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Afri-Culture, Celebrating The Motherland



On November 6th 2012 Afri-Cultture will officially launch, with one goal in mind, to change the way society views of Africa and Africans. Trying to remove the negative image attached to the African continent by giving the world an opportunity to discover successful Africans, Great tourist locations and areas to invest. Africa is home to some of the greatest historians, authors, musicians, athletes, thinkers and professionals—who sadly remain unknown to the rest of the world. Afri-Culture is determined to be a bridge for those who wish to know more about Africa and Africans. The aim of this online publication will be to celebrate, unify and empower Africans (In Africa & Diaspora). It will give society a chance to view Africans from a different spectrum. The world has been exposed to one side of Africa, the side that portrays her as a hopeless poverty stricken continent. By bringing more positive and success stories about Africa and Africans, Afri-Culture hopes to help in removing the negative images attributed to the African continent.   Founder and Editor-In-Chief Raissa Nkuba, who was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but raised in Zambia, Jamaica and Canada, hopes to bring positive articles, stories, interviews and photos. Focusing on categories such as; Arts & Entertainment, Style & Beauty, Science & Technology, Lifestyle, Sports, Investing in Africa, Careers and Tourism. She’s thrilled about this project and hopes to touch as many people as possible.]]>

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