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An Introduction To The World Of PLC



One of the more common terms used in the electric world is a PLC. You are probably asking yourself What is a PLC? Well, this article will try to provide you with some beneficial information. 

What is a PLC? 

A PLC or programmable logic controller is used to control production procedures or any task, which needs high error detection, ease, and reliability.

Simply put, it is a device with which the inputs are changed and processed based on the need. And finally, the output of the device is displayed, which can be changed and has many applications in production, complex processes in factories, and industrial machines.


Inputs can be sensors, on and off switches, and outputs can be contactors, relays, lamps, and displays. Plc is very prominent because of its high operating power and processing power. And it can be linked to various devices.

In PLC, there are two types of memory. We use permanent memory to store and store information permanently. And temporary memory, where timers and counters are.

With the increasing development of technology, the need for PLC has also accordingly increased. Power supply, processing unit, input, and output ports, as well as program parts, are the components of PLC and have two parts of hardware and software.

In 1967, the Americans invented this widely used technology.



How does a PLC work?

  • Input Scan: finds, tests, and scans all linked devices slowly
  • Scanning the program: Executes the program requested by the user.
  • Output Scan: Tests and scans program outputs.
  • Cleaning the storage: In this step, we remove the unwanted data and save the requested information.

These four stages continue continuously throughout the cycle.

What are the advantages of plc:

  • We use Plc to work in bad situations, such as heat, cold and humidity, and electrical fluctuations. It can adapt to space.
  • It is easy to work with, convenient and affordable.
  • Having a little possibility of faults  
  • Safe and speedy response.
  • It is available in small sizes and dimensions.
  • Needs a few wired and cable connections.

Dividing PLCs into several categories according to size:



Small PLCs: Due to their small size, they are usually used a lot and installed along with other controlled equipment. And programming is done in them as a beginner.


Medium PLCs: They have a modular structure and are easy to develop and modify. And programming in them is also done graphically.



Large PLCs: It has many inputs and outputs that guide smaller PLCs.

In what industries do we use plc? 


  • Glass industry: Factories use plc to ease the production process.
  • Paper industry: Used in the paper industry to fasten the production of high-quality paper.
  • Cement industry: Plc is used to ensure the amount of the raw material and the quality of the produced product.
  • Food industry: It is hard to produce a big amount of food every day and it needs high speed. Plc is used to check the quality of food, the number of ingredients in it, and the packaging.
  • Automotive industry: We use PLC for drilling, moving parts, checking several parts, and many more.


Also, we used PLC in the plastic manufacturing, transportation services, agriculture, construction, and energy conversion industries.


Introduction of different types of plc : 


Choosing a good plc is very important. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the manufacturer. Here we introduce several reputable companies:

  • PLC Allen & Bradley: This company is one of the prominent manufacturers worldwide
  • PLC Siemens: This German company is one of the biggest and most famous manufacturing companies in Europe.
  • Delta PLC: This Taiwanese company has many fans due to its cheap prices and good PLC performance.


To get additional information about PLCs, visit the MRO Electric official website. 

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