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A Quick Guide on All Kinds Of Handbags For Women



A handbag to a woman is more than just an extra accessory to look smart and confident. It’s the ultimate safe haven, the security guard, or the safety net for their outdoor ventures. So if you want to explore your free side when going out, invest in smart handbags. 

You can read about these on the latest and most reliable fashion website. There you can get the detailed version of blog posts like these long with trendy handbags for women to purchase. 

However, to kickstart your knowledge of handbags available for women, let’s read further. 

Basic Handbags A Woman Must Have This Season:


Tote Bag:

A reliable tote bag gives you enough space to carry on with your day outside. Use it to store your sunscreens, notebooks, lotions, creams, face washes, iPad, notepad; well, literally whatnot!

It has two parallel handles. So carrying it around gives you a homely, comfortable, and cozy feeling. You can carry this bag to grocery shopping even. This is like your all-purpose bag without being glittery or glam about it. Plus, tote bags are often quite affordable and cute to carry around.

Shoulder bag:


Let’s just say, when a tote bag gets an upgrade with a stylish compartment, safety zip locks, and generic patterns – you get a shoulder bag. This can be thinner, large, and subtle from every angle. 

It has shorter straps when compared to the tote bag. This bag is like the one bag which every growing woman must have in her closet. Such a bag could come in handy whenever you feel like you have an important and impromptu meet-up without prior preparation.

So this bag is like the ultimate savior when you got nothing else to depend on.

Saddle crossbody bag:


Saddlebags are often termed as sling bags too in multiple countries. These are cute, bubbly, trendy, and the best teen and growing years. You carry it around with limited stuff: mobile, pen, charger, or a wallet/cash. 

This bag is perfect for small meet-ups and important dates nearby. That is because you then don’t carry a lot of stuff around. These bags have long crossbody colorful or bold-colored straps. It depends on what color or style you choose when buying one. 


Handbags For Women For Meeting Their Practical Purposes:


Duffel bag:

This is a unisex handbag most of the time. This bag is favored and used by women of coming age because of its storage capacity. Usually, women on a light trip, gym, or vocations use this duffel bag. 

It is basically for trips which require moderate to slightly heavy luggage. It’s cylindrical and held by two long straps for giving full support to the shoulder while carrying it around. 

Laptop bag:


Again, this bag is mostly unisex. Its name says it all. But women often use laptop bags for multiple other visits along with its main aim. In addition, it can store small knick-knacks and accessories: chargers, lotions, toiletries, mobile phones, napkins, etc. 

It’s usually horizontal, or square/rectangular. It always has an extra layer of padding to protect the laptop from getting damaged or drenched. Women prefer using a laptop bag to store their important accessories: small enough to fit in. 

This could be a go-to bag for cities to explore with eccentric or unpredictable weather conditions. 

Backpack purse:


It’s a bit-sized bag if I tell you in terms of coding. Jokes apart, this backpack purse is quite trendy and in vogue amongst growing women. This could be a sleek alternative to a sling bang, in general. 

It typically has two back straps to hold it on your shoulder like a backpack. Then, it also has a handle on the top to carry it around like a purse. Hence, the name. Off-late, these purses have golden zippers, stylish embellishments, and metallic studs as adornments. 

Belt bag:

These bags are the most favorable amongst new-age Instagram and other social media influencers. It’s definitely the trendiest bag out there this season. All credit goes to its usability, accessibility, and style quotient. 


Women wear it around their waist like a belt but solve the purpose of carrying smaller but necessary items around. This is like a small purse or pouch attached to a belt. 

There, women can store their chargers, lipsticks, some cash/change, sanitary pad, or a phone. So this belt bag is heavily known for its utility and styling quotient.


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