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American Idol-reject, Mawuena Kodjo disses Ryan Seacrest and Steve Tyler on twitter



In spite of appearing to be a sweet young man during his auditions at the ongoing season 11 of American Idol, Togolese immigrant, Mawuena Kodjo, who wanted to be the first African Country Music Superstar, seems to have some harsh words for the host and judges of the reality TV singing competition. If the twitter account in his name is anything to go by, then Mawuena was not a happy camper when his singing ambitions were crashed by the judges.  The twitter account, @MaWuenaKodjo with the description, “I Am the Next American Idol” has only been tweeting since January 19 and has four tweets addressed to American Idols as follows: “@RyanSeacrest screw you seacrest. You shall be hunted and put on a stake..nigga” “@MyNamesJniggeyy Peace and Wealth to you my dear friend. Join me and my tribe in the hunt for seacrest?” “I knew I should have pulled the friendly tribal Butt sex hand shake with Steven Tyler.” “I shall prove all yal wrong , I will be the first African country music star. And I will bring the golden cantaloupe back to my tribe!” Mawuena threw his ten gallon hat in the ring and told American that he’s going to be the first African Country music superstar at the Savannah auditions, singing Rascal Flatts’ ‘I Won’t Let Go’. After he was turned away from the judges Mawuena grabbed some help from the streets of Savannah.  A few little girls and an older gentleman believed in him and went to vouche for him in front of the judges. Randy Jackson told the charming little girls that they need their hearing checked and Steven Tyler told them to tell their Mommies to clean their ears.]]>



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