.

It is not recommended to use only these wigs, rather you should experiment with different wigs and select one that flatters your face and matches your personality.


Final Comments

It is good to know which wig will suit you before going to the store or placing an order online. For beginners, it is good to consult with a hair specialist while selecting a wig.  The right cap size, colour, style and hair type are factors that decide which wig gives you a confident look. Hope these tips will help you to choose the right wig for

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  1. Sikha

    October 7, 2022 at 3:43 am

    Great article to pick the right wig, can this be also followed when buying virgin hair full lace front wigs?

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