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Advertorial: Moving to the UK? Meet Kilic and Kilic Solicitors



Daniel-Koi Kilic and Kilic SolicitorsThe UK has adopted a five Tier Australian style points-based system for assessing immigration applications for sometime now, which the Home Office describe as the biggest change in immigration policy for 60 years.  The new system, which radically changes the way individuals from outside the EU and European Economic Area (EEA) can work, train or study in the UK, was launched on 29 February 2008.

In brief, the points system has re-categorized over 80 different routes to employment and education in the UK to just five tiers:

Tier 1: highly skilled individuals (previously HSMP).

Tier 2: skilled workers with a job offer to fill gaps in the UK labour force.

Tier 4: International non-EU students wanting to come to the UK to study including student nurses.

Tier 5: youth mobility and temporary workers.

Migrant workers and students must gain points to qualify for each specific tier before they can apply for permission to enter, or remain in, the UK with a second UK passport. Points are awarded, depending on the tier, based on the qualifications, experience, age, earnings, maintenance and language competence of the candidate.

You can check if you have enough points to qualify by carrying out a self assessment of eligibility online on the using the points-based calculator on the UK Border Agency website.

Under the points-based system, the UK Border Agency will decide who is admitted or allowed to stay in the UK. In order to assess this, the migrant will need to provide evidence of a sponsoring employer or educational institution in the UK licensed by the UK Border Agency.

The UK has a population of 60 million and is the world’s fifth largest economy.

The UK remains one the most popular destination for international students, which adds £40 billion to the economy, according the Home Office figures.  The Government has recently updated its official Shortage Occupations list for Tier 2 of the points-based system for migration to the UK.

Many Ghanaians would like to relocate to UK but lack the necessary information and most applications for entry clearance end up being refused. That is where Kilic and Kilic Solicitors come in.

“We are an Immigration specialist Solicitors in London, we provide a fast, friendly, reliable, affordable and professional service for people who are already here in UK and people who want to come to the UK. As specialist immigration and human rights Solicitors, we provide legal advice concerning all UK immigration and human rights matters as well as emergency immigration service concerning removals.

Please be advised that as Solicitors like all other Solicitors in England and Wales , we are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are exempt from the regulation by the OISC. Only those who are non-solicitors e.g. consultants or advisors are regulated by the OISC. As it is well known, solicitors are legally qualified to provide legal help in relation to any legal matter including immigration and human rights matters.

We have many years’ experience in immigration law. We have done some of the most complicated cases in immigration field. Our rates are competitive.
Why us?

Immigration is the only legal subject in UK where non-lawyers without any legal qualification are allowed to operate. We can guarantee that your case will be dealt by someone who has law degree from a good UK University, further legal & professional qualification from the UK, and has many years’ experience in immigration law.

Immigration is fast changing law. Many applicants lose their immigration cases because their representatives are not aware of the latest development in immigration law. Our firm is equipped with electronic and hard copy sources on immigration law, so we keep up-to-date ourselves on immigration law.

You can visit our website  or call Daniel Koi on 0044(0)79449 761610044(0)79449 76161 or 0044(0)20727585550044(0)2072758555″

Daniel Koi specialises in all categories of UK Immigration law, with a focus on the needs of private clients, including High Net Worth Individuals, and Business Leaders. Aside from undertaking all aspects of immigration work, he can advise on all aspects of relocating to the United Kingdom for both individuals and businesses.

He has built up a strong reputation in all areas of personal and business immigration law. He is well known for his commitment in achieving outstanding results for all my immigration his clients. He  has conducted several immigration appeals before the First Tier, Upper Tier Tribunals (Immigration & Asylum Chamber) and Judicial Review applications to a successful conclusion.

He is also a regular panel member of several UK media networks where Immigration topics are discussed.