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Africa Rising artist Nikita Kering joins Nadeska on Apple Music 1 to discuss her new EP, “A Side Of Me.”



Africa Rising artist Nikita Kering joins Nadeska on Apple Music 1 to discuss her new EP, “A Side Of Me.”

Key quotes below. Feel free to use with credit to Nadeska on Apple Music 1:

Nikita Kering Tells Apple Music about performing at such a young age:
“It’s been cool. It’s definitely been a lot of fun and I’ve been geeking all of it. I think all I’m doing is just trying to learn as much as possible from the experiences that I have and to just try as much as possible to keep growing as an artist through those experiences..”

Nikita Kering Tells Apple Music about what encouraged her to start singing:
“My folks did. My mom was a big part of that as I was growing up. My mom didn’t get to do what she wanted to do when she was younger. And so I guess when she got a child who could sing, she was like, “Do it.” And yeah, they ended up supporting me through it. There’s no one else who’s musical in the house, maybe my brother a bit, but no one else sings. So I think this was also a new thing for them. We were all guessing through it. And we are still guessing through it. And I guess it’s working out. So I just keep praying. That’s the way it’s working out.”

Nikita Kering Tells Apple Music about the transition into traveling the world and touring:
“It was gradual. It wasn’t sudden. It wasn’t one day I woke up, and I was touring the world and stuff. It started very slowly where I did this one interview when I was nine, and it blew up. It went viral. And from then on, I guess I’ve slowly gathered an audience and gotten a lot of people that support me. And yeah, that’s what it’s been all about. I wouldn’t say there was anything drastic that happened. I think people from different countries just started noticing. And then that’s how then I started performing in different places.”

Nikita Kering Tells Apple Music about her early experiences writing:
“Well, I didn’t start writing when I was that young. I think when I was much younger, I was just learning how to sing. And I took as much time as possible to educate myself in music and music business, and law, stuff like that. I was nerding all of it. So, how I ended up songwriting was, I was 16 and I used to tell my mom, “I can’t song write. I don’t know how to write music.” And she was like, “You just never given it a try.” And she’s like, “Just do it.” And finally, I decided one day to write my first song, which also did extremely well. And it was a simple love song, but I don’t even understand how it became a hit, but I think I was honest with myself at that time. I was 16 and I just did what I did. And I think people saw that and they like that. And they liked authenticity and realness, and emotion through music and they recognized and related to that.”

Nikita Kering Tells Apple Music about her mother’s role in her career journey: 
“I feel like there was two sides to it. My father was more of the technical side and nerding over the very intricate stuff, the very important stuff, like the contract, and the deals and stuff. But she was more of like the soccer mom who would show up to my shows and was always there until I used to be like, “Please, you don’t have to always come.” Everyone identified me with my mom. And I was like, “Hugh.” But right now it’s crazy because I look at it and I’m like, “What would I have done without her?” So she was yeah, very, very pivotal in my career.”

Nikita Kering Tells Apple Music about juggling going to school and making music: 
“I think that was one of the toughest things that I had to do. And it was never really tough on my music side. It was always tough on the school side. I wanted to do the course, but this other whole thing was fun, going out for concerts. And I was young, but I would still be able to go out for concerts because I had to perform. So it was so much fun. But then I think after the course, and after everything went so beautifully well and I got to learn so much, I just realized how much ahead I am as compared to perhaps other people in the music industry. Because now I have a much better understanding of the business and production aspect within music.”

Nikita Kering Tells Apple Music about managing her peers expectations of her: 
“Absolutely. And I think it just took a lot of maturity and mental growth for me to finally come to that point. But I think it was not just that it was a combination of people around me finally realizing that I’m now an adult and I am well-educated in a couple of stuff. And it’s finally time to just let go of the chains and allow me to make my own decisions. And them throwing me into the deep end, for instance, my dad would tell you, “Just do it.” And I’m like, “You haven’t even listened to the idea. You have no idea what I want to do.” He’s like, “Just do it, make your mistakes and go ahead.” And I’m like… It was those moments that I think made me courageous enough to finally ignore the pressures that come from other parties.”

Nikita Kering Tells Apple Music about her comfortability being public facing: 
“I think I’m confident in my communication skills and I’m able to communicate eloquently. Do I like it though? That’s the question. I’m very reserved individual socially. I don’t go out as much. I don’t meet new people as much as I probably should. So I would say it’s something that I need time with. I will do what I need to do. I’ll do the interviews. I’ll do the press and talk about what I need to talk about. But I definitely think socially, I have a lot of work to do.”

Nikita Kering Tells Apple Music about the process of putting together the EP: 
“This was purely a selfish project. The reason it was a selfish project is because it was an experiment. I didn’t even know what the hell my sound was. And that’s why the EP just sounds like Alicia keys, then we have Tiwa Savage, and then we have everything. It was a mixture of all of my dreams and people that I look up to. So it really was an experiment. And the reason it’s called A Side Of Me is because it’s just one part of me that needs to be seen. But then there’s soon to be a lot of other stuff that people are yet to see. So it’s just a portion of what I have. And it was a time for me to figure out who I am and I’m still trying to understand myself.”



E.L’s ‘Superhero’ becomes most streamed Ghanaian Hip-Hop song on Spotify with over 20M plays



V.O. Nation frontman, E.L breaks Spotify’s streaming record for Ghanaian musicians today, clocking over 20,000,000+ streams for a song from years back that bizarrely flew under the radar to now become by far the highest streamed Ghanaian Hip-Hop song to date. (more…)

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Somali-Canadian Singer Amaal, Releases New Single “Heaven”



Amaal releases her long-awaited follow up single “Heaven” across all major tv and radio stations in South Africa and her newly established fans are beaming in excitement! Having debuted her very first single “Honey” in South Africa a few months ago, Amaal took some time to express her gratitude to SA media for the love and support that she receives all the way in Canada.

Amaal’s new single keeps viewers mesmerized as they dive into the free and luscious mind of the singer-songwriter. Amaal will reveal more on her acts of feminine liberation, detailing her unapologetic inner thoughts that embrace intimacy and female autonomy on her highly-anticipated forthcoming EP, Milly, releasing October 28th.

Amaal’s first studio EP Black Dove made quite an impact in the Canadian music scene as she showcased her powerful intuition both musically and emotionally. “Not What I Thought” boasts 1.8 million views as Amaal sang her heart out in a gorgeous Iceland set music video directed by Sean Brown. “Amaal has mastered the art of pairing airy but commanding vocals with pulsing production,” The Fader explains.

The fourth of ten children, Amaal began her remarkable journey in war-torn Mogadishu, where she and her family lived until they were forced to flee as refugees in the early 1990s. Starting over fresh in Toronto, she embraced the poetic nature of her cultural heritage but bristled at the conservative structures and customs that came with it, particularly the repressive expectations placed upon women.

By the time she hit 20, Amaal had grown bold enough to begin making her own music, but she still felt limited as to what she could sing about, so she focused her creative energy on politically and socially conscious material inspired by the civil unrest in Somalia and the struggles her people faced as a result. It was powerful stuff, to be sure, but there was more to Amaal than being a refugee, and she longed to express the fullness of herself and her story in her art. In 2019, Amaal finally worked up the courage to step outside of her comfort zone with the release of Black Dove, a daringly vulnerable collection that found her reckoning with love and heartbreak and desire in her music for the very first time.

Though it felt incredibly risky, the EP was a critical smash, garnering a Juno nomination for Soul/R&B Recording of the Year, racking up millions of streams online, and prompting rave reviews across the board. Complex hailed Amaal’s “airy and ethereal vocals,” while Vibe proclaimed her a singer “like no other,” and Exclaim! dubbed her “an artist that demands attention.” Amaal’s sophomore EP, entitled Milly, will be released October 28, 2021.

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Music producer Alpha Bz releases ‘Togging’ featuring Koo Ntakra: Now Available on all major streaming platforms.



Alpha Bz looks set to storm the music industry, especially in the West African market, with the release of his new single titled Togging. The song features Koo Ntakra, one of the best rappers in Ghana.

The Tune Click signee appears ready to treat his fans and lovers of music around the world to impactful songs as ‘Togging’ becomes available on all major streaming platforms from October 15, 2021.

Africa has grown over the decades to become a major force in the global music environment, with the continent exporting several talented singers, songwriters, and music producers to the international scene. Ghana has played a significant part in the multi-billion-dollar market, with the likes of Sarkodie, M.anifest, Medikal, FlowKing Stone, Joey B, Kwesi Arthur, and R2Bees, literally championing the rap game in the country. However, it seems to be the dawn of a new beginning, with the huge talent of Alpha Bz, a gifted music producer and sound engineer, considering the feat achieved in recent times. The talented music producer has built a reputation in the industry, working with the likes of Safoa and Nayo on the hit single When Money Dey.

Togging brings in a new dimension, with the artist, Koo Ntakra, proving his class with an amazing mix of entertaining yet thought-provoking lyrics on banging beats. Alpha Bz has described Koo Ntakra as the best rapper and he has unarguably delivered.

The highly anticipated single, which is now available on all major streaming platforms, has been gaining traction, with support from the media and lovers of good music. For more information about Togging and other works from Alpha Bz under the Tune Click management as well as other projects from the art and entertainment company, visit – Tune Click can also be found across several social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube.

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AmaPiano hitmaker DBN Gogo joins Spotify’s Global EQUAL Music Programme



DBN Gogo is the latest artist to join the Spotify EQUAL Music Programme as the EQUAL Africa artist of the month.


The programme, aimed at providing a platform to highlight women in music, sees Spotify welcoming the popular AmaPiano DJ as the first South African artist to join its growing roster of influential female creators, which includes Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage and US rapper Saweetie.


This announcement comes off the back of DBN Gogo’s appearance at  AMA Fest 2021. The UK-based festival successfully showcased the ‘best of AmaPiano’ to  fans, with DBN Gogo bringing her energy and signature dance moves to the global stage. 


“DBN Gogo has managed to dominate two spheres within the music industry traditionally driven by the opposite sex: DJing and AmaPiano. For us, putting our support behind DBN Gogo not only speaks to what we do under the EQUAL umbrella, but further drives the support we have continued to show the AmaPiano genre since it came to the fore,” says Phiona Okumu, Spotify Head of Music, Sub Saharan Africa.


DBN Gogo, who recently claimed a spot on the top 10 list of the most streamed artists by South African youth on Spotify, only recently began her professional DJing career and was catapulted to superstardom when the hits ‘Dakiwe’, ‘French Kiss’ and ‘Khuza Gogo’ blew up the local music scene alongside her #dakiwechallenge video, which amassed over three million TikTok views alone.


“Being a part of Spotify’s EQUAL Music Programme is a reminder that I do not need to apologise for being a powerful woman. I had a dream and realised that old ways don’t open new doors. So, I decided to make every moment count to ensure that I become everything I wanted,” adds DBN Gogo.


As the latest artist to join the EQUAL Music Programme, DBN Gogo will also grace Spotify’s Time Square billboard in New York and her latest track ‘Possible’ featuring Musa Keys, Dinho, Optimist Music ZA, Makhanj, Lebza TheVillain, Koek Sista, will lead the EQUAL Africa playlist and feature on the EQUAL Global playlist.


DBN Gogo also features on Spotify’s flagship AmaPiano playlist AmaPiano Grooves.

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Tomi Thomas Pushes Artistry to the Forefront with “Hopeless Romantic Riddim”



Singing and playing guitar, Tomi Thomas lays down the foundation of the Hopeless Romantic Riddim dropping October 14th, 2021. The Nigerian artist released an EP of the same name earlier this year, featuring tracks spanning Afrobeat, dancehall, and reggae genres. The highly anticipated drop lived up to the hype with industry support and extensive press coverage in Africa, Europe, the United States, and the Caribbean, along with other pockets of global reach.

Tomi Thomas’ music has a heartbeat, and the Hopeless Romantic Riddim showcases yet another aspect of his repertoire. The seven-track Riddim compilation is an explosive instrumentally driven accompaniment to the songs. “Super blessed and excited about all the riddims, big love to all the amazing creatives who etched themselves into my story and journey. I am forever grateful we go higher in these exciting times,” he said. Tomi is also a visual artist with many exceptional talents and abilities. He created the cover art, and it expresses the project’s true nature as poetry in motion. The special project also features dancehall recording artist Stylo G, along with experimental Afro-R&B artist boistory.


1. Hopeless Romantic

2. Come My Way by boistory

3. three thirty by Aleicia

4. On My Own by Ria Sean

5. Foreign Car by Karmah Cruz

6. Hopeless Romantic ft. Stylo G

7. Hopeless Romantic (Instrumental)


After releasing the Hopeless Romantic EP in early June, Tomi Thomas debuted the music video for “Hurricane,” a song from the project featuring Buju Banton on the Fader. The young star leads the modern African music scene with a genuine passion and appreciation for the arts. He continues to evolve and grow with every move, and his fanbase shows their love and support. The solo artist has found success on his own after time with popular musical group Loud On Sound (LOS) early in his career. In releasing his debut album, the single “Ready Or Not” reached #1 on the Soundcity Nigeria’s Top 10 Chart.

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Nutty O from Zimbabwe features Stonebwoy on “Mustard Seed” Album with HOT NEW Dancehall jam



Nutty O is on his way inking his name in the major league as one of Africa’s finest with this latest album project titled “Mustard Seed”.

The Zimbabwean Reggae/Dancehall & Afrobeats Singjay — Nutty O — flawlessly put his ends together for this creative collective.

His 14-tracked Album is not just gonna be recorded as one of Africa’s timeless collections but a solid and clean lyric album that cuts across all spheres.

Released in September 2021, Nutty O serves a fine blend on multi-lingual album on “Mustard Seed”. He features Ghana’s Heavyweight Reggae/Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy on Track 12 on the album titled “Success”, which has scored as the people’s top favourite on Apple Music. The song is a danceable upbeat crossover Dancehall, Afrobeats & Soca song — it has been the DJs’ top favourite since its release, no wonder it records as the top favourite on Apple Music.

He records the album in English, Shona and Patois (Jamaican lingo).

Listen to the Album here on All Digital Stores:

He moves away from Ghana and steps into Jamaica to feature popular Musician/Producer, Demarco on another single “Ndiwe”, which translates as “It Is You”. The word “Ndiwe” is from his local dialect Shona, widely spoken in Zimbabwe— a good way of selling his mother tongue to the Caribbean market and the world over — he infuses a good amount of Shona in this song to defend his originality as well as some Patois in there to prove his versatility and fluidity in multiple Languages. “Ndiwe” is a love song that swoons the ladies and it’s another lovely jam on the Album.

Nutty O now moves back home to feature his fellow country Singer, Kae Chaps, from Zimbabwe. The seamless synergy between both acts accentuates the swooning message conveyed in “Be My Girl”, Track 6 on the Album.

“Open Doors”, Track 1 on the Album is an unmistakable one that keeps you ‘stoned’ from start to finish to keep listening to the 14-tracked Album.

“Mustard Seed” is an album you’d play over and over again and never get bored because it makes a lot of sense and fits into current trend of sounds as well as reflips back into the 90s and early 2000s Dancehall style. The entire album is a fine toast of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Reggae and Soca.

Follow Nutty O on his social media connects here below:

Facebook — Nutty O Di Bwoy

Instagram — @ABX_NuttyO

Twitter — @ABXNuttyO

He entered the music space professionally in 2013 but shot up into the limelight in 2014 hitting BBC 1Xtra Charts “Destination Africa” with his jam “Kwandabva Kure” at No.3.

In 2015 Nutty O began sharing the platforms with the big stars – he shared stage with Platinum selling Jamaican Act, Charly Black and also won the “Most Promising ZimDancehall Act”.

2016 was another stupendously amazing year for Nutty O when he debuted a UK Tour, featured with Chilando from Jamaica on “Don’t Be Rude”. In that year he got radio plug on popular Jamaican Radio Station Suncity 104.9fm. Then run a South African Tour in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

He spread his tentacles wider in 2017 and 2018 with more tours in UK, South Africa, Botswana and Australia respectively while copping lots of awards.

He scored a feature on Etana’s GRAMMY nominated Album “Reggae Forever” in 2019. Nutty O can boast of features cum collaborations with Etana, Ammara Brown, Stonebwoy, Demarco, just to name a few. He is due to storm Ghana soon for a media engagement.

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