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Adventures of Sinbad actor, Oris Erhuero talks about shooting ‘The Cursed Ones’ in Ghana, African entertainment and more

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Adventures of Sinbad actor, Oris Erhuero talks about shooting ‘The Cursed Ones’ in Ghana, African entertainment and more

Oris Erhuero (4)Everyone’s favourite mute in the ‘Adventures of Sinbad’, Oris Erhuero recently wrapped up shoot for the drama, ‘The Cursed Ones’ in Ghana. Shot mainly on location in Koforidua, ‘The Cursed Ones’ was written by Maximillian Claussen, directed by Nana Obiri Yeboah and produced by Nicholas K. Lory. In an interview with Oris before leaving Ghana, he disclosed that he was honoured to be in Ghana for the first time, working with veteran Ghanaian actors and especially emerging talents.

Born in London, England, Oris Erhuero is the oldest of 7 children of a much loved and respected Nigerian (Urohbo) family, He is an actor, producer, writer, and former fashion model. After modeling for several years, he transitioned into television and film, with roles in The Adventures of Sinbad, The Bill, Highlander: Endgame, Black Mask 2, Sometimes in April, and Chicago Pulaski Jones. Erhuero has recently begun to explore film production and screen writing, as well as introduced his own fashion brand- Oris Erhuero Couture.Oris Erhuero (1)

Oris revealed that he is very mindful of the films he does and that he was drawn to the story of ‘The Cursed Ones’. He said, “When I was given the script, I instantly read through and found out that it was an African-related movie. I embraced the script and accepted my role in the movie since it spoke volumes of African traditions. I have always desired to do a good African movie with a topnotch team and on an experienced set. Among those who star in the movie are Jimmy Jean Louis, Fred Amugi, Akorfa Edjeani Asiedu, David Dontoh, Ama K. Abebrese and Rama Brew.”

Oris Erhuero (1)

Although born in the UK, Oris Erhuero is a citizen of the with bases in Los Angeles and London. However, he has always been in touch with his Nigerian roots. He once attended a military school in Nigeria but left the country when he was 13 years old to return the first time in 2010 when was 27 years old. “When I went back to Nigeria, it was just a beautiful homecoming for me. I was treated with a warm and friendly reception and also I was wowed by the kind hospitality given to me,” Oris explained.

Oris was a bit reluctant to reveal much about ‘The Cursed Ones’ but when I pushed a bit further, he gave a bit away. “I played the lead role in the movie where more or less, I play the character of an outsider who was from the big city and came to the village just to report about something or tell a story; and that story led to a million and one of the tragic things that can go wrong in man’s life in two days. It was just like…”Oris Erhuero (2)

He disclosed that growing up in Nigeria, he had witnessed almost all that the movie was about so he felt it was good to bring those issues to the light making them open to all and sundry. “I experienced something very similar and this movie brought back memories. I mean it is something that’s really going on in our society. We always blame someone for something, especially always blaming innocent people for something they never did; and it is tragic.”

On his experience of working with Ghanaian stars, Oris said, “Honestly, I felt like I was working in London with the known stars. As for the director, it felt good that he is a fellow African, simply because he seems to understand the psyche and the psychology of humans which is something missing from a lot of directors. They don’t know how to play with human psyche and the Ghanaian stars were just the right people for this sort of movie.”

Oris Erhuero (3)

Apart from The Cursed Ones, Oris will be shooting a movie in Kenya and then he will be off to Paris for another. He was full of praise for actress, Lupita Nyong’o, saying that she will continue to be a force to reckon with. He described her as a representation of hope for young Africans and added that the new generation of Africans are creatively using their talents to shine for the world to take notice. In that spirit, Oris has teamed up with some incredible young men where they help in exploring undiscovered talents under a management company that deals in sports and entertainment under the brand known as Swag Of Africa.

Oris ended our quick chat by advising that as Africans, we must learn to be independent and that we must avoid relying on outsiders to come and help us. “We got to step in and do things ourselves,” he suggested!!!

Photos by Wilson Ortiz


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