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Actress Azizat Sadiq returns to Nollywood with 'Chi’s Journey'



Produced by the young star who took a break to from acting to focus on her studies and polish her skills in the UK, Chi’s Journey is the story of a young girl sojourn to a foreign land in search of a better life and greener pastures, only to be exposed to modern day slavery, sexual molestation and abuse. A story of false hope, betrayal and resilience of the human spirit to strive and succeed against all odds. This short film, she hopes, marks the beginning of her creative investment into Nollywood. ‎ Azizat Sadiq made her way into the industry by crossing hurdles which has served as her source of inspiration and courage. As a result of her determination to make it in life, Azizat never looked back having lost her mother before the age of 10. She took the first step in the pursuit of her career by signing up for the first ever Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) talent hunt reality show in 2005, during which she contested against and beat 19 other competitors. She won many prizes among which was a contract to feature in the 15 Million Naira award winning film, Sitanda, as well as a coaching session with famous actress, Joke Silva. She also featured in Mnet’s sitcom ‘Edge of Paradise’ and the BBC’s ‘Wetin Dey’ a series  targeted at creating awareness for the deadly sexually transmitted disease HIV/ AIDs. ‎ Azizat later travelled to the United Kingdom to study and horn her acting skills. While in the UK, she featured in a few movies like Shattered, Bukky, Urban Rhythm to mention but a few. She was nominated for a best actress award in 2014 by the prestigious BEFTA Awards in the UK for Urban Rhythm. Chi’s Journey was produced by her production outfit, Zee Media unternational, a film production outfit she established in 2005. ‎]]>

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