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A tale of how Kiki Banson, manager of Becca maltreated band members in Japan and alleged assault in Ghana



skul boyIf you are a follower of showbiz news in Ghana, you may have listened or watched interviews of videographer, Jorge Freeman accusing the manager of Becca, Kiki Banson for a number of things regarding a recent trip to Japan which culminated into the production of Becca’s hot new video for ‘Time 4 Me’. Well, it appears that Jorge Freeman is not the only one who has problems with Kiki.  Richard, a young instrumentalist also known as Skul Boy, who was part of the band that went on the Japan trip to perform with Becca has also raised issues about how Kiki treated them in Japan. He also accused Kiki of assaulting him when he recently went to Kiki’s house to collect his pending payment. Below is an unedited narration of incidents from their trip to Japan that Richard sent to me on facebook: “I was supposed to be paid my moni in full b4 I left Hm 4 the airport ..that didnt happen,and we transitted in Dubai. we agreed on $80 daily perdiam which was suppose to be part of the full paiment,nw he gave us $300 at the dubai airport n took us to a hotel I cant recollect what its called will have to cross check…at the hotel we didnt see kiki again till evening wen we had to leave 4 the airport so we had to go n find food ourselves.. either ways we managed our way out n wen it was time to leave 4 japan we left 4 the airport”   “on our arrival @ japan @ around 12am not sure we had to go n reherse 4 the show the next day morning which lasted 4 another 3hrs or so.morning came and we made it to the gig grounds n can u believe there was nothing to eat after the gig in the afternoon soo 1 guy we met there had to be generous by taking us 4 lunch which I pretended was enaf bcos I didnt want to disclose my starvation to him. that lunch took me to bed n the next day kiki asked us to return to GH 4 a reason best knwn to him?” “now he gave us another $100 to come down with n wen we got to the airport(tokyo) we were informed by the airline authorities that we werent suppose to leave that night so we have to pay $50 each to change the we all had a $100 dollar bill each so we had to change bk into Japanese yen which equiviates to $50 exactly b4 we could get on board” “we came bk n after abt a wk or more he called to come 4 a meeting n pay us,we went and all he could do was insult us n take bk his laptop I wrked ther 4 him frm me like a thief,said to us our moni will be ready on the next thursday (his wrds precisely).4 over 8weeks I never head 4rm Kiki,n only time I heard 4rm him was wen he called to ask of an old kbd that we dont even use anymore bcos we are using mine I told him it was with me n the next time I heard 4rm him he wanted his kbd bk.I took it bk the next day which was yesterday n he wouldnt pay bk my moni bcos he claims to want to rent the kbd 4 each day spent with me which I totally didnt understand,well I kept quite thinking he would come out of his meaningless dream buh he didnt n rather attacked me physically(blows nd slaps,push arounds etc inclusive).I took bk the kbd n sent him a txt to kal me 4 the kbd wen he is ready to pay my moni.I returned today with da kbd thinking he would be more reasonable today buh he threw me out again n this time I left the kbd with him(So I have still not been paid 4 the trip my brother)”]]>

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