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Adventurers In The Diaspora presents ‘Culture As The Bedrock Of Change’



The Adventurers In The Diaspora series presents ‘Culture As The Bedrock Of Change’ at the Branche Lounge, Golden Tulip Hotel Accra on Thursday, November 29 at 7:30 pm. The Adventurers in the Diaspora Series engage in conversations, which explore the role of creativity and design in Ghana’s development agenda and highlight ‘shining lights’ working locally and abroad. We need to be part of OUR change, which often has neglected the creative souls amongst us.    During the drafting of the Constitution, the National Commission for Democracy agreed that creativity should be an integral part of the national development agenda:   “The State shall take all necessary steps to establish a sound and healthy economy by affording ample opportunity for individual initiative and creativity in economic activities and fostering an enabling environment for a pronounced role of the private sector in the economy, while at the same time ensuring that individuals bear their fair share of social responsibilities to contribute to the overall development of the country.”   -Report of the Committee of Experts on Proposals for a Draft Constitution of Ghana, 1991.   In this election season, the discourse on CULTURE as a tool for change is strikingly absent.  This AiD will attempt to discuss the role that  CULTURE could and should play in our contemporary experiences as Ghana undergoes tremendous economic, social and political change.   We have assembled a group of diverse and distinguished Thinkers for this edition in the ‘NKOMO’ series, who will discuss the politics of change without being political.]]>

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