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Absa Bank Ghana introduces Africanacity: New attitude for a new brand #WeLoveAfricanacity



Absa Bank Ghana (formerly Barclays Bank) today unveiled ‘Africanacity’, a force that will drive and inspire their commitment to continuously work towards bringing the possibilities of customers and Ghanaians to life.

The name change to Absa Bank Ghana marks the start of a new era for the bank’s operations, as it adopts its parent company Absa Group’s brand and ambition to become a proudly forward-looking African bank with global reach and fit for the digital age.

‘Africanacity’ was created by Absa as a bespoke word defined as “the distinctly African ability to always find a way to get things done”. It defines the bank’s new purpose – to bring possibility to life, and describes a longstanding way of doing things, that is unique to the continent.

Africanacity will be the driving force that defines Absa, serving to continually inspire the desired culture that creates opportunities for its customers to make ‘what is possible’ real and a force that makes a real and lasting contribution to its customers and the societies in which the bank operates.

“Africa is a continent of doers, always going above and beyond to get things done. We are inspired by this spirit that thrives on turning every challenge into an opportunity, and, as an independent African bank, we are determined to support the continent’s bright future. Absa is brave, passionate and ready to bring our customers’ possibilities to life,” said Nana Essilfuah Boison, Marketing & Corporate Relations Director of Absa Bank Ghana.

The bank said it acknowledges and celebrates this spirit of Africanacity that thrives on turning every challenge into an opportunity.

“Life on our continent is full of obstacles and opportunities and we believe that everyone needs a financial partner who will help them overcome the obstacles or to take advantage of the opportunities in their lives. From our colleagues and customers to every Ghanaian, Africanacity is a call to action for everyone. It’s what drives and inspires everything Absa Bank Ghana believes in. It drives this beautiful country that we have served for over 100 years and committed to serve with greater passion for many more years to come,” said Nana Essilfuah Boison.