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African Fashion Fund and Parsons partner in building a sustainable fashion business across Africa



The African Fashion Fund (AFF) has introduced three-sided strategic approach to building a sustainable fashion business in Ghana and Africa at large. This includes the Fashion Incubator which provides mentorship from high profile industry players and business development support that takes the designers to the next level of their career. The third is empowering women in underserved commuinities to attain higher goals. The strategy would be in partnership with Parsons certificate programme, which provides  participants the opportuinity to be awarded certificate and engage in exchange programs. The Press launch saw in attendance the Deputy Minister of Education in charge of Tertiary, Hon Barbara Asher Ayisi,the CEO of Empire Ghana Bola Ray, PY Addo Boateng, Founder of BTM Foundation and Ghanaian award winning designers and models. The African Fashion Fund was founded by Miss Roberta Annan in the year 2014. The AFF is non-governmental organization that empowers fashion designers from Africa and its diaspora to succeed in the global fashion industry and  provides designers with educational opportunities in patnership with established players in the fashion industry,the African Fashion Fund supports African designers professional success. ]]>


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