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63 Years A Man; 38 Years A Teacher Of Life And Living It Well. A Tribute To A Transformational Man Of God




This past Sunday, Pastor Mensa Otabil was not in the country and so was unable to be present in Church; but in true ‘Otabil style’, he made sure we were not left out on our Sunday dose of the word.

Always a man of the times; we were served a virtual sermon, which was part 3 of his ongoing series on Living in the Spirit.

Like the savvy teacher that he is, Pastor Otabil had a whiteboard pulled out, marker in hand, highlighting important notes; quoting scriptures, and steadily feeding our minds with new dynamics and dimensions of the word we have never been exposed to.

He may have been physically absent, and profoundly missed; but his teaching lacked none of the tenacity, clarity of thought, or transformational knowledge characteristic of a Pastor Otabil sermon.

When Pastor Otabil is delivering the word; the congregation, big or small, old or young; are like students in a lecture hall; notepads (electronic and paperback) pulled out, ears listening; eyes gazing and pens scribbling.

In that brief period, there’s so much to learn, observe and absorb from the word of the Lord that it is wise not to miss a thing.

No matter how learned or successful you may be; there’s always something new to learn from a Pastor Otabil sermon.

Growing up, like most kids in my generation; going to church on Sunday was a must; it was so well enforced by my father that it felt more like a chore.

I grew up Catholic, per my father’s denomination and my education. I learned a lot from the doctrines of the Catholic Church, especially in the Seminary when my father thought I would become a priest. A lot of my life has been shaped by the doctrines of the Catholic Church.

However, the highlight of Sunday evenings in our home, even for my dad, was catching Pastor Otabil on LIVING WORD on TV3. I always looked forward to it. For some reason, during that time, whiles ironing my uniform for school, eyes on my clothes but ears on the television; there was always something new to learn; even for a wiry young teenager yet to find himself in any way, shape, or form.

The kitchen sink realities served through the gospel by Pastor Otabil always resonated with my young self.  Suffice it to say, my favorite preacher has always been Pastor Otabil.

Somehow, I looked less to him as a preacher; and more as a man who served much-needed nuggets of wisdom, on ‘Life and Living it well.’ His teachings have guided my life from then till now.

I still fondly remember my first encounter with the statement; “the only real estate [wealth that survives after you] is real estate.” 

This statement was made by Pastor Mensa Otabil at one of the Albert and Comfort Ocran-led Springboard seminars. It has since influenced many of my financial decisions. I was 19 years old when I attended that seminar. I am 33 years old now. Not surprisingly, even till today, whenever I think of Pastor Otabil, the first thought that comes to mind is, ‘real estate is the only real estate.’

Like everyone, I have had many topsy turvy seasons in my life. Some have brought me closer to God and some further away from Him.

Through every season though, pastor’s sermons have always served as a soothing reminder to tap into the grace of God to course correct.

His teaching on the wisdom of King Solomon; expounds on the Queen of Sheba’s visit to King Solomon’s palace. His observations thereof; and how he captured each detail of her experience in the palace.

These experiences culminate in the Queen’s overwhelming respect and adulation not only for Solomon but especially, for the GOD of Solomon, ‘Who has delighted in him and placed him on the throne of Israel.’ (1 Kings 10:9 – paraphrased]. He juxtaposes this with how Christians should aspire to attain the wisdom to achieve exponential growth in every area of their lives.

Simple as it may sound; this teaching was awe-inspiring and life-defining for me.I always strived for excellence, or so I thought; until I watched that sermon. It opened my mind to the realization that excellence is a prerequisite for true service to GOD and not an option based on how successful you want to be in life.

The believer’s excellence, competence, honor, integrity, value, and contribution in all endeavors serve to glorify and exalt the name of GOD. It is this quality of the believer that exhibits the greatness of GOD for the world to see.

We are, after all, created in the image and likeness of GOD. Thus, we are living examples of all that is great about our GOD. A lack of wisdom and excellence displayed by a believer is therefore a blight on the greatness of GOD.

Pastor Otabil is certainly a man who has mastered excellence, The reader does not require a study into his life to recognize the excellence of God in his ways.

Need I mention the high standards set by his church ICGC, the unique organizational structure of the church, the Central University, and the phenomenal Greater Works conference, which, in my view, is probably the most well-organized event in this country so far this year.

Let’s talk about his various publications; of which I personally single out Buy the Future: Learning to Negotiate for a Future Better Than Your Present. A book that is a tremendous guide to life, growing up, and living it well; and which should be studied in schools across the country.

In his closing monologue at a conference in Nigeria, Pastor Otabil said that Africa’s leaders [both business and political] should learn from and appreciate the continent’s religious leaders, who have been successful in building organizations that have grown consistently over time. I believe, it is imperative for the young people of today to do so as well.

Admittedly, religious leaders like Pastor Otabil have a unique advantage; and that is the Grace of GOD, but heavy is the head that wears the crown.

It takes a vessel who is willing to learn and improve on a daily basis [over decades], and who is ready to lead the flock with grace. Leaders of the church are required to weather the storms of the spirit and the ones society throws at them; and still display exemplary leadership that proffers wisdom, discipline, people management, and selflessness to build a system that will benefit the children of GOD.

Pastor Otabil is a true example of such leadership. Whether you are Christian or not; there’s a lot to admire, study, and honor about his life.

At 63 years young, there’s still so much more to give; and as a nation, we must celebrate him as a national treasure. As a church, members of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) must count themselves privileged to be able to drink every day from the well of God’s wisdom. As a man, I thank God for his life and all that GOD has used him to do for me.





DERICK ADDAI-DARKO is a seasoned PR & Brand Marketing Consultant; with experience curating experiential and digital marketing campaigns for multi-national brands such as Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, CIROC, LUC Belaire, Remy Martins, Django Brothers Glenmorangie, and many others in Ghana and Kenya. A writer by passion and a former blogger. He worked on the AFRONATION Concert in 2019 in GHANA, curating the CIROC VVIP Lounge, and was the PR Manager for the first 3 editions of the GHANA MEETS NAIJA Concert. He is the Lead PR & Brand Marketing Consultant at ELEVATE. The Agency & the founder of the NIGHTLIFE AWARDS GHANA.

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So Fraiche Media Hosts Maiden ‘Art In The City’ Exhibition For Talented Ghanaian Artists




So Fraiche Media, Africa’s leading media agency, has teamed up with Indelibl Arts and Bambou Events, to host a series of art exhibitions showcasing the work of exciting Ghanaian contemporary artists. The first in the series of exhibitions dubbed “Art In The City” was held at Level Up Lounge in Labone, Accra on Tuesday.

The collaboration, spearheaded by the Managing Director of So Fraîche Media, Cyril Ofori Nelson, aims to synchronise ideas and resources to help contemporary artists become more entrepreneurial and learn how to build stainable businesses and brands.IF9A0529

Speaking at the event, Mr Ofori Nelson, Managing Director, So Fraiche Media, said that “the arts industry was a close-knit group with a few people understanding its essence and value”. He attributed it to the high patronization by diasporans and expatriates.

Mr Ofori Nelson further intimated: “Art In The City has been created to make contemporary art more inclusive and fun. There is also an educational element to the art industry we want to expose to guest who often see the art industry as something they can’t relate to”.IF9A0551

The art exhibition seeks to help bridge the gap between art enthusiasts and collectors, art investors, and academia while providing opportunities for artists to lay the groundwork for branding, self-awareness, and networking.

Indelibl Arts decided to collaborate with So Fraiche Media in order to help the artist get the needed exposure and access to a new market of art collectors and investors.

The founder of Indelibl Art and Accra Art Week, Edwin Otto, stated that “he is highly encouraged by this partnership as it leverages the expertise of Indelibl Arts, Bambou Events and So Fraîche Media encourage more engagement within the Ghanaian and African art scene”.

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He believes that the combination of Indelible Arts, Bambou Events, and So Fraîche Media will stimulate increased engagement in the Ghanaian and African art scenes because of their strong competence on the ground.

Founder for Bambou Events, Tyrone Adu-Mfum indicated that the idea initially stemmed from the desire to provide a platform for live band musicians to showcase their craft in a bid to support African creatives.

“The zeal to support African Art birthed the ‘Art In The City’ Exhibition to create a networking platform for unknown yet talented artists as a pivot for their tremendous work, starting off with Ghanaian artists. What we hope to do is to give them awareness, the eyeballs, give people a chance to meet potential agents”, Mr Adu-Mfum explained.

So Fraiche Media Hosts Maiden ‘Art In The City’ Exhibition For Talented Ghanaian Artists

So Fraiche Media Hosts Maiden ‘Art In The City’ Exhibition For Talented Ghanaian Artists

The event witnessed the attendance of art enthusiasts in prominent figures such as The Spanish Ambassador to Ghana, His Excellency Javier Gutiérrez, together with his wife, Mrs Rebekah Kosinski. It also brought together West African artist Edward Ofosu and Ghanaian fine artist Mustapha Asomani with a display of some arts from talented artists. Edwin Otto, founder of Indelibl Arts, was present with Kwaku Osei-Sarpong, West Africa Director, RIFE  International and international artist, Isshaq Ismail.

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This Week On Miss Malaika Ghana – Spices, Recipes And The CULINARY ARTS!!



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“Cooking is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity.”– Guy Fieri (more…)

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The 2022 Global Citizen Festival Shines the Spotlight on Africa’s, “Always Keeping Girls in School Programme”



WhatsApp Image 2022 09 24 at 4.11.44 PM 1

Proctor & Gamble is proud to announce that the company is again partnering with Global Citizen, this time for the 10th anniversary Global Citizen Festival. The event is taking place on Saturday, September 24, 2022, in New York City’s Central Park, and Black Star Square in Accra, Ghana, presented by Harith General Partners.

International stars Angélique Kidjo and Billy Porter will join Metallica, Charlie Puth, Jonas Brothers, MÅNESKIN, Mariah Carey, Mickey Guyton, and Rosalía on stage in New York. With Amber Ruffin, Antoni Porowski, Bill Nye, Chris Redd, Connie Britton, Jay Shetty, Katie Couric, Katie Holmes, Misty Copeland, Rachel Brosnahan, Scott Evans, Tamron Hall, and Van Jones all joining as presenters.
Global Citizen Festival: Accra will feature Usher, Uncle Waffles, SZA, Stormzy, Gyakie, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, and TEMS. Berla Mundi, Joselyn Dumas, Michaela Coel, Nomzamo Mbatha, and Sabrina Dhowre Elba will be presenting the show. The event will be hosted by award-winning actor, playwright and activist, Danai Gurira.

The spotlight this year will be on Young Women and Girls, and how extreme poverty disproportionately affects them, preventing them from meeting their full potential. During the worldwide live stream, The Global Citizen team will be showcasing the work being done to empower African women and girls.

“It is with great pride that we announce that our, “Always Keeping Girls in School Programme” will be showcased – shares Cassie Jaganyi , Communications Leader for P&G Sub-Sahara Africa. “Through this programme we have been able to donate 50 million pads to over 1 million girls in just 15years! – adds Jaganyi.

The initiative which began in Kenya, is now active in South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Cote d’ivoire and Ethiopia. The P&G Sub- Sahara team will be taking centre stage at this year’s festival with Cassie Jaganyi and Nombuso Mashele (Always Keeping Girls in School Programme, Project Manager) tasked with sharing the amazing work being done in the region, with the rest of the world. The live presentation will also feature footage from Sekano-Ntoane Secondary School in Soweto, Johannesburg.

P&G executives that will be at Global Citizen Accra, include, Mokutima Ajileye, the Managing Director for P&G Nigeria, and Chioma Ede, P&G’s General Manager, WESA and Cassie Jaganyi, the Communications Leader for P&G Sub-Sahara Africa. Nombuso Mshele, project manager for the Always Keeping Girls in School programme, will share with the audience the social challenges, inequalities and discrimination that girls face in school because of their menstrual cycle. Damon D. Jones, Chief Communication Officer at P&G, will also be on stage (NY), sharing details about the Always Keeping Girls in School programme, and what P&G has done to eradicate menstrual poverty globally.

The 2022 Global Citizen Festival will be broadcast and streamed globally on YouTube, Twitter, Amazon Music, the Amazon Music channel on Twitch, Apple Music, and the Apple TV app. It will also air on Hulu and TimesLive in Africa.


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Gold Trading



shutterstock 242616922 5bfc3609c9e77c005181bbb3

Gold has been a valuable resource throughout history and continues to be so today. Many people invest in gold as a way to protect their money, and there is a huge market for gold trading. If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating topic in this blog post, we will discuss the basics of gold trading and how you can get involved in the market yourself.

Gold Trading Basics

Gold trading is the act of exchanging gold for US currency.  Because of its unique position within the world’s economic and political systems, the gold market provides excellent liquidity and opportunities to make money in nearly all environments.

Some people prefer to invest in physical metal, while others choose to speculate through futures, equity, and options markets. This offers incredible leverage with measured risk. Traders can make a profit when gold prices are either increasing or decreasing in value. When the market is volatile and moving upwards, traders will buy gold. However, traders will sell their stocks to avoid loss when the market sees a decline and starts moving downwards.

Five key factors you need to know about gold prices

The five key variables that influence gold prices are the first step in investing in gold trading. Understanding what causes their assets to appreciate in value is critical to making a financial investment decision.

Demand for gold

Gold is a popular item to invest in and has been for centuries. The more people demand gold, the higher the prices will be.

The majority of the demand for gold comes from jewelry and inversion. Whether in the form of coins or bars, jewelry accounts for less than 30% of worldwide gold demand, while investment accounts for more than 50%. Industrial usage in technology products accounts for about 7% of consumption, and most of the remainder is attributed to central bank gold purchases.

Supply of gold

The amount of gold available also affects its price. If large amounts are being produced, the price will be lower than if there is a limited supply. However, due to growing difficulty and resource intensity in gold mining, primary gold production is anticipated to level off or even fall in the future. The gold price should continue to rise as demand rises and supply stays the same.


When inflation rises, so does the price of gold because it takes more money to buy the same amount of goods and services.

A good way to think about this is that if you have a set amount of money today and want to purchase a gold bar tomorrow, you would need more money if there was inflation in between those two days. The price of gold would have risen along with other prices in the economy.

The value of dollar

The dollar’s value also has an inverse relationship with the price of gold. When the dollar is strong, gold prices are usually low, and when the dollar is weak, gold prices tend to be high.

This is due to the fact that when the dollar is strong, investors can purchase more assets with their currency. This means that they are less likely to want to invest in something like gold, which would require them to sell their dollars first. However, when the dollar is weak, it takes more dollars to purchase other assets. So, investors will often turn to gold as a way to preserve their purchasing power.

Geopolitical factors

In addition to economic indicators, global events such as wars or political instability can also affect gold prices. When investors feel insecure about the future, they often buy gold because it is seen as a secure investment. This increased demand drives up the price of gold.

Now that you understand what affects gold prices, you can start to make informed decisions about investing in this precious metal. Gold trading can be profitable in nearly all market environments if you understand how these five factors influence price movements. However, gold trading is an extensive topic that needs a lot of study and research,  so make sure you educate yourself before diving into the market.

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Top 5 business trends you should consider



  1. Video content

Digitization of the business industry is a real thing. Online shopping, online marketing, and almost everything becomes online as years pass by. Advertising products of video platforms are boosting sales according to popular brands. TikTok –  the most popular video platform is growing every year, which makes it a great place for online marketing. If you are going to start your business, that’s how you can get followers for tiktok.

  1. Online events: hybrid strategy

Online events allow individuals to participate in meetings, virtual fairs, conferences… The goal is to interact with their audience while building loyalty through regular meetings at fixed times. The Internet user has the choice to register or join the live whenever he wants, without leaving his home.

This marketing trend is part of the innovation of corporate communication strategies and should see good results in 2022.

  1. Regular & ephemeral posts on social networks

Social networks are essential when you know that 54% of people around the world use them for several hours a day. For an effective content strategy , the combination of ephemeral posts and permanent posts is the winning method. It makes it possible to maintain a visible content and to engage its notoriety in the long term.

  1. Mobile User Experience

Impossible to miss the mobile user experience since almost all Internet users do research mainly on their phone or tablet ( 92% of Internet users to be precise). UX design and web design are as important for mobiles as they are for websites.

  1. Augmented virtual reality for experiential marketing

The virtual has entered our homes for a few years now and continues to improve to look more and more like reality. Some brands do not hesitate to devote a significant budget to their digital communication , by broadcasting images of very high technological quality or 360° videos. This allows the Internet user to be immersed in the heart of the company’s brand image by captivating him with hybrid and impactful media.

You can, for example, visit apartments in 3D, leaf through online catalogs of furniture manufacturers as if you were there, and even smell the flavors of your favorite treats virtually!


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Tune In To The 10th Anniversary Global Citizen Festival On Saturday, 24 September Live from Accra and New York




The 2022 Global Citizen Festival returns for its 10th anniversary edition on Saturday, 24 September 2022 to call on world leaders and major corporations to take urgent action for girls, for the planet, and to end extreme poverty NOW.

With two stages in international cultural capitals, the 2022 Global Citizen Festival will be broadcast globally from Black Star Square in Accra, Ghana, presented by Harith General Partners and from New York City’s Central Park, presented by Citi and Cisco.

To watch the 2022 Global Citizen Festival, tune in to the following channels:


Saturday, 24 September at 8.00pm GMT

  • TV3,
  • Onua TV,
  • Joy Prime
  • Joy FM

Saturday, 24 September at 9.30pm GMT

  • GHOne TV,
  • StarrFM 103.5,

Tuesday, September 27th @ 7pm SAST

Ster-Kinekor Cinemas. Screenings will take place at the following locations:

  • Gauteng – The Zone
  • Pretoria – Sterland Mall
  • Cape Town – Blue Route Mall
  • KZN– Gateway Theater of Shopping

Wednesday, September 28th on TimesLive.

  • FRANCOPHONE AFRICA: Canal+ Pop on Sunday, 25 September at 8:30pm WAT.

  • GLOBAL: ABC News Live, Amazon Music, Apple Music & the Apple TV app, Hulu, iHeartRadio app, Twitter, Twitch, Veeps, YouTube, and the Global Citizen app on Saturday, September 24 at 4:00pm ET.

Global Citizen Festival: Accra will feature performances by Usher, SZA, Stormzy, Gyakie, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, TEMS, and Uncle Waffles, and be hosted by award-winning actor, playwright and activist Danai Gurira. Presenters will include Berla Mundi, Joselyn Dumas, Michaela Coel, Nomzamo Mbatha, and Sabrina Dhowre Elba.

Global Citizen Festival: NYC will feature performances by Metallica, Charlie Puth, Jonas Brothers, MÅNESKIN, Mariah Carey, Mickey Guyton, and Rosalía with special guest performances by Angélique Kidjo and Billy Porter, and be hosted by actor, producer, author, and Global Citizen Ambassador Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Presenters will include Amber Ruffin, Antoni Porowski, Bill Nye, Chris Redd, Connie Britton, Folake Olowofoyeku, Jay Shetty, Katie Couric, Katie Holmes, Misty Copeland, Rachel Brosnahan, Scott Evans, Sofia Carson, Tamron Hall, and Van Jones.

Hosted by international advocacy organization Global Citizen, the nine-hour global event is calling on world leaders gathering at the United Nations General Assembly, as well as major corporations and philanthropic foundations, to End Extreme Poverty NOW and invest $600 million into the future of women and girls; close the annual $10 billion climate financing shortfall; deliver $500 million to help African farmers respond to the global food crisis; and reallocate IMF Special Drawing Rights to provide urgent relief from debts unjustly crushing economies. Global Citizen explicitly acknowledges that sustainable change is only possible with the people and activists who advocate for change on the ground, who should never have to risk their lives because of doing so.

The 2022 Global Citizen Festival will broadcast and stream worldwide on YouTube, Twitter, Amazon Music, the Amazon Music channel on Twitch, Apple Music, and the Apple TV app. Global Citizen Festival will also air on ABC, ABC News Live, iHeartRadio, Hulu, FX and Veeps in the United States, Albavision in Latin America, Canal+ in Africa, Bis in Brazil, Nine Network (9Now) in Australia, TimesLive in Africa and more. The red carpet pre-show will stream live on Global Citizen’s TikTok from 4:00pm ET.

Tickets to attend the festivals in Accra, Ghana and New York City can be earned by downloading the Global Citizen app or visiting to take action on the campaign’s issues. For each action taken, users earn points that can be redeemed for tickets to the festivals.

The 2022 Global Citizen Festival and the End Extreme Poverty NOW campaign are supported by a coalition of the world’s leading brands and companies including: Global Partners, Accenture, Cisco, Citi, Delta Air Lines, Harith General Partners, P&G, Verizon, and YouTube. World Wide Technology, Campaign Partner for Global Citizen Festival: NYC, Live Nation, and Tshepo Mahloele, Founder & Executive, of Harith General Partners, is Patron of Global Citizen’s work in Africa.

Co-chairs of Global Citizen and of this campaign include: Julie Sweet, Chair and CEO of Accenture; Chuck Robbins, Chair and CEO of Cisco; Jane Fraser, CEO of Citi; Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines; Lorraine Twohill, CMO of Google; Marc Pritchard, CBO of P&G; and Hans Vestberg, Chairman and CEO of Verizon. Global Citizen’s co-chairs are private sector leaders making commitments in support of the UN’s Global Goals. They support Global Citizen’s campaigns while helping to drive deeper engagement within the private sector.

For more information about the 2022 Global Citizen Festival, visit, and follow @glblctzn on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

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