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Activities for Dzadikuma Easter 2023 announced



Organisers of the Dzadikuma Easter 2023 have unveiled activities outlined for the commemoration of the event scheduled for April 5 to 10.

This year’s event is under the theme: “Harnessing the Rich Dzadikuma Culture for Development.”

Below are the activities:

Wednesday, 5th April, 2023: General Clean-up in all Anfoega towns;


Thursday, 6th April, 2023: Traditional Musical Display by Asafo, Gbolo, Adevu, Adenku, Akayevi and Zigi groups;

Friday, 7th April, 2023: Marathon, Weight-Lifting and Cycling races;

Saturday, 8th April, 2023: Grand Durbar of the Chiefs and People, Asikloetu-dada and Palanquin Ride by Togbe Tepre Hodo IV (Paramount Chief of Anfoega) and Togbe Kwasi Drah VII (Paramount Chief of Anfoeta);

Sunday, 9th April, 2023: Health Walk, Football Gala and Thanksgiving Church Services;


Monday, 10th April, 2023: Food Bazaar and Family Meetings.

This well-packaged program put forward by the hardworking Easter Planning Committee hopes to enable both indigenes and visitors to Dzadikuma Easter 2023 enjoy the unique cultural elements of Dzadikuma. The Chiefs and People of Dzadikuma look forward to meeting new visitors during this year’s Easter.


About Anfoega


Anfoega is capital of the North Dayi Administrative District of the Volta Region of Ghana. It is an independent traditional area and one of the smallest paramountcies in Ghana, consisting only of its own satellite towns. In other words, the traditional area doesn’t owe allegiance to any other traditional area in Ghana or beyond! Anfoega is located on the Accra-Kpando highway, and is about four hours’ drive from Accra.

The traditional area is made up of ten (10) main towns which are grouped into two: Bume and Dzinu. Bume consists of four towns, namely Agata, Agatanyigbe, Tokorme and Wuve while Dziŋu comprises six towns which are Akukome, Adame, Dzana, Denui, Gblenkor and Wademaxe. It is bounded in the east by Tafi, in the west by Awate and Aveme, in the north by Sovie and in the south by Vakpo. Another name for Anfoega is Dzadikuma.

The traditional symbol of Anfoega is the Palm Tree. This multi-purpose tree has a wide range of uses, some of which are not immediately observable. For example, the broom is a product of this tree and apart from its use for sweeping and cleaning, it also symbolizes the fable of strength in unity. The palm tree therefore signifies Anfoega’s resourcefulness to produce limitless variety of advantages and benefits from within the community. It is a motivation for the people to be as resourceful as possible in order to be self-reliant.

The motto of Anfoega is ‘Dzadikuma borbor xoxoxo hafi agble dzor’, to wit, ‘The people of Dzadikuma (Anfoega) set their hands to the plough long before the onset of the farming season’, or, literally, ‘Dzadikuma bent down long before the farming season.’ This suggests that the people of Anfoega are always ready and fully prepared far ahead of any event and so are not overtaken by events. It also suggests that they always want to be pacesetters, not to wait in an attempt to imitate others, and that Anfoega are richly endowed with enviable foresight, initiative and self-reliance.


Anfoega has deposits of Agatawoe (ayelo/shirew/kaolin/white clay) is a type of clay deposit. The uses of Agatawoe include geophagy (chewing to get relief from nausea); customary rituals by traditional priests and priestesses; sculpture work; and, as relief from skin diseases. Investors are welcome to explore opportunities to invest in this natural mineral.

Dzadikuma is also noted for her rich culture. Displays of aspects of this rich culture take place during Easter festivities. Indeed, “Dzadikuma Easter” is becoming a household name in Ghana! Over the years, both indigenes and visitors play active roles during Dzadikuma Easter activities. As this year’s Easter period draws near, the Chiefs and People of Anfoega respectfully and warmly invite all individuals who love local cultural displays, to join them during this year’s Easter period to participate in and enjoy the rich cultural activities of the people.

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