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Affordable Painting Gift Ideas for Art Lovers



Emotions are powerful driving forces. They act as yardsticks for how connected we feel to others. To illustrate, they determine how committed or indifferent we feel about other people and not just people but things as well. We all know that one person who’s a hardcore fan of a particular type of music or a television show – remember the Game of Thrones craze?


We often hear people say, “actions speak louder than words”. Giving gifts is an excellent example of this age-old adage. Many people love receiving gifts, and it’s even a love language for quite a lot of individuals. When you offer someone a present, it’s heartfelt to say you appreciate them and how precious they are to you. To summarise, a gift is a simple way of expressing emotions that you may otherwise not say.



However, many people just can’t find the perfect gift. Sure, the thought counts, but you also want the recipient to like the gift you present. So, here are some of the best ideas to gift them with something artistic they will never forget.

Custom Portrait Paintings

It has been proven that the average human enjoys looking at and showing off beautiful depictions of themselves. No wonder we insanely love selfies and can’t help ourselves from sharing them on social networking platforms. But, custom photos to portrait paintings take that concept further by elegantly capturing our likeness in paint.


There are other options to choose from if your recipient doesn’t fancy a painting of themself. Group and pet portraiture are also tastefully sentimental. For instance, if your recipient goes away for a while, you could have a group portrait painted with her family or closest friends. Pet portraiture is also suitable for people who are very attached to their furry companions.



Should in case you worry about how to covertly get the subjects to an art studio for a painting session, happy to inform you that it won’t be necessary. You only need photographs of the subject, and you’re good to go. Converting photos to portrait paintings has become popular, and your artist should be able to paint from clear photographs of their subjects.

Paintings of Their Favorite Memories

This is probably the most sentimental idea on our list. If your gift recipient is someone close enough for you to know their fondest memories, then unique paintings for life will be the most heartfelt surprise. But, of course, you must work closely with the artist because you are painting your recipient’s life.



You can also get creative with this gift, either making it depict a single memory or a collage of several memories that narrate a story. Additionally, it could be paintings of their favorite places, a city they once visited, where they grew up, or even their favorite coffee spot. To make it even more special, you could also loosely place them in the depictions.


Gifts like these are statement gifts that usually stir up deep emotion. They are unique paintings to keep for life. But, more importantly, a gift like this will be a constant reminder, a stimulant that helps them revisit these cherished places in their minds.

Replica of Famous Paintings

Replica paintings or painting reproductions are hand-painted copies of original artwork by internationally revered artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael. This could be a perfect surprise if your loved one has a favorite painting created by the artist they admire to the core.



Having said that, there are three different qualities of replica paintings to choose from depending on how indistinguishable the replica is from the original. The Museum Quality are high-quality replicas that are the most identical to original works and are usually the most expensive. The Medium Quality replicas are just as you would expect, midrange dupes, while the Commercial Quality replicas are what you would call mass-produced, cheap knockoffs.


Although it is best to go for what you can afford, giving a gift within the first two categories is advisable. After all, you want a durable and impressive gift for your recipient, and a Commercial Quality replica may not meet those criteria.


Customized Gift Items

These are the most common gift ideas on our list. Customization adds a personal effect to any item. Whether it’s the themes on our smartphones or the outfits we wear, we all love to extend our personalities into the things we own.


Additionally, this is also the most versatile gift idea on this list, and you can customize as many things as possible in several ways for your recipient. It could be with little things, or it could involve grand gestures.



An excellent place to start is with the things involved in their hobbies. For example, you could artistically customize their consoles and controller pads if they love to game. Also, you could take an ordinary gift item like a necklace and turn it into a customized locket.

Free Tickets to an Art Gallery for Museum

Here is something simple yet practical for the overthinker who isn’t sure about the other options on the list. An art gallery or museum to an art-lover is like the library to a bookworm. So, you can always opt for this safe bet.


Without delay, grab some tickets for a fun trip to the art gallery or museum for someone who appreciates art history and watches them light up the entire time. It will make them feel relaxed and conversational because art is something they know and respect.



This is a handy tip for someone you just met or are just getting to know. Instead of a cliché date at a restaurant, take them where they can drool over their favorite masterpieces.


Getting people things you know they will appreciate is one of the most satisfying emotions ever; it’s like a mission-accomplished feeling. The ideas shared in this article will help you surprise your art enthusiast acquaintances with something unique and affordable.




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