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African Sports Centre and Johan Cruyff Institute announce partnership



The African Sports Centre for Data, Research and Technology (ASC) has partnered world-renowned sports educational organisation, the Johan Cruyff Institute.

The collaboration, among others, covers knowledge sharing, internship opportunities for Cruyff Institute students at ASC and special discounts offers for ASC on Cruyff Institute’s academic programmes.

The partnership is a joint effort by both institutions to maximise knowledge sharing between the two bodies to enhance their mutual pursuits in Sports Management, Sports Business, amongst other things.

Again, it establishes the opportunity for human resource development in the form of internships that will be available to students from the Cruyff Institute, while ASC will benefit from special discount offers on the Cruyff Institute’s academic programmes.

“We at ASC are pleased to formalise this historic collaboration with Johan Cruyff Institute. We see a future that will benefit both parties, especially in the area of sport management and business,” said ASC Founder and CEO, Prince Narkortu Teye

“Football, and sports in general, transcend cultures and continents, and creates a space where we find ourselves united as one. We look forward to a great journey ahead.”

The ASC is a organisation championing the use of scientific and technical methodologies and innovations for the development of sports in Africa, largely by data, research and technology (DR&T) in an integrated approach.

The Johan Cruyff Institute, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, educates athletes, sports and businesses professionals to become leaders in Sports Management.



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