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Adisadel old boys in USA present electric wheelchair to Baffour Awuah Tabury



Adisadel old boys in USA present electric wheelchair to Baffour Awuah Tabury

The 2000 and 2001 groups of Up Santaclausians USA, a web-based association of old students from Adisadel College, have presented an Air Hawk electric wheelchair to Baffour Awuah Tabury.

Baffour, an alumnus of Adisdadel College was a final year student of the University of Cape Coast when a car accident in 2007, left him paralyzed from his waist down. Nana Addo, who flew to Ghana from New York to fulfil the Up Santaclausians USA’s promise to Baffour, led the presentation.

He remarked: “We saw the needs of to Baffour Awuah Tabury and we tried to meet his needs by doing what we can as a group. When our attention was drawn to the electric wheelchair, we wasted no time.  We came together and raised money to purchase it. But there is a lot to do and we encourage other to help in supporting the welfare and treatment of Baffour.”

On receiving the wheelchair, Baffour thanked the group for what he described as a dream come true. “When I was in the UK in 2019, a lady was using the same thing and I said, ‘I wish I had this. So it is like a wish come true and I am really glad. I don’t know what to say. Adisco is the best school in Ghana, and they will never let you down. I thank everyone and pray that more will be done as the reports from the UK doctors show that there is a possibility, of walking if I continue with my treatment”

WATCH the Presentation below:

Since the accident, Baffour Awuah Tabury has had multiple surgeries and other procedures in Ghana, China, and India. His mother had spent over GHc 200,000 as part of his stem cell treatment, and eventually had to rely on the generosity of the public.

His mates and friends from his Alma matters Adisadel College, University of Cape Coast also contributed to his treatment but Baffour’s biggest support for all this while has come from the government of Ghana, through the office of the president.


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