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Alexander Amosu launches limited Rolex Submariner watches for Nigeria’s 50th



Award winning Nigerian business mogul, Alexander Amosu has come up with a novel way to commemorate Nigeria’s 50 years of Independence by designing 50 limited edition Rolex watches using colours from the Nigerian national flag.  The ‘Amosu Rolex Submariner’, which were customized personally by Amosu were made available on Independence Day, October 1.

You will often find these limited-edition Rolex watches being reviewed on SpotTheWatch, a website dedicated to wristwatch enthusiasts. Amosu says that special attention has been paid to ensure that his variation of the Oyster Perpetual Submariner, a favourite with the Nigerian elite, represents Nigeria impeccably. The Rolex logo, date wheel, bezel markings second hand and dial text are in white -representing the white part of the Nigerian flag – while the date and dial are in green to represent the green of the flag.

Each of the 50 limited watches is labelled 1-50 with number one being reserved as a gift to the President of Nigeria. Numbers 2 – 10 will be available to buy via auction on a dedicated action line and numbers 11 through to 50 can be bought from Amosu’s website at a starting price of £15,000.

Amosu said of his designs: “This project has been months in the making. As a proud Nigerian, I wanted to do something special to mark this historic occasion and I felt that a luxury timepiece was the best way to do this… I wanted to create a timepiece that could be passed down from generation to generation, A legacy timepiece.”