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Accra Brewery launches new revamp campaign, ‘Together We’re Gold’



Accra Brewery launches new revamp campaign, ‘Together We’re Gold’

Accra Brewery Limited (ABL), a leading manufacturer and distributor of beer and non-alcoholic malt beverages in Ghana has introduced a new initiative dubbed, Revamp Campaign, ‘TOGETHER WE’RE GOLD’ which seeks to highlight and project various spots and bars that are notable for serving Club Beers and other beverages.

The first Revamp campaign event took place on Monday, March 6 at the 5-Star Bar and Pub in Ho, in the Volta Region.  The event had loads of activities and cultural displays, with bottles of  Club Beer shared amongst guests.

Launching the campaign, Chuka Nnaobi, Head of Marketing for ABL said the initiative is basically to develop Club Gold gatherings and bring “chales” or friends together, so they can enjoy their Club Beer and other beverages, in a comfortable environment.


‘‘Club is here to ensure that the quality moments you celebrate with your “chales” will not have to compromise with it and this year we are trying to ensure that you can have the best of the moments.

‘‘We are starting this year in Ho and we will be going around the world with a concept called, ‘TOGETHER WE’RE GOLD’ and we will also be developing club gold gatherings across Ghana and this will be a way to elevate the experiences you share with your “chales”, a way to elevate your fun times you share with your “chales”.

‘‘We are going to be upgrading or pimping your favourite spots, we have started in Ho, 5 star and Bonville and we will be going around Ghana to upgrade and pimp your favourite spot to ensure that when you come together with your “chales” to enjoy a bottle of club, you can enjoy it in a very nice environment.

‘‘We will be doing over 100 outlets in Ghana to ensure that you can have fun while you enjoy your club,’’ he said.

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