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Anne-Sophie Avé shares culture shock experiences as she moves back to France



After ending her tenure as the France Ambassador to Ghana, Her Excellency Anne-Sophie Avé has returned to France to meet the shock of her life.


The very affable “Akosua” who has left an indelible mark on the Ghanaian citizenry has shared some cultural shocks she has experienced so far since landing in France.


According to her, she asked for help at the airport to carry her 12 suitcases and received none, unlike Ghana, where people would have trooped to help her carry them even without asking.

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“Landed in Paris: Me: I have 12 suitcases can someone help me, please? Luggage service: you should have ordered online. So I carried all 12 by myself.

In Ghana; Me: I have 12 suitcases, can…oh thank you guys! All cases are in the car before you are done asking,” she shared on Twitter.


Her Excellency the former Ambassador also shared ride hailing service experiences from France and Ghana and concluded that indeed, each of the two countries have their challenges.

“Ghana Me: where are you? Uber: on my way, please, shall be here shortly (see GH definition of shortly in former tweet )

France Me: where are you? Uber: gone! I waited 5 minutes and left. You will still be charged. Have a nice day. We each have our challenges,” she added.



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