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Adisco Needs Friends- Will You Be One?



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“There is a tide in the affairs of men.
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures”
-Brutus ( Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3)

What was Brutus getting at? Brutus is saying that the key to success in life lies in knowing when a tide, or simply the motivation of men, is obvious, and it is up to a man to recognize, and seize the opportunity.

The global Santaclausian family is at this point in its history. The tide is in, and the waves are high. After the recent years of challenges that have put enormous pressure on our beloved College, and in the process, demoralised not a few, many now recognise that the tide is changing and we now have an unprecedented opportunity to change the fortunes of Adisadel College by re-directing its trajectory.

Everything is in place now for success; a new Headmaster who is an old boy, a new NEC President with an unbridled passion for the school, a committed Board of Governors, a dynamic duo leading the AOBA-NA, a new Executive Committee of the AOBA-UK who just took office a few minutes ago, and an increasing number of year groups wanting to make an impact on the fortunes of the College. If we don’t make it this time, we would have missed a great opportunity to re-chart the school’s history.

How will we make it? In my role as the new Chairman of AOBA-UK, I’m keen my tenure of office is underpinned by the theme of “Friendship With Adisadel College”. What do I mean?


To understand what I mean, let us look at the definition of a friend I came across, purely by chance, and which I consider to be the best definition of a friend while reading the Times Newspaper (UK) many years ago. It simply said that “a friend is someone who does things for others without expecting a reward. Anything else, and it becomes a business relationship”. There is so much in this definition that I like.
Let me tell you a true story. As a Houseman at Korle Bu in the early 80’s, I had a mate who operated an open house (flat). You wanted beer, you went to his flat. He expected nothing of you except for the banter. And we were all on the same salary (that is, if we got paid!). Years on, all of us who were mates of his remember this act of friendship.

Adisadel needs friends like that, individuals who now want to give to the school without expecting a reward except the joy of seeing the old school flourish once again. So, ask not what your school can do for you, what AOBA-UK can do for you but what you can do for the school and AOBA-UK. That should define our relationship with our Alma Mater and influence all we do. It involves working co-operatively with the NEC, supporting our year groups, but for our purposes, supporting your Association the AOBA-UK.

All over the world, successful schools and universities are what they are because of support from the alumni. The likes of Harvard and Princeton will not have achieved the status they have without the support of alumni.

In this connection, I’ll like to reiterate the importance of the Adisadel Trust Fund. The target over four years is pretty ambitious, $3 million, but with the right fundraising team, it is not impossible for us in the UK to raise our share of $1 million. Daunting but it can be done. We have approved a chairman for the UK Fund-Raising Team; he will be revealed in due course.

Our membership registration drive has been successful, thanks to the gallant efforts of Collins Kitoe & Ato Nimo-Brema. We still have 70 or so members on the main platform who are yet to register. It is unclear why they have not registered but further attempts will be made to get them on board.


My sincere thanks to the 90 or so paid-up members who over the last three years have injected life into the association by their diligence in paying their dues. It would be really helpful if this number could increase to 140 this year and for the foreseeable future.

My hope is that the Covid situation will improve sufficiently for us to resume in-person activities once again as we plan the Founders Day Service, Annual Dinner-Dance, Barbecues, etc. What could be thrown into the mix for discussion and subsequent implementation is an Adisadel College Weekend Congress along the lines of what our US Colleagues have an offer.

Our support for year groups undertaking projects on the Hill will continue, and within the constraints imposed on us by the need to financially fulfil our obligations towards the Adisadel College Trust Fund, AOBA-UK sponsored projects like the Mercer Gate Washroom Projects will remain on the cards. On the social front, we will continue our close association with MOGA especially, and all like-minded and ambitious old boys and girls associations here in the UK.

As a team, we look forward to working for you and with you in the years ahead for the advancement of Adisadel College. We will consult when necessary, listen all the time but ultimately deliver for the association and the school. I don’t expect you to expect any less from us than that.

Up Santaclausians!!


By Dr Paul Mensah (In-coming Chairman’s Opening Address To Members of AOBA-UK On The Assumption of Office-1st Jan 2022) 


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OLAG SHS takes 4th place in the ROBOFEST World Championship Supply Chain Challenge



OLAG SHS takes 4th place in the ROBOFEST World Championship Supply Chain Challenge
Our Lady of Grace Senior High School (OLAG SHS), Mamponteng has once again risen to the challenge in the arena of robotics.
Participating for the second consecutive time, the Citadel of Excellence exhibited its prowess on the global stage as it clinched the fourth position out of 24 contesting teams in the Supply Chain Challenge of the 2023 ROBOFEST World Championship in the United States.
The ROBOFEST World Championship is a series of robotics competitions for students from fourth grade through college. This year’s championship was held at Lawrence Technological University in Michigan, USA from May 10 to May 13, 2023.
Team Cyber-Mac from OLAG SHS, Mamponteng together with AI Kudus from the Right to Dream Academy got the nod to represent Ghana in the coveted Game Category of the Championship after they placed first and second respectively at the national qualifiers held in Accra on January 21, 2023.
Contesting in the Game Category, Team Cyber-Mac of OLAG SHS showed passion and brilliance in the arduous task of building and programming a robot to bring order to a port and restock a store. Activities included moving cans to a port area and stacking them, moving tennis balls to a store area and finally removing obstacles from a competition table.
The team was captained by Jennifer Emefa Agbedor, a final year General Science student, with the other team members being Kathy Gyesey, a final year General Arts student, Amy Ruth Doe- Addo, a final General Science student, and Martha Naa Okailey-Afful and Frederick Appiagyei, both second year General Science students.
These young chaps, assisted by the two coaches of the Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation (GRAF), Messrs. Michael Wilson and Leslie Joppa paraded their sense of teamwork to hoist the flag of Ghana high among the 24 contesting teams in the category.
Team Cybar-Mac came just behind the Creativity Explode of Cheng Yi Senior High School of Taiwan, Royal Robots of Annapolis West Education Centre of Canada, and the RoboWarriors from Troy Youth Centre of Turkey who took the first, second and third positions respectively.
Awarded a trophy, each team member of Cyber-Mac received a medal, certificate of participation and a $3,000 scholarship per year if they choose to undertake their undergraduate studies in the Lawrance Technological University.
OLAG school Board and management are grateful to all who made this trip a success. Mention should be made of Dr. Oteng Gyasi of Robotics Club, Christian Service University, Kumasi who happens to be the head-coach of the team as well as the coordinators of robotics in the school, Mr. Zacheus Amoako and Mr. Sampson Asiedu for their immense sacrifices. Also deserving of resounding praise is the Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation headed by Dr. Yaw Okereku- Yirenkye and his team of volunteering coaches, Michael Wilson and Leslie Joppa who guided the students during the competition.
Special mention should be made of the leadership of the Stanbic Bank Ghana Limited for sponsoring the cost of processing the travelling documents of the team members. To the major donors of the school, Warren and Mary Lynn Staley in Edina, Minnesota, USA, the school is grateful to you for providing all the needed tools and equipment to make the learning of robotics, and in fact STEAM education in general so successful in the school, and for sponsoring the air tickets, accommodation, feeding and ground travels of the team.
OLAG SHS, truly a citadel of excellence!
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Wendy Shay joins the ONErpm family



Wendy Shay

ONErpm has announced its recent African singing and it’s the multi award winning recording and performing artist, Wendy Shay.


The Ghanaian singer signed to RuffTown Records has had a highly successful career with numerous hit songs, multiple awards, and record-breaking streaming numbers stamping her position as Ghana’s most successful female artist today. With this new partnership with ONErpm, Wendy Shay is poised to expand her reach across the continent and make an impact in the global music scene. 


Speaking on the partnership, Wendy Shay said Working with ONErpm is definitely going to be an incredible experience. Their passion for music and commitment to supporting artists is truly inspiring. We are grateful for this partnership and look forward to creating something Epic together. It’s a dream come true.”



Bullet, CEO of RuffTown Records, said “We at RuffTown Records are thrilled to be partnering with ONErpm. Their innovative approach to music distribution and commitment to supporting independent labels and artists is truly remarkable. Transparency is their hallmark. We look forward to working together to create more international superstars. African music to the world!”


Wendy Shay has two albums and one EP under her belt, and a host of multiple chart-topping hit songs, including “Uber Driver”, “Shay On You”, “All For You”, “Survivor”, and “Heaven”. Her partnership with ONErpm highlights the company’s commitment to building a global business in key emerging markets and being the music business solutions provider of choice in Africa and globally.


View this post on Instagram



A post shared by ONErpm Afro-Caribbean (@onerpmafrc)

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Choosing the Best Label Printer for Your Business



Label Printer


An efficient and accurate labeling system is essential for smooth operations in today’s fast-paced business environment. Label printers play a vital role in creating professional-looking labels for various purposes, including shipping, inventory management, and product labeling. 

This guide offers an overview of label printers and helps you make an informed decision based on volume, budget, and printing speed. This article also aims to provide valuable insights for choosing the right label printer for your business.

Understanding Your Business Needs

Before delving into the intricacies of label printers, it is crucial to assess your business requirements thoroughly. Take into account the volume of labels you need to print on a daily basis, your budget constraints, and the desired printing speed. These factors will serve as a foundation for selecting the most suitable label printer for your business.

Types of Label Printers

Direct Thermal Label Printers

Direct thermal printers utilize heat-sensitive paper to create labels. They are an excellent choice for businesses that require temporary labels, such as shipping labels. Direct thermal printers are cost-effective and low-maintenance since they do not require ink or toner. However, it’s important to note that labels produced by direct thermal printers may fade over time and are unsuitable for long-term storage or exposure to extreme conditions.

Thermal Transfer Label Printers

Thermal transfer printers employ a ribbon coated with ink or wax to transfer the image onto the label. These printers are ideal for businesses that require durable and long-lasting labels, making them suitable for product labeling or inventory management. While thermal transfer printers require ink or ribbons, they offer excellent print quality and are compatible with various label materials, providing versatility and reliability.


Inkjet Label Printers

Inkjet printers utilize liquid ink to print labels. They excel in producing high-resolution prints and are suitable for businesses that require vibrant and detailed labels. Inkjet label printers offer versatility, allowing you to print on different label materials, including glossy or textured surfaces. Inkjet printers may consume more ink, resulting in potentially higher costs. Additionally, labels produced by inkjet printers may be less durable compared to those from thermal transfer printers.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Label Printer


Consider the daily volume of labels you need to print. If your business requires a high label printing volume, thermal transfer or inkjet printers with fast printing speeds would be more suitable. These printers can handle larger printing jobs efficiently, saving you time and improving productivity. For businesses with lower label printing volumes, a direct thermal printer might suffice, providing a cost-effective solution.


Evaluate your budget and take into account both upfront costs and long-term expenses associated with the label printer. Direct thermal printers generally have lower initial costs since they do not require ink or ribbons. However, if your business requires durable labels or higher print quality, investing in a thermal transfer printer or an inkjet printer might be a better long-term investment, despite the higher upfront cost.

Printing Speed

Consider the speed at which labels need to be printed for your business operations. If time is of the essence and quick label production is crucial, look for label printers with higher printing speeds. Thermal transfer and inkjet printers often offer faster print speeds compared to direct thermal printers, enabling you to meet tight deadlines and maintain operational efficiency.

Label Requirements

Take into account the specific label requirements of your business. Consider factors such as label size, material compatibility, and the need for additional features like barcode printing. Different label printers offer varying capabilities, so ensure that the printer you choose aligns with your label specifications to achieve the desired results.



Selecting the best label printer for your business is a critical decision that can significantly impact your productivity and labeling efficiency. By assessing your business needs and considering factors such as volume, budget, printing speed, and label requirements, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your specific requirements.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, it’s worth considering Munbyn label printers for your business needs. Munbyn is a reputable brand that offers a range of high-quality label printers suitable for various industries. Their printers are known for their reliability, durability, and excellent print quality, making them a worthy option to consider.

Munbyn label printers provide features such as fast printing speeds, versatile compatibility with different label materials, and user-friendly interfaces. They offer a reliable and efficient solution for businesses of all sizes, whether you require a shipping label printer or a printer for product labeling and inventory management.

Moreover, Munbyn’s commitment to customer satisfaction and reliable after-sales support to ensure that you can rely on their products for long-term use. Their label printers are designed to streamline your labeling processes, enhance efficiency, and help you meet your business goals.

Overall, choosing the best label printer for your business requires careful consideration of various factors such as volume, budget, printing speed, and label requirements. By assessing your needs and exploring reputable brands like Munbyn, you can make an informed decision that optimizes your labeling operations and contributes to the overall success of your business.


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Betting company 1xBet paid player from Guinea over 500,000 USD!



Screenshot 2023 06 07 at 17.28.29

An incredible but true story happened in Guinea. After analyzing the betting market, one of the global betting company 1xBet gambler, decided to go all-in and collect 17 (!) bets in one accumulator, betting 500,000.00 GNF (57.89 USD) on not the most obvious results. (more…)

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Manchester City v Inter: 1xBet analyzes Champions League decider



Screenshot 2023 06 07 at 17.26.53

The global betting company 1xBet talks about the best club tournament in Europe final, which will be on June 10 at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium.

Istanbul miracle repeat?

The last final on the Bosphorus banks looks like real magic, even 18 years later. In that match, Liverpool lost to Milan 0-3 after the first half, but in the end, managed to change the game and took the trophy to England.

History is cyclical, and we will again enjoy a struggle with a clear favorite and a daring underdog that no one bet on. Will we see a new Istanbul miracle?

Manchester City


Manchester City successfully fights the demons of the past and is ready to send them to the dump of its subconscious. After losing to Real in the Champions League semi-finals last year, the Citizens pumped new skills well and signed an incredible machine named Erling Haaland. This season, the Norwegian has scored in 31 official matches, and in these games, City has got 27 wins and 4 draws. Without Haaland’s goals, the team won 15 times, drew 6 times and lost 6 times. That is, Manchester did not win in almost half of the cases without its main centre forward effective actions.

And the main final favorite feels much better in its stadium: in these playoffs, the Citizens have three away draws with a single score of 1-1 and three crushing wins at home: 7-0 against RB Leipzig, 3-0 against Bayern and 4-0 against Real.

After the semi-final against Madrid, Guardiola became the only manager in history to knock the Meringues out of the Champions League three times. For Pep, this will be the sixth final of the main European Cup: twice he was one step away from the title as a player and three times as a coach.

The current Manchester City is an ideal team in all respects, which has already won gold medals in the Premier League and can take the treble at the season’s end. It has it all – fame, money, great players and one of the world’s best coaches. The only thing missing is the Champions League trophy. But in a few days, the club achievements list on Wikipedia may change.



At the beginning of March, Inter found itself in a terrible crisis. Each match for Inzaghi could be the last, and the club management has already discussed his resignation. But Simone handled the pressure, won the Italian Super Cup, the Italian Cup and guaranteed a place in the Serie A top 4.

Despite the heaviest staff losses, Inter left the Champions League group for the first time in 11 years, and in the playoffs, it was never behind, conceding only in one game. For such statistics, the team should thank André Onana – the current Champions League best goalkeeper. He played 12 matches, 8 of them defended to zero, and no one will catch up with him – Courtois and Ederson have only 5 clean sheets.

The semi-final with Milan turned out to be ambiguous: Inter did everything to kill the intrigue in the first leg but then messed something up and began to help keep it. Alas, the Rossoneri could not punish the opponent without their best player and had gone the distance.

Inter has not been in the final for 13 years and does not plan to give the trophy without a fight. Moreover, the Nerazzurri play well on defence, snarling with lightning-fast counterattacks and using set pieces perfectly. Man City will methodically break into the opponent’s defence – this team does not know how to play differently. Thus, the Istanbul final scenario is clear. Let’s be patient, and we will find out the winner’s name.

You can bet on Manchester City v Inter here:

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6th Ghana Outstanding Women Awards (GOWA) Nominations Officially Opened



IMG 20230606 WA0091

Nominations for the 6th edition of the ever popular Ghana outstanding Women Awards (GOWA) has officially opened, organizers of the event, ASKOF Productions have said.

ASKOF Productions Limited CEO Afua Asantewaa O Aduonum mentioned after the official announcement ” We are set for the 6th edition, we entreat applicants to visit or send nominations to”

Ghana Outstanding Women Awards, (GOWA), for five years have celebrated Women who are devoted to the welfare of humanity and are impacting their societies or individual lives.

She added “Our goal is to celebrate, honor and award ‘ OUTSTANDING ‘ Women in Ghana.

“Similarity, we have celebrated ‘OUTSTANDING’ Women on the African Continent in Cote d’Ivoire dubbed Africa Outstanding Women Awards, AOWA – ABIDJAN @aowa_awards .

“Women humanitarians, Philanthropist and women owned Charity organisations are required to nominate.”

GOWA’23 #6thgowa #gowa23

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