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Akoo Nana changes name to "Narna"



Akoo Nana Akoo Nana[/caption] Akoo Nana has changed his name again. And this time he wants to be called Narna, N-a-r-n-a. If you guys remember, a while back, he changed his name to Nahnah- N-a-h-n-a-h, and then he went back to Akoo Nana again. The Artist has however decided to do another name change. He revealed his name change in a video clip which he shared on social media. He wrote, “I’ve changed my name from Akoo Nana to Narna. With reasons, some of which are personal, and for rebranding purposes. I think this is the time for me to come out officially “. Akoo Nana who was offered a 3 year deal with Zylofon media added that his “fans should expect something different henceforth”. He also mentioned that he has signed three artists on Money Making Movement. We hope he sticks to this name.]]>


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