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Akwa P Drops Sultry New Single “Inna Ma Yard”



Akwa P, a rising rap talent from Ghana, has returned with an explosive new single that is sure to cause a stir on the world music scene. This song, “Inna Ma Yard,” transports listeners on a captivating journey into the enchanted world of fantasies and wants.


The intriguing story of “Inna Ma Yard” centers around an accidental encounter at a pub that leads to a private meeting in the artist’s bedroom. Akwa P expertly spins a tale that captures the essence of transitory encounters and unspoken chemistry with seductive sounds and creative lyrics.



This most recent release features Akwa P’s distinctive fusion of Afrobeat, Dancehall and hip-hop, supported by his easy-going lines and catchy hooks. The musician has a burgeoning fan base in the music business because to his distinctive style and narrative skills.


As the ultimate song for those who want for both aural joy and lyrical depth, “Inna Ma Yard” is currently accessible on all major streaming services. Prepare to become fully immersed in Akwa P’s enchanting universe and discover the magic for yourself.



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