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Ameyaw Meets

#AmeyawMeets: A $37,000 bag and more… the story of African luxury lifestyle brand, Alain Fagnidi



As a teaser for this week’s main #AmeyawMeets feature, I posted a video on Instagram, where African Luxury Designer Alain Fagnidi, revealed exclusively to me how much some of his clients pay to enjoy some of his creations.

He showed me a bag which starts from $37,000 depending on the option of animal skin it is made of. Vanity? Yes, a few have called his products vain luxury! However, speaking with him, in his New York studio, about how he started his business; his vision and  the faith he has in his craft, made me appreciate his drive a bit better.

Alain Fagnidi has been creating luxury designs for almost two decades. Each collection he has created represents the lessons of life that can be attributed in creating a better world. The quality of materials and meticulous attention to details, make his products sophisticated creations with an authentic and innovative soul.

Alain Fagnidi, is a lifestyle brand that evokes the culture and vibe of Alain’s Ivory Coast and African roots, while taking style and quality to a whole new level. Overall, the brand encompasses exquisitely designed fashion, furniture and accessories that define the concept of luxury.

I caught up with Alain Fagnidi to find out more about his dreams and aspirations for his brand as he gets ready to celebrate 20 years of avant-garde creations.

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