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Anokye Supremo’s girlfriend spent money donated for his surgery on shopping- Auntie alleges



According to an audio circulating on social media, a lady identified as the Auntie of the late Highlife singer, Anokye Supremo aka Daddy Lumba Junior has stated that the late singer’s girlfriend, Edith, frivolously spent donations for Anokye’s surgery in India.

The Auntie also alleged that Edith, the girlfriend, was the cause of the singer’s plight.

According to the audio, Edith who had access to Supremo’s bank details, withdrew some of the money that was been donated and spent it on her own self. She gave their room a makeover whilst going on several shopping sprees.

Edith also caused a rift between Supremo and his Auntie which led to them not communicating anymore.

Anokye Supremo passed away about three weeks ago in an India after getting surgery for a brain tumor.

His remains have since been shipped back into the country for burial.