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Anniversary Alert! Drop Some Hints Over These 4 Best Anniversary Gifts



“Love grows more tremendously full, swift, poignant, as the years, multiply.” Zane Grey

We are humans and let’s just face it, we aren’t great with dates. Be it due to whatever XYZ reason, we end up forgetting someone dear’s birthday and at times our wedding anniversaries. Poor we! And even if we remember the dates, we aren’t good at guessing what the other person will like to get pampered over. Regardless of endless denial, this fact applies to both the genders, both men and women. 


So, this year if your anniversary is soon approaching and you feel that your better half has almost forgotten your day of love, then remind him/her of it over these anniversary gifts.



  1. A Night Out – Now, this is not quite actually a traditional gift-like thing, as we may like to refer to it but it is sure to make your anniversary special. A keepsake or a thoughtful gift would no doubt be something you were treating your Boo over, all these years. But a night out always sounds like a great plan. Organise a date night for him/her, it could be at your own place within your comfort zone or someplace outdoor at some fancy restraint or your first date spot. Recreate the magic of your initial days of dating period. Forget your family and lead a couple life for a day. Taking a walk down the lane will surely do wonders to make your upcoming super special for the both of you.


  1. Personalised Gift – Over the past few days, months or years, you guys have made a plethora of beautiful memories. Pick any one of your favourites, be it a picture from your dating period, pre wedding shoot or even from your marriage day and get it personalised over a photo frame, mug, cushion, keychain, night lamp or any other such XYZ option. Something like this when gifted will remind of your sweet love to him/her as he/she uses your particular personalised gift. You can easily look at such online anniversary gifts and order them accordingly from some reputed website. 


  1. A Priceless Piece Of Jewellery – A stunning piece of jewellery tops the list of anniversary gifts, year after year. But who said that a piece of jewellery is only adorned and adored by all the women? Men love it too! So you can get a couple jewellery specially made with your initials or anniversary date engraved on it to surprise your Boo, before your actual anniversary day.


  1. Practical Gifts – Anniversary gifts are often very mushy, cheesy or romantic in its appeal. That is precisely why some of our partners would not like to celebrate anniversaries over. Hence, practical gifts to the rescue! Gifts which have more of practical usage or application attached to it seems like a fine idea when gifted on an anniversary. It will incorporate the idea of gifting and will be even loved by your “not-so-romantic” spouse – which will be a win-win situation for both. Hence, pure bliss!


So, these were top 4 anniversary gifts to drop some major hints to say “Our anniversary is soon approaching, you better think of something nice!” indirectly to your partner! 


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