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It is always annoying to have a huge closet of traditional costumes, but still can’t decide what to wear. Malaysian tradition and fashion clothes have become loose because you shed a few kilos and your trousers now look like a loose-fitting diaper. Or possibly you have purchased a bunch of sale Malaysian attires because of its low price; however, the sleeves are stretched whenever you try them, and the buttons reveal your skin in between. Also, most garments from your cabinet are out of style.  It makes your look like you are a person living under the rock.

We all want to look better whenever we go out, or whatever occasion or festival we are going to. Sometimes, a few situations can cause the worst scenarios and leave us hopeless. But you will no longer be an old-fashion soul with the right alterations & repairs services that can turn all those errors into something magnificent. Big trousers or wide kilt? No problem. The best dressmaker can trim it and turn into a fit, modern shape.

Remember that finding a good tailor does not come free of charge. Alterations & Repairs Service will ask for a fee of their service. Nevertheless, the cost is far less than buying a whole new set of clothes. Also, not every clothes is worth repairing, but for expensive garments or favorite traditional clothes of yours, the service is worth your money.

What Are the Benefits of Alterations & Repairs Services?


Altering your clothes can take more work and effort rather than buying a new one. The first thing you need to do is look for a trustworthy tailor. After that, you need to take two visits to the tailor shop. One is dropping the dresses, and the second is picking them up. Even if alteration can make an extra effort, it is worth it. Here are different reasons why getting your clothes transformed or repaired is better than purchasing new ones.

Perfect Fit.

Clothes you purchase from stores are fit from a basic body. The Measurement basis is from average, and real bodies do not fit in one size. Each person’s body has different measurements, and buying on stores is hoping that the fill will be good enough. On the other hand, altering your clothes can be a big difference. You can choose to look like it fits you correctly or loose type. Also, it will take a portion of buying a new set.



Your body changes continuously. The body you had last year is not the same this year, and it happens for everybody. So, if you lost five pounds last year, your clothes that perfectly fit last winter will look baggy for this year. Ideally, you will give that away or stock it in your closet until you gain pounds again.


Fashion style changes from season to season, and there are times that particular design looks dated, and you dump it in your closet. But you can make it look dated again by bringing to an excellent alterations & repairs service. Replacing buttons, placing it into a modern look, or removing large shoulder pads can make clothes brand-new.

Decent Look.


Small alterations will keep you from shame. You will no longer deal with the sliding, slipping, or exposing areas of your skin that you do not like. For example, rounded women can add small snaps between buttons of their clothes to have it closed always. Ladies with narrow shoulder blades can have their sleeves from slipping by adding tiny loops inside. The blouse stays in place by snapping the bra straps with the sleeves.

Favorite Pieces.

Fabrics that are worn out are still usable. Yes, it is very possible to prolong life by repairing or altering some parts. A master dressmaker with excellent skills like Lai Chan Fashion will keep your favorite traditional clothes alive, look new again as if they are just designed, embellished and sewed. The alteration and repair service of a skilled tailor has costs. But, in the long run, you will not regret the masterpiece of an old fabric looking like new again, fresh and off the racks.

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