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Ama K Abebrese, IK Ogbonna, Bryan Okwara add their voices to figtht against underaged marriage in Nigeria #‎ChildNotBride‬



ama k abebreseFollowing a speech by Nollywood star actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde to condemn attempts by the Senate of the Republic of Nigeria to legalize underage child marriage, and a viral video by Nigerian movie star and singer Stella Damasus expressing her anger over the issue, more celebrities have joined the discussion on social media.  I spoke to few to find out their view on the issue which seems to be getting international attention.

[quote type=”small” align=”center”] “Hmmm I just can’t find myself supporting such inhumane atrocities and Immoral acts. Forcing such acts on children who are not ready physically or mentally could also be seen as rape and brutality. All to satisfy their old fetish ways is absurd. GOD help us and GOD help Nigeria and purge us from such people. – Nigerian model, actor and humanitarian, Bryan Okwara. [/quote]

[quote type=”small” align=”justify”] “It’s sad that in a country where pressing issues that threaten national growth persist, quite obvious that even blind men can see it,  our leaders choose to press on non-issues with whatever intentions we know are purely selfish. I won’t press much on this but if they feel it’s right why can’t they start with their own children. First and foremost a child at 13 can’t decide what she wants as such obvious examples live within us.. things we thought we wanted at 13 are things we grew to realize we don’t want any more. This act of stupidity would increase divorce, rape, adultery, and hate. Children would be forced into marriage against their will thus infringing their basic human right of choice. Our first lady should speak on this and our so called leaders should tackle pressing issues and move this country forward.  Nigeria pays our leaders more than any other country in the world but we get little in return. Our currency is useless outside Nigeria, we don’t have good electrical supply, schools are on strike, some students at the primary level who should have free education are seen on the streets hawking and begging. Let’s spend time in building the leaders of tommorow not destroying them and killing the beauty of life in them. Self hate alone can lead to a lot of things let’s fight against this.” – Nigerian actor and model, IK Ogbonna [/quote]
[quote type=”small” align=”center”]
“I’m utterly shocked and disappointed upon hearing about the law change in Nigeria, that seemingly endorses child marriage. I am hoping that someone comes out to say that its all just a huge joke. This is so wrong to me on so many levels, as this can be detrimental to the girl child in terms of her rights to education, and can pose dangers to health. I applaud the millions of Nigerians that are fighting against this, and the many more non Nigerians around Africa and the world who are lending their voice and support to this fight. Its is not just about Nigeria, this is a fight that we all must fight, so that children everywhere in the world can be safe to have a good and deserving childhood without exploitation of any kind.” – Ghanaian TV host and Actress, Ama K Abebrese


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