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A-Plus and Mframa reply ‘Kasiebo’ on Kokonsa Radio



When I did my review for 2009 I had a feeling that we had not heard or seen the last on Obrafour’s controversial hit song, ‘Kasiebo’. Now the original king of controversy and political incorrectness in the music fraternity, A-Plus together with members of duo Mframa, now going by the names One Pesewa and Dada Halfco, has come up with a witty reply to ‘Kaseibo’ that would match the original song both in creativity and content.

‘Kokonsa Radio’ follows the radio format of ‘Kasiebo’ but this time in the form of a news review program with A-Plus as host and the others as guest panelists. The host opens the show by reading the headlines from some newspapers and amongst the topics he opens for discussion are: Sarkodie signing on to Konvict, Kwabena Kwabena’s divorce, Kofi Nti’s abuse of his wife, Apietus’ beef with Charter House, and of course Obrafour and Guru’s attack on Okyeame Kwame and Obour.

Dada Halfco starts the discussion by talking a bit about the other topics but makes it clear that his interest is in the Obrafour/Okyeame story and that sets the tone for the actual content of the song. Dada halfco comes to the defense of Obrafour and disses Okyeame Kwame saying that even Reggie Rockstone hailed Obrafour as the future of hiplife some time back. Among other things, he disputed claims that lyrics of Okyeame Kwame are being studied at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, saying that if indeed anyone studied the rapper’s lyrics then he/she must be really dumb.

When One Pesewa gets his turn, he takes on Obrafour saying he is no match for Okyeame Kwame. He also highlights similar actions of Obrafour towards rappers such as Reggie Rockstone and Lord Kenya when these artists were at the peak of their career. He described Obrafour as an envious rapper who could mess the industry up if not checked. He punched Obrafour hard by saying that Okyeame Kwame may not have 5 albums but he is married with a kid unlike a rastaman who refuses to take responsibility for his baby twins.

The song is interspersed with interjections by A-Plus the host, whenever he felt someone was stepping out of order and this adds to the humour and creativity in the track. Also Apietus is called on phone to talk about his war with Charter House and after describing the event organizers as theives, his line drops and the radio tries to establish reconnection with him to no avail. A chorus performed by KK Fosu describing a fight between two illegitimate heirs to a throne is used in the mix as a commercial break.

The track is signed off by two callers calling in to share their opinions, one speaking for each side. According to reports, the reply hasn’t gone down too well with some parties mentioned in the song. Obrafour’s management has described it as a rough demo but I think it’s a great song and we need more of that in the system.