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Anima Misa sizzles at ‘Adams Apples Chapter 9’ executive premiere



When it comes to movie premieres, only a few Ghanaian celebrities often get it right and surprisingly, senior actress, Anima Misa usually gets its right in the fashion department.  Looking nothing like her age, Anima looked young and sexy in a simple brown gown at the executive premiere of ‘Adams Apples: Chapter 9’, held for sponsors and the press on April 5.  Set off with a sizeable black clutch bag, Anima looked ravishing and elegant, just like most stars should look on the red carpet.   Meanwhile things are getting more interesting for the Adams and the series draws to a close and this Easter holiday, fans can catch the penultimate chapter showing at the Silverbird cinema from April 6. Here is a quick recap of how the story has developed so far… It started with Chapter 1 ‘The Family Ties’ which introduced us to the Adams family and their ‘wahala’ but interesting way of life. Chapter 2 ‘The Twisted Connections’  also brought us extra ‘wahala’ with Jennifer trying to conclude a house sale with her new young client and things taking a dramatic turn, spiraling events out of control and deepening already strained relations with her secretary. Chapter 3 ‘The Musical Chairs’ came in with hell breaking “loose when the Adams’ sisters caught their mum and the unassuming Screening locations and times teacher-Albert together at a hotel. With Chapter 4 ‘Torn’ the story became very interesting with unbelievable scandals and more ‘wahala’ as ‘five different people dash marathon-style towards an emergency room, one after the other, to open up a new chapter in the busy lives of the Adams. Then came Chapter 5 ‘Duplicity’ which answered the question; ‘So what do you think of the Adams?’ Chapter 6 brought us ‘New beginnings?’ something Ivy preferred– she made up her mind that it will be better for her boyfriend’s old memories to stay buried while they create new ones together.In Chapter 7-Confessions, friends and Enemies were forced to eat together at Michele’s dinner whiles she tried desperately to avoid her boyfriend’s mother. Chapter 8-Fight Or Flight gave Michelle the opportunity to hear the truth behind Albert’s cold attitude after three days and thirteen missed calls. In Chapter 9:  ‘Rescue Mission’, the Adams women pack their wishes, worries and wahala and take us on a 3,175 mile first-class journey around the globe to save the missing-in-action Jennifer. But before that, there is still plenty palaver to take care of at home. Baaba finally settles on building a life with Eric. The two of them start afresh with a romantic candle-lit dinner which ends up in a rude awakening from a rejected rival that will shock Baaba back to her senses. Kukua gets caught in a scalding crossfire when Gerald and his trusted therapist clash at Jennifer’s door, while Mrs. Adams goes to seek her son’s compassion and support for the ailing Jennifer. Albert may however need more than a forgiving spirit to prepare him for the bigger bombshell around the corner that could change his life, Ivy’s and Michelle’s forever. In this penultimate chapter, one woman’s downfall will lead to a voyage of discovery, reunion and an astonishing revelation that will remind all that the story is not yet over.” ]]>