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American woman’s biased portrayal of her experience in Ghana heavily criticised; she apologises



A Latter-day Saint singer, Jessie Clark Funk has incurred the wrath of Ghanaians following an exaggerated account of her experience in Ghana.


Jessie Clark, also an author, had described Ghana as a poverty-stricken country, whose people despised the beautiful Mormon temple that had been built in the middle of the city.


“I went to Kenya when I was 18 but I went to Ghana twice and there is a temple in Ghana and the people in Ghana who are not members of the church, they resent that temple, you go to the city of Accra where you fly in and everything is dusty, dirty, terrible roads ,sharks, it’s what you’d imagine a third-world country looking like and obviously there are plenty places in Africa that look exactly like America so this is just one place that is very poverty-stricken,” she’s hears saying in the video that has now gone viral.

“And there is this gorgeous, beautiful temple in the middle of all of that, perfectly green, manicured grass and it doesn’t fit anywhere inside of that culture so the people who are, some of them are starving right outside of those gates, they look at the temple and they think you are end it in the missionaries, bless their hearts, they are doing their jobs but like they are out saying this is where happiness is and the people there are saying, well, why don’t you guys use some of this extravagance to help feed us if you are here to serve us, so it’s really interesting. So, I have learnt a lot about the humanitarian work that the church does which great on so many levels but on some levels it is not effective and I think that Williams and I talked about, I have strong opinions about ……. Perhaps my heart is in Ghana,” she added.

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The video was first noticed by Broadcast Journalist, Nana Aba Anamoah who shared the video on her Instagram page while calling Jessie out for pushing a sensational narrative of her experience in Ghana.


“I’m so tired of these narratives people push just to seem informed. Africa is always the victim of their sensational stupidity. I wish I knew her name and handle on social media,” Nana Aba captioned the video.


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The video caught the attention of many Ghanaians who have also re-shared it and called out Jessie for her biased portrayal of Accra, and Ghana.


Jessie caught the heat and has since issued an apology.

“A video I made talking about my experience in Ghana was taken completely out of context and there are many upset people from Ghana which breaks my heart because I love and respect the people of Ghana and their beautiful country so much. I have been there twice, once with my daughter, we learned so much from their amazing culture and deep wisdom. I cherish my experience there and I’m so sorry that something I said didn’t reflect my love for your country and people. I sincerely ask for forgiveness,” her apology read.

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