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Adele Tells Apple Music About Her New Album ’30’, Reconnecting With Her Own Music After Leaving Her Marriage, Parenting Through Divorce, How Creating The Album Helped Her, and More



Adele joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to unpack her highly anticipated fourth studio album ’30’. The global superstar tells Apple Music about the emotional journey that lead to the album’s release, losing and regaining her connection with her own music, the anger she experienced after leaving her marriage, how making ’30’ helped her and why she thinks it can help others. She also discusses the challenges of being single and dating, not enjoying celebrity, her message for other artists, parenting through divorce, Amy Winehouse, and more.

Video and key quotes below — feel free to use and credit Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. Watch the interview in full anytime on Apple Music at and dive deeper into the making of ’30’ on the Apple Music channel on Apple News HERE.

VIDEO | Adele Tells Apple Music About Her New Album ’30’, Reconnecting With Her Own Music After Leaving Her Marriage, Parenting Through Divorce, How Creating The Album Helped Her, and More

Adele Tells Apple Music About Initially Wanting To Release ’30’ Earlier…

I wanted it to come out last year, obviously. And, when I drunkedly announced it at my best friend’s wedding on the stage. Expect my album in September, to a room full of people I don’t f***ing know. But, I wouldn’t know I’d be announcing it to everyone that already pretty much knew anyway. Who the f**k did I think I was? It would’ve been done by then. I hadn’t done the orchestras yet. And, I hadn’t finalized all of my BVs and stuff like that. But, it would have, had the world not shut down. And, it’s such an integral piece to my life story over the last few years, that I wanted it to come out. Because, when it does come out, it’s the final door closing on that chapter of my life. So, it feels like it’s dragged out for me a little bit.

Adele Tells Apple Music About Losing and Regaining Her Connection With Her Own Music…

I don’t think there’s any expectation of sincerity left in music from artists. And, I believe that artists are sincere. And, I think to be an artist, like an actual artist, it comes from deep within us. And, it’s a necessity that we have to put it out. And, I don’t just mean being an artist as a singer or a writer. It could be a painter. It could be a photographer. It could be a chef, an architect. Someone that’s creating something. And, I just feel like it’s just a transaction now. And, that’s not why I got into music. It’s just not my vibe. But, I’m not in it long enough at a time for it to really take me off of music at all. If I was doing this every year, I mean, I’d just be a zombie I think. But, I definitely did lose my connection with my own music and with how it made me feel and stuff like that. But, it came back to me on this album because I needed it so badly.

Adele Tells Apple Music About Her Anger After Leaving Her Marriage…

One thing that did happen, which was sort of going… It’s not really a song about it on this record. I got really angry after I left my marriage. It was really interesting because I never had arguments with any of my boyfriends, let alone… My marriage was very calm, you’ve seen us together. We never got into a screaming match and if we disagreed we’d figure it out, very quickly, there and then.I got this rage, a lot, afterwards. And I think it was frustration of me ignoring myself for such a long time. And me feeling like I was falling back into my old habits and stuff like that, but it was scary to me. That was very… I mean… I can fight. If I need to fight, I’ll fight. But I don’t start arguments. I don’t scream and lose my voice and stuff like that. Once I realized what it was, why that would happen, everything really started changing.

Adele Tells Apple Music How Making ’30’ Helped Her, Why She Thinks It Could Help Others, and Maybe Even Save a Few Lives…

It was like it really helped me, this album. It really, really did. And I truly do believe, like when we started the interview where I was like, “There’s not an occasion or a scenario or a feeling where there is not the perfect song for it somewhere.” I really do believe, and I’m not being arrogant or anything like that here, it’s just like, it was my hell, but I really went to hell and back. And I realized, I actually didn’t like who I was. And I think I just really got, like most other human beings, especially of my age, really just got into that thing of just going through the motions. Like I’ve got to get over there. And wasn’t opening my eyes, and seeing what was actually happening at the time, and enjoying the world around me and stuff like that. And I really think that some of the songs on this album could really help people, really change people’s lives. And I think a song like Hold On could actually save a few lives. I really, really do

Adele Tells Apple Music About Being Single and Dating…

Adele: I’ve never been this well known and been single. So I was with someone most of 19 and then I was in the studio. It wasn’t with anyone, but I was in the studio writing about who that album is about. And then straight after 21 I got with Simon. So I hadn’t been… so I didn’t… I don’t- I just never experienced, A) dating as a grownup really but also everyone knowing who I am and then…I didn’t want to date anyone.

Zane: Are people giving you advice? Are the like, you go on Tinder or something?

Adele: No, but I would try and be like, “how did you meet so and so,” and they’d be like, “On an app.” But I’m like, “Oh fu** I can’t do that.” But what it was, I wasn’t interested in men at all. But what it was was that it’d be like… I was at my friend’s birthday party and people that I had just met in LA since I moved there or whatever, I was always married. I was always taken, suddenly were trying to chirps me at the bar. And I’ll be like, “Are you flirting with me? Don’t you…”. I’d be like, “I’m married.” I’d be like, “No, I don’t want to f***ing go out of you, I’m married.” And I wasn’t anymore. It was very, very strange. But “Oh My God” was sort of that and just being, please don’t let me voluntarily put myself in a f***ing situation that I’m going to regret. And also I’m grateful that I didn’t date for most of 25 and 25 because I feel like I’ve really gotten away with it. I’ve not had any horrible people come and tell stories about me or anything like that.

Adele Tells Apple Music About Considering Not Releasing ’30’, Not Enjoying Celebrity, And Her Message To Other Artists…

There were moments, when I was writing these songs, and even when I was mixing them and stuff like that, where I was like, “Maybe I don’t need to put this album out.” Like maybe I should write another. Just because music is my therapy. I’m never going into the studio to be like, “Right, I need another hit.” It’s not like that for me. When something is more powerful and overwhelming than me, I like to go to a studio because it’s normally a basement and there’s no f***ing windows and no reception, so no one can get ahold of me. So I’m basically running away. And no one would’ve known I’d written that record. And it’s like maybe I just had to get it out of my system and stuff.

…I think it’s hilarious, that I’m an artist for my f***ing job. But celebrity comes with it, and I’m not out for that. I don’t like being a celebrity at all… And this is my story, and I feel like it’s me taking back my narrative. I was on my own. I did it all on my own. If I’d like to thank anyone, it would be myself. Because I really, really committed to myself. And yeah, I think it’s an important record also for other artists to hear, those ones that I feel like are being encouraged not to value their own art, and that everything should be massive and everything should be, get it while you can. Because that’s not what artists are. And I know a few of them that feel this pressure. To be like… All the time. And I just wanted to remind them all that you don’t have to be in everyone’s faces all the time. And also, you can really write from your stomach, if you want. So yeah, it definitely, definitely is my album. I don’t think I will ever be like, “Oh, here you go, it’s yours.” Never.

Adele Tells Apple Music About Her Song “My Little Love” About Her Song Angelo and Parenting Through Divorce…

I was in LA and I went to Greg’s house to write it. And I didn’t know what kind of vibe I wanted to get, but I knew I had to tell his story in a song because it was clear that he was feeling it, even though I thought I was doing a very good job of being like, everything’s fine. But I also knew I wasn’t being as present. I was present in real life, but I just wasn’t really there. I was just so consumed about her… by so many things, to be honest with you, so many different feelings. And he plucked up the courage to very articulately say to me, ” You’re basically a ghost. You might as well not be here.” When he said, “I can’t see you.” And I’m like, what kind of poet is that? For him to be little and say, “I can’t see you,” to my face broke my heart. And I just… that was definitely one of the things I was most scared of when I left our… I didn’t leave our family, but left that structure, was just what if he hates me forever? And it didn’t take him long to ask me why we weren’t together. And I said, “I left, it wasn’t your dad,” and stuff like that. And it’s a lot for him and I just feel like him sticking with me, not asking to not stay at my house, not asking to not spend time with me, still always saying, “Dad, I want to go and see my mom now,” and stuff like that meant that he was being my friend and he had some empathy for me. So I really felt like that side of his story but through myself, I can’t tell his story actually for him. But I can speak about where he was finding himself in it. And it was really, really beautiful. And while I was writing it, I just remember thinking of any child that’s been through divorce or any person that has been through a divorce themselves or anyone that wants to leave a relationship and never will. I thought about all of them, because my divorce really humanized my parents for me. And that song, writing it, made me just be… kind of get over things that my own parents did or didn’t do for me. And we all have our own expectations of our parents. Once we become a parent ourselves, I feel like we tend to be like, oh they did a s**t job.But in reality it’s f***ing hard.And then you’re like Jesus. Yeah of course. I feel like it was important for me to tell Angelo’s story and belike, it was hard and I wasn’t doing a very good job at the most wild moment of his life probably.

Adele Tells Apple Music Music Was The Most Reliable Friend She Had Growing Up…

I was an only child. And, I was lonely a lot of my childhood, whether it be actually, or just felt it. And, I was just always very available to the way that music made me feel, from a very, very young age. I was lucky that my mum was really into music. And, she was so young when she had me that she was still at that point of being somewhat fanatical about music, or an artist. And, that really rubbed off on me. It was the most reliable friend I’ve ever had in my life. There is a song for every emotion. There was a song for every feeling… and that was just that consistency.

Adele Tells Apple Music About Working With a Small Crew and People Who Make Her Feel Safe…

I worked with a lot fewer people than I normally do. And, it was all with people I knew, other than Flo. The first time I met him, I felt like I’d known him my whole life. And, because he was a north Londoner, we’re the same age and stuff like that, it was just very, very natural. And then, I went back to the UK for the summer and I texted Jonathan and I was like, “I want to work with Flo.” Just me and him in a room. But, he’s also an integral part to my survival emotionally over the last few years. He’s been so careful with me. It was really, really amazing. But, other than that, keeping it with people I knew felt safe to me because I knew I could tell them things and it wouldn’t leave the studio. But, also they’d been through it with me. So, as long as I’m doing things that make me feel safe, then I’m up for doing it. I feel like what I’ve done and the record I’m putting out, when I say dangerous, I don’t mean it’s actually dangerous. But, I go places on it.

Adele Tells Apple Music About The Meaning of Her Song “Can I Get It”…

“Can I Get It”, obviously it’s got this massive pop chorus and stuff-… but the lyrics in the verse that I just love, and that one is about, when I was, oh, okay, I could be open to dating. First of all, LA is not the f***ing place to go dating when you’re Adele, I tell you that. It was like watching my friends, it was all casual sex. And everyone had slept with each other. And I was like, I’m not doing that. I’m not, I’m not, that’s not… I’ve left my marriage to go forward, not to f***ing go backwards. So that’s what that’s about.

Adele Tells Apple Music About Amy Winehouse…

I definitely didn’t take direct influence or inspiration from her, but you know how much Amy means to me. Like ‘Frank’, that record is more important to me than Back To Black is for most other people. It’s the whole reason I picked up a guitar. And it’s one of the most heartbreaking things of being an artist of never, ever being able to hear one of your favorite artist’s voice… at the time again. But I definitely, I can totally see why I remind people of Amy. But that’s nice for me. She’s one of the greatest British artists of all time.



Samini features Medikal, Kofi Kinaata, Efya on “Burning” EP



Samini serves a fine collection of his first ever EP titled “Burning”, a 6-track catalogue.


Ahead of his “Samini Xperience Concert” slated for December 24th, this EP is timely and perfectly fits his 40th birthday celebration later this month, on December 22nd.


With over 2 decades of consistency, giving Ghanaians great music from Reggae to Dancehall to Hiplife and more, Samini is one of the few music icons in Ghana, who has earned some envious but legendary feats.


Showing no signs of stopping any time soon, the musician has released another project to add to his wide-ranged discography. The EP, ‘Burning’ is a 6 track body of sheer goodness. Samini’s hold over melody is evident through the songs, giving nostalgic feelings on the Highlife inclusive project.


Unlike ‘Untamed’, his last major project that demonstrated his depth in the Reggae genre, the ‘Burning EP’ maintains his usual feel-good vibe but this time, he plays around with different genre fusions.


Listen to “Burning” EP Here:


Preceding the release of this full body of work was a first single release off the EP featuring Efya titled “Picture”, you might want to check out the official video for that single (below) on Youtube:



On the first song, Samini reminds you of what we know him for. It’s almost like a statement of what he represents right before he delivers different fusions and genres on subsequent songs. The song, ‘Paper’ is a riddim for any hustler trying to survive. Samini acknowledges “Inna dis life man is all about the paper” on the hook and goes on to dedicate the song to everyone working hard. It’s a motivational push to keep going.


In a poetic delivery, the next song, right after hustling, is a song about wanting someone… satisfying an attraction to a potential lover. The song, ‘Picture’ features Efya and was released as a single, months before. With an already released video to complement the song, Samini and Efya display their versatility and skill as long term gems in the music industry and perform a melodious representation of the start of modern-day relationships: from social media.


‘Ware Me’ featuring Medikal is a pleasant dip from the Reggae/Dancehall fusions. It is a Highlife song bound to get anyone dancing. The detailed production by Moniebeatz is a beautiful medley of the keyboard, drums and trumpets… giving off a live band feel to the song. On ‘Ware Me’, which means “marry me”, Samini sings throughout, warming you up for Medikal’s verse which he delivers effortlessly over the switched up production.


On the next song, ‘Quansemah’, Samini continues to maintain the authenticity in his Highlife fusions, this time, with production from Finchy. ‘Quansemah’ is an upbeat danceable tune featuring Kofi Kinaata who complements the song with his equally authentic style. The two obviously have fun with the song while asking their lover to forgive them for something they did.


Right before the project ends, Samini draws you back, to his original style and delivers lines about how blessed and thankful he is in patois, instantly giving you that feel of Reggae fusion not just for his delivery but the production as well.


Just like the embers left off a flame on an aptly titled EP, ‘Burning,’ Samini ends the project on a mellow note. The song, titled ‘Gone’ is a feel-good one about letting go and having fun. It’s an excellent song to wind down the project but still keep you feeling good.


The Burning EP is an impressive body of work that proves Samini’s versatility. It is a reaffirmation of his immense talent at making good music with the right melodies and is right on time, weeks before his Samini Xperienceconcert on 24th December at the Grand Arena.


Music really is spiritual and with ‘Burning’, you’re bound to have a fun and enjoyable experience. The songs have productions from Loud City Music, Moniebeatz and Finchy.

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Guilty Beatz presents ‘Shots’ feat. Quamina MP



It’s another Guilty beat! The Grammy-nominated Ghanaian producer and DJ is back with a solo effort, ending a year of hitmaking for music’s biggest stars with a bang: “SHOTS” featuring Ghanaian rapper Quamina MP. The catchy upbeat song pairs GuiltyBeatz’s signature intricate drum patterns with anthemic synths and catchy adlibs in the Ghanaian dialect Twi; crafting the perfect dance-ready banger with matching visuals featuring Ghana’s world-class dancers Dancegod Lloyd and Afrobeast.

GuiltyBeatz has been soundtracking           Afropops global ascension with world-conquering hits for the likes of Mr Eazi, Wizkid, Sarkodie, andKing Promise. In 2019 he was an instrumental architect of Beyoncé’s Afrobeats-inspired album The Gift, which received Grammy nominations. This year he was behind culture-defining releases like Jorja Smith’s Amapiano offering “All of This,” the NBA 2K22 soundtrack “Bradley Beal,” and had overwhelming production credits on TemsIf Orange Was A Place EP and Shaybo’s Queen of the South.

With “SHOTS,” GuiltyBeatz signals a solo project coming in 2022.


“SHOTS” will be available on all major streaming platforms on December 2nd.
Follow GuiltyBeatz for more:

Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | YouTube

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Apple Music’s The Dotty Show Amapiano Lifestyle take over



Apple Music 1’s The Dotty Show presents a two hour Amapiano Lifestyle radio special on Wednesday 1st December at 3pm UK (5pm South Africa time), in celebration of Africa’s hottest genre. The Amapiano Lifestyle special on The Dotty Show cover stars include: Scorpion Kings – DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small, as well as Lady Du and DBN Gogo.


The special episode will feature an exclusive DJ mix from Amapiano producer, songwriter, DJ and vocalist, Musa Keys, spotlighting some of his favourite tracks of the year from the genre and showcasing hits from his new album, TAYO. Musa Key’s Amapiano Lifestyle DJ Mix will be available to stream exclusively on Apple Music after the show along with DJ Mixes from South Africa and the continent’s hottest DJs.


Dotty will be premiering a new track by De Mthuda feat. Kabza Da Small, MalumNator and Da Muziqal Chef called “Khethile Khethile”, taken from his upcoming album, The Landlord 2.0.


Amapiano stars including DJ Maphorisa, Lady Du, Ch’cco, Aymos, Pabi Cooper, Slade and Felo Le Tee will also check in with Dotty to talk about the scene and play their latest singles, while Dotty will also feature new music from the likes of Mellow & Sleazy, MalumNator, MFR Souls, Major League DJz, Khanyisa and more!


“Irrespective of how crazy things have been over the past few months adapting to this new Covid lifestyle, Amapiano still managed to not only dominate the African sound, but also be in constant change, change which is very hard to keep up with.” – Ch’cco


“Amapiano is a fast-growing genre right now and not just in South Africa, but just globally.  Just to reflect from years back we were very much sceptical if it should even be called a genre, or if it’s still going to be relevant today because it felt like a wave just passing with a trend. I’m happy how we’ve managed to solidify the sound and how we’ve managed to create more creativity in the sound and the uniqueness. The sound is solid now and the future of Amapiano is very bright, especially with the collaborations which are happening right now across the country and the recognition we are getting as Amapiano artists is so amazing.” – Aymos


“Amapiano has been growing for the past years, and this year alone the culture has expanded even bigger, younger guys are coming in like myself and trying to feed the culture with something new so we can open doors for other young talent that’s going to come in which is an amazing and beautiful thing to witness. We’re thankful to DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small and DBN Gogo as they are opening up the culture. I’m just happy and grateful that the world is embracing Amapiano.” – Felo Łe Tee:


“Amapiano is a genre which has taken huge growth in South Africa and I can now say the world. It’s growing, it grows every day and to think about where it actually started it’s actually crazy seeing as where Amapiano is taking artists now and feeding a lot of families. Every six months the genre is in a different space, the artists are entering different spaces and making crazy moves. I’m really keen on seeing where ‘Piano will be over the next 12 months… just grow us as a nation & recognition for South Africa in the music space globally. I’m really keen on seeing where it takes us as a nation.” – Slade


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MOSAIC: The Gold Coast Report’s New Live Podcast Show



In seeking to grow the podcast community in Ghana and beyond, Africa’s leading podcast network – The Gold Coast Report (GCR) – launched its latest live podcast show dubbed MOSAIC, at the Nubuke Foundation on November 27, 2021.

The event brought together lovers of podcasts, including the over 14 podcast shows created by Gold Coast Report.

MOSAIC provided a conducive environment for people, both young and old, to connect, network, interact with brands and engage in impactful conversations while having fun at the same time.

Hosted by Helen Appiah-Ampofo, the event had guest speakers and various GCR show hosts who engaged in fun and exciting conversations intermeshed with entertaining audience participation.

The event had three sessions that were hosted by Abby and Leonie; Yaw Ofosu Larbi and Smyly; Melika Boateng and Gerald Quaynor; with Ms Adjei (Director of Afternoon Jump), Ko-Jo Cue (musician) and Obed (a member of the SuperJazzClub) as guests respectively.

The audience were treated to good music in between the sessions by Eff The DJ, MC Nel, and DJ KO; as well as drinks from sponsors: Fika Teahouse, Jameson, and Django. Other sponsors of the event include Aftown, Bolt, YAKA, FanMilk, Respect and JamJar.

As a quarterly event, MOSAIC, promises to be even more exciting, as GCR aims grow the platform to provide opportunities for interested partners to engage with a vibrant and exciting community.

To be a part of upcoming MOSAIC events, reach out to GCR at

And if you haven’t listened to any of the podcasts created by GCR, you can access them via, and follow them on social media for updates on the various shows.

Video recap to embed:


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Mark Asari is under God’s ‘Wings’ on new Amapiano-infused Gospel tune



Having enjoyed good success earlier this year off his debut extended play ‘By His Grace’, British-Ghanaian Gospel singer-songwriter and producer, Mark Asari puts forth his next vocal foot. ‘Wings’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

If you’ve ever wondered what the message of divine salvation would sound on Africa’s thumping new sound, Mark Asari’s ‘Wings’ has that feeling you so badly crave. Produced by his seemingly trusty producer, Ace Valentino, the song’s soulful air is inspired by the unmatched protection earned under God’s ubiquitous grace. Mark’s very rich vocals don’t fail in rendering this wonderful image either.

‘’The inspiration for ‘Wings’ came from Psalm 91: 1-4; ‘Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge’’, shared Mark. ‘’Ace already had the perfect base for me and I fell in love with it upon my first play. Amapiano was at the time a sound I had never experimented with, but I wasn’t about to let such a good production go to waste and jumped on the dance banger. I feel this would easily fit in a club setting, but with the gospel of God so I’m pleased to share’’.

‘Wings’ marks the singer’s debut release in the now buzzing world of the Southern African house music sound and is an exciting new song filled with God’s promise to protect his own. Enjoy!



Instagram: markasari
Twitter: @MarkAsari
Facebook: Mark Asari

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From Apple Music With Love: Elton John Debuts Exclusive ‘Inside The Lockdown Sessions’ Short Film



Apple Music is getting into the giving spirit this holiday season with the launch of From Apple Music With Love, a special countdown to the holidays. Each day at 8:00a PST from November 26 – December 3, Apple Music subscribers will receive exclusive gifts from some of the biggest and brightest names in music, stamped with love and ready for unwrapping. Gifts range from exclusive EPs in Spatial Audio, to a behind-the scenes documentary films, to special holiday playlists, radio episodes, DJ mixes, and beyond.

Today’s exclusive gift comes from Elton John: an exclusive look inside his recent collaborations album, The Lockdown Sessions. In this exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, Elton and some of the musical partners from The Lockdown Sessions discuss via FaceTime the stories and process of creating this most unique of albums during lockdown. Learn more about the making of the album through his chats with Stevie Nicks, Eddie Vedder, Miley Cyrus, Charlie Puth, Brandi Carlile, Damon Albarn, Olly Alexander, and many more.

A critical and commercial success which reached #1 in the UK album charts and spawned the global smash hit single Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) with Dua Lipa, The Lockdown Sessions is Elton’s love letter to music of all forms. It is a dazzlingly diverse collection of 16 tracks that celebrates togetherness and sees Elton collaborating with an unparalleled range of friends and artists only he could draw together. It is also representative of the broad list of talent who have guested and built long standing friendships from their appearances on Elton’s Apple Music Rocket Hour radio show during its 300 + episode run.

Tune in every day at 8am PST to keep counting down the holidays with an exclusive gift every day on Apple Music HERE.

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