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Amazing Child Season 3 set to roll out, August 4



The first and second seasons of the Amazing child reality show on TV Africa have been revealing, enterprising and exciting. The children during the two seasons exhibited various talents to the admiration of the large studio audience and viewers in general. The third season, which is about to roll out, promises to be more exciting and breathtaking with unbelievable prizes for ultimate winners and the weekly evictees. The one hour programme is aimed at harnessing and grooming talents of the up and coming generation by exposing their talents to the world. TV Africa known for projecting the values of the African also seeks to bring out the “Africanness” and “Ghanaianness” in the children by teaching them the various cultures we have as Africans, exposing them to the music forms, dances among others. This season of amazing child will be showing on Saturdays from 3.30pm to 4.30pm starting August 4 in the studios of TV Africa.]]>

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