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AJ Nelson joins Africa and international acts at Afrocentric ‘Asa Baako’ fest

Afrocentric Musician from Ghana AJ Nelson after releasing his Africa Rise album in November 2018 is performing at this year’s ‘Asa Baako‘ (one dance) festival in the company of other established music acts. ‘Asa Baako‘ raised its 2019 curtain on March 6 — the 62nd independence anniversary of Ghana. As part of kicking ‘Asa Baako‘ off to […]



Afrocentric Musician from Ghana AJ Nelson after releasing his Africa Rise album in November 2018 is performing at this year’s ‘Asa Baako (one dance) festival in the company of other established music acts. ‘Asa Baako‘ raised its 2019 curtain on March 6 — the 62nd independence anniversary of Ghana.

As part of kicking ‘Asa Baako‘ off to celebrate Ghana’s attainment of independence from British colonial rule with performances of songs from his latest ‘Africa Rise‘ album, AJ Nelson will also embark on a media tour starting March 15 from the Fizzles Platinum in Dansoman, Accra Ghana.

Asa Baako‘ is an annual festival hosted for 5 days in March (6th-10th March) that involves beach games, live music, parties, and other environmentally friendly activities at Busua and Takoradi in the Western region of Ghana.

The Ghanaian rapper who describes himself as the mouthpiece of Africa is known in personal like as Yaw Agyei Nelson. discovered that the rapper is one of few from Ghana that is distinguished by their African-centered lyrics that speak truth to power and shamelessly seek to awaken minds across the African continent in search for the path to a better Africa.

I feel very humbled to have been picked as one of the performers at this year’s ‘Asa Baako‘ and as the name of the festival translates from the Twi language of Ghana to mean ‘one dance’ in English, it is very important for me to use my gift of music to channel an energy of oneness for Africa,” AJ Nelson told

Yes we are here to engage in one dance, but we are also here especially starting this significant day of Ghana’s independence to remind ourselves of what our founding fathers led by Ghana’s first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah really wanted for all Africa — total liberation,” continued AJ Nelson, who believes music is a powerful force for change and that the African you is capable of using to advance the continent.

Some other Ghanaian acts at ‘Asa Baako‘ this year are Abena Rockstar, BBrave who is a hybrid of Ghana and France lineage, VimTinz, and Sekondi Abrantie. Nigeria is represented by performers like Suleiman The Maverick, DJ Sensei Lo, and Azizza. Ivorian acts like DJ Chabela, Troy Sylva, and Inga Paula will hold down the beat for Ivory Coast.

Performers from the United Kingdom to spice up the Afrocentric festival include T.Roy, Dr. Meaker, DJ Expressions and DJ Nickie Cartel while DJ Gwada Mike lifts high the flag of Guadeloupe with Queen Billie jamming all the way from the US Virgin Islands.

All these acts and others will be joined by fans and well-wishers to make activities and events like the morning beach cleanup, treks, tours, boat trips, Agorobaako – Oneplay, and festival parade, as well as tree planting exercises fun and memorable.

People from different parts of Ghana and beyond are drawn to it because of the opportunity it offers tourists explore parts of Ghana’s Western Region. To purchase tickets or learn about the festival visit for more information and photos of this amazing experience.

Written by Oral Ofori



10% of Ghanaians’ top 100 music genres is religious music, Spotify Wrapped 2021 data reveals



Is every day Worship Day in Ghana? As much as 10% of Ghanaian Spotify users’ most-streamed music genres is religious-related.


Although rap, Afropop, and Afrobeat run the show in Ghana — showcasing how much the people love to party in the midst of a pandemic — as many as 10 religious genres found themselves in the Top 100 genres.


The data provided by Spotify’s Wrapped 2021 is even more revealing when you cut it down to the Top 50. Whereas Worship, Naija worship, CCM, World worship, Anthem worship, and Christian music found a seat in the Ghanaian people’s 50 best genres to stream on Spotify, Nigeria’s Top 50 was marked by just three religious genres while Kenya’s and South Africa’s counted only two and a single one, respectively.


Remarkably in Uganda, religious music genres listed in the Top 100 all got a spot high up in the first 50 ranks, with CCM leading the way in 26th position.


In Nigeria, the highest-ranked religious genre (Naija worship) placed 45th on the list — curiously even below Ghanaian hip-hop (#40). Similarly in Ghana, Naija worship (#34) ranked higher than Ghanaian gospel (#56).


Meanwhile, Christian alternative rock ranked 67th in both Kenya and Nigeria. Whilst it gained its highest streaming time in Uganda, placing at #39, the genre did not make it into the Ghanaian market’s Top 100.


See what and how religious music genres charted on Spotify in Ghana, in 2021:



#33 Worship

#34 Naija worship

#35 CCM

#38 World worship

#44 Anthem worship

#45 Christian music

#56 Ghanaian gospel

#62 Gospel

#64 Christian pop

#87 Contemporary gospel

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Rocky Dawuni’s song goes viral on PSG’s Instagram page with Messi’s 7th Ballon d’Or win



Ghana’s 2-time Grammy Nominee, Rocky Dawuni, is getting a very good one on PSG’s Official Instagram page. His song “It’s Time” has gone overly viral on their page with over 8 million views.
A video shared by the club on Instagram showed Rocky Dawuni’s hit single “it’s time” being played in the background as Messi and his teammate paraded their awards.


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A post shared by Paris Saint-Germain (@psg)

The Ghanaian Reggae Singer who doubles as UN Ambassador for Environment Africa recently landed his 2nd Grammy nomination for the 64th Grammy awards due for January 2022.

He has been nominated in the category of “Best Global Music Album”. Rocky Dawuni earned the nomination with his “Voice of Bunbon Vol.1” album released on November 30, 2020. His debut Grammy nomination came with his “Branches Of The Same Tree” Album released in March 2015, for the 58th Grammys.

The Argentine captain won his 7th Ballon d’Or award last Monday, November 29th after beating off competition from Robert Lewandowski and Jorginho.

Messi and Gianluigi Donnarumma were the two PSG players who won big at the Ballon d’Or ceremony, with the Italy shot-stopper being adjudged the best goalkeeper. Ahead of PSG’s game against Nice, the two players presented their awards to the fans inside the Parc des Princes.

(Story: Emmanuel Ayamga – Pulse Ghana)

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I can cook and clean, Madam Bridget. I will be your ‘house husband’ – Waterz Yidana to Bridget Otoo



Waterz Yidana Award-winning writer says in response to Bridget Otoo’s message about what she’s looking for in a husband:

“I read in the news that you’re looking for a man who can cook and clean to marry. I am available, but….

Be ready to provide me with all my needs. Since you’ll be the head of “our marriage” I promise to be very submissive to you and treat you like the “King” that you are…

Also get ready to deal with my mood swings. I hope you won’t marry two of us because I am a very jealous man. Lol…

As a matter of fact, I will even flash the toilet for you after you ease yourself and do the laundry and any other thing you want me to do for you that will make you feel you’ve truly escaped poverty and need to be worshipped like the god that you are….

You really think it’s easy to be a man, don’t you? Many men wish they were women because of the countless privileges that women enjoy in this world….

I bet you, if you’re made a man today, within the next 6 months, you’ll want be a woman again, because being a man is full of responsibilities and burdens….

It’s not a man’s world as popularly quoted around the world. Men only bear the name.

It’s a woman’s world.

I know many men think that they wield more power, have more independence, and encounter fewer social problems than women, but that’s just “on the face value”…..

Women find life easier than men in many parts of the world and are in control of many things without even knowing it.

In fact, many women don’t know their true power, if they knew, they won’t even be fighting for equality because I think that they are far superior to men considering how they were biologically made and the many good things that they bring to the world….

Check the statistics, there are even more women than men in the world, isn’t this alone a huge thing for women?

That they can contest elections at any level, vote for themselves and control everybody like many of you young ladies of nowadays wish was the case….

Feminism is a wonderful ideology, but has been misinterpreted by many of you young ladies. Many of you just disrespect and degrade men as if you don’t need them in your lives, but secretly you make love to them every day which is one of your greatest needs….

We need each other, both men and women to progress as a society. There’s nothing wrong cooking and washing for a loving husband or wife.

Just that per the status quo of our culture and traditions, roles are defined in a marriage depending on which society one belongs to….

The “male privilege” is not as enjoyable as many of you women think it is….

In an African society, it is expected of the man to always protect and provide for his family, whether he has it or not— that’s never an easy task.

If you do not respect men, men will not respect you. You don’t need a man who can cook and clean to marry.

You need a man who will truly love and care for you, Bridget Otoo….”

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Abass Sariki honors Jorley hitmaker with Expensive Cuban link chain



Ahead of the Rebel Explosion concert slated for December 18th, Ghanaian Youth President and entrepreneur Giwa Sariki, popularly known as Abass Sariki on a courtesy visit have gifted Ghanaian versatile Afro-Fusion singer, Rebel an expensive “Cuban link Icedout chain”.

According to the highly respected young entrepreneur, his gift to the talented singer is to officially endorse him into the Giwa family. He, therefore, pledged his unflinching support to the young talented artist who is poised to take over the music scene.

In a brief meeting, the well-acclaimed entrepreneur seized the moment to advise the youth to be positive in their thinking and also desist from violence.

He further mentioned that the key to success and peaceful life is God, Money, and Love therefore the youth should channel their productive energy to live a positive and impactful life.

Known in showbiz circles as Rebel, Eric Kuuku Nyamekye Kyeremanten is a Ghanaian Afro-Fusion Star and Songwriter who is bent on leaving a mark on the music radar.

The jorley crooner later this year is set to climax the year with a concert and an EP launch dubbed Rebel Explosion which features artists such as Real Apaatse, Offei T-Bag among others at the Royal Majesty hotel.

Known for his energetic stage presence, the jorley hitmaker who is known for songs like Maamli, Naadu, Medusa, etc” over the years has garnered massive attention and support from fans which have led to the formation of the Rebel Life Movement is well-positioned for exploits in the coming years.

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Ini Edo Has Just Created A Big Problem For An Innocent Child – Waterz Yidana



Waterz Yidana, a Ghanaian Award Winning Writer has said that “Ini Edo HAS JUST CREATED A BIG PROBLEM FOR AN INNOCENT CHILD”…..

“I like Ini Edo very much. If for nothing at all, I enjoyed watching her movies when I was growing up as a teenager.

She is a very beautiful woman. And she is talented as well and interpreted her movie roles beyond perfection, hence my likeness for her…..

I often won’t comment on the lifestyles of many Nigerian and Ghanaian celebrities because I feel they’ve every right to live as they please once they are not breaking any public laws or posing as enemies of the state…

But I am commenting on this particular issue because I saw so many of our youth praising her online for the wrong reason.

Read Also: Ini Edo welcomes baby girl via surrogacy

So to educate them, I have to explain certain things to them so they do not repeat such a big mistake like Ini Edo has just done…

I read in the news today that she (Ini Edo) has birthed a baby girl through surrogacy and she is very happy about that. Well, I am happy for her too as a fan…

Congratulations to her. But she committed a blunder I will like to point out to her….

I understand the plight of women who have tried everything possible to have their own children but cannot. It’s depressing and soul-crushing.

I always sympathize with them and encourage our men to treat such women with so much kindness because they need it to keep them truly alive.

To be barren in Africa is not easy. People will judge you from left and right without knowing how you truly feel as a woman who wants your own child or children.

Some of these women with such problems , in their quest to get a child by all means, try different things including surrogacy, especially those of them who are privileged or quite okay in life…

It’s not a bad thing to have a child through surrogacy if you’ve problems with your reproductive system or having an issue getting pregnant or, in a case where getting pregnant and giving birth poses a threat to your health…

But my only problem is that Ini Edo has created a big problem for this innocent baby when she grows up to understand how things work in life…

Of course, Ini Edo deserves to be happy, but let’s not forget that the innocent child deserves to be happy too, in the future when she grows up to understand what’s happening around her….

She birthing the baby through surrogacy is not the problem as I keep saying,

but her decision of using a random or an anonymous “donor sperm” is my problem with her. Yes, the Eggs are hers and so genetically the baby is her blood.

But who is the baby’s father? Where is he? From which family background? Is he a Ghanaian, Nigerian or a South African? What is his identity?

Who is her surrogate mother? Where is she? The woman that suffered to carry her nine months in her womb!…

These are very relevant questions Ini Edo and her friends might be overlooking, but this innocent child will ask these same questions some day when she needs fatherly love and care.

This baby will go through a lot of psychological problems and mental tortures looking for who her father is and the woman that carried her for nine months in her womb.

Do you think that it is easy to live without knowing your father in an African society?

If you grow up as a child and ask about your father, and you’re told that he’s dead, you’ll understand because you’ll see his pictures and his family…

But for Ini Edo to tell the child that “I don’t know your father. ‘It was an anonymous “donor sperm” with my egg that another woman carried for nine months for me’, will make the child the most miserable person on earth. She may even commit suicide if she is not strong emotionally….

Worse of it all, is if Ini Edo doesn’t live long enough to see this child grow up as an adult. Who will be her family? Ini Edo’s brothers and sisters? Too bad….

It’s not the best to have a child through surrogacy with a random or an anonymous “donor sperm”….

Ini Edo could’ve made her boyfriend or any man she admires donate his sperm for this baby since she’s not ready for marriage.

But to say that she doesn’t want any “baby daddy drama” that’s why she chose a random “donor sperm” is only showing her level of selfishness or childishness….

She doesn’t truly care about how the baby will feel when she grows up…..

She just cares about having a baby to please the society or to prove a useless point to people who don’t like her or people she doesn’t like. Too bad. I pity the innocent baby…

Other women who may want to have children this way should do with a man they like so that the child can also have and know their father….

It’s a great thing to have a father. And everyone deserves one…”

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Court dismisses Akuapem Poloo’s appeal, orders her to continue jail term



The High Court in Accra has dismissed an appeal filed by Rosemond Alade Brown a.k.a. Akuapem Poloo which sought to challenge the 90-day jail term handed to her by the Accra Circuit Court on April 16 this year. (more…)

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