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The anticipation, the complication and the joy… my baby Nathan



Ameyaw Debrah and baby NathanThe month of November was one that I was excited about; I was meant to visit Morocco for the first and then head off to the US to welcome my son, who was due on November 21. So after my fun-packed tour of Casablanca, Marrakech and Agadir I got on a flight on November 19, and headed straight to New York. On arrival at JFK Airport, I made my way to New Jersey on a rather costly Uber trip to New Jersey ($163) but seeing my pregnant fiancée and ever-fun mother-in-law welcome me with such happiness was worth every cent!   I arrived at least two days ahead of the ‘due date’ so incase the baby decided to come early I would be there. On November 21 I went with my fiancée to see her gynecologist and soon we realized that we had miscalculated ‘our due date’. Instead of Tuesday November 21, it was rather Friday, November 24 (plus or minus 14 days anyway!!!). After the doctor performed some quick checks, he predicted the baby would come over the weekend or latest by Monday, November 27. Our families on hearing the news started guessing the day the baby would arrive, most hoped it would be Saturday (so he could be Kwame just like my late father) but I had a feeling, especially guided by what the doctor had said, that the baby would arrive on Monday. Another thing I had miscalculated was the day for the finals of Miss Universe 2017, a program I had agreed to attend during my stay in the US. Initially I thought the finale was on Saturday, November 25 but found out last minute that it was rather Sunday, November 26. Now, I was faced with the dilemma of going to Las Vegas for Miss Universe, and possibly missing the birth of my son in New Jersey in the process. After a last minute ticketing, my fiancée accompanied me to the Airport on Sunday morning and I left Jersey with a 6.20am American Airline flight. I made a connecting flight at Dallas, Texas and I arrived in Las Vegas around 12.40pm (local time). I got to my stunning hotel, The Cosmopolitan around just around 2pm, bathed and dressed up for the Miss Universe finale, which was starting at 4pm. como After dressing up, I quickly stepped down to the Wicked Spoon Buffet to grab something to eat. And at $49 there was so much good food to eat but I had to rush to meet up with Menaye Donkor (Country Director for Miss Universe Ghana), so we could go to Planet Hollywood for the show.wicked sppon Well, the Miss Universe finale was fun and worth my journey because Ghana’s Ruth Quarshie made the Top 16 cut. After the show I joined Menaye and Ruth for dinner before we headed to the Caesars Palace for a little Miss Universe after party.

GHANA MAKES TOP16 #missuniverse2017

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When I returned to my hotel room I set up my alarm since I wanted to wake up early by 6 am to get ready for my 9.40 flight. I woke up in the morning and noticed some missed calls from my mother-in-law, and immediately I got worried. I called back and she told me my fiancée went into labour around 2am (New Jersey time), and she was in the hospital being monitored by doctors. Now the fear of missing the birth of my son had become real. I started blaming myself for missing the big moment, which was my main reason for traveling to the U.S. I also read a text message from my aunt in Virginia, who was scolding me when she found out on social media that I had left for Vegas. So I told her that my fiancée was in labour before I went into the shower. I dressed up to get ready for the airport in a confused state of happiness, expectation and guilt. I texted my fiancée to apologize for not being there during her labour and encouraged her to be strong during the process. When I got to the Vegas airport I called my mother-in-law for updates and she explained that the doctors had put my fiancée on oxygen because she had a little fever but all was well. I got on the flight and when I got Charlotte, North Carolina airport around 4:53pm (local time), I called her again, and this time she said the baby had arrived, and my fiancée was fine too. Now calm, I texted my aunt who was already scolding me for leaving my pregnant fiancée in the first place, that the baby and mother are doing well. I also sent a similar message to my mother on WhatsApp, and explained that I was at the airport heading to New Jersey. I made my way to board my flight to New Jersey with plans of how to order flowers and balloons to congratulate my fiancée lingering on my mind. When I arrived in New Jersey around 8:30pm. I checked online if I could order any but I wasn’t successful. I called my mother-in-law to tell her I would pick an Uber home, so she didn’t have to come pick me up. When I got home I could tell my mother-in-law was tired to take me to the hospital to see the baby and mother, so I tried to get as much information about the birth as possible. She then opened up to tell me my fiancée had undergone a caesarian section, after a delayed childbirth. She served me so fruits and when I couldn’t eat it like I usually do, she realized I wanted to go and see them at the hospital. She said and I remember clearly, “Yaw I know you can’t sleep without seeing them, so you let’s go!!!” I was so expectant and happy when we got in the car. But when we arrived at my fiancée’s ward, I saw her in tears. A nurse had just come to tell her the baby was in critical condition. We calmed her down and made our way to go see the baby and find out what was going on. Although my mother-in-law in her earlier conversations with me on phone, mentioned that the baby had some stuff blocking his nose at birth, she made it seem it was nothing to worry about in order not to stress me up during my journey to New Jersey. After going through security and getting a tag on my wrist as the daddy of the boy, we made our way to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the University Hospital to see baby Nathan for the first time.neonatal intensive care unit tag I broke down and shed some tears seeing my son in so much discomfort with tubes running all over his body, and a machine shaking him up almost violently. This was not what I had imagined on my way to see him; and the sharp contrast just broke me down. But I knew I had to be strong for my fiancée and our baby, Nathan as the doctors updated me on the baby’s condition. Nathan was suffering from meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS). MAS can happen before, during, or after labour and delivery when a newborn inhales a mixture of meconium (the early stool passed by a newborn soon after birth) and amniotic fluid (the fluid in which the baby floats inside the amniotic sac). Nathan inhaled meconium, which blocked his airways. Although air could flow past the meconium as he breathed in, it was trapped in his airways when he breathed out. This made it difficult for him to breathe. MAS can affect the baby in a number of ways, including chemical irritation to the lung tissue, airway obstruction by a meconium plug, infection, and the inactivation of surfactant by the meconium. MAS is often related to fetal stress, as was the case of Nathan due to delayed birth. My fiancée had a long and difficult delivery until doctors finally decided to operate on her to bring the baby out. In the process, the baby became distressed resulting in hypoxia (decreased oxygen), which made his intestinal activity increase and cause relaxation of the anal sphincter. This relaxation then moved meconium into the amniotic fluid, which Nathan eventually inhaled. Treatment for Nathan began right after delivery. The doctors inserted a laryngoscope into the trachea to remove any meconium. Several tests, such as a blood test that helps determine if the baby is getting enough oxygen and a chest X-ray that can show patches or streaks on the lungs that are found the baby, were conducted. And in fact the following days, more would be conducted. After seeing Nathan and getting an insight into the issue we returned to my fiancée in the ward to give her more details and assure her that all would be well. Due to the long flight I had back to Jersey, my mother-in-law suggested that we go home and get some rest so we could come back in the morning. The following day and indeed the rest of my stay in New Jersey were spent in the hospital, hoping for positive response from baby Nathan and a speedy recovery and healing for my fiancée. Day in day out, my fiancée was getting stronger, and was able to go see Nathan in the NICU all by herself but Nathan’s progress was not consistent. Nathan’s treatment included oxygen therapy, antibiotics to treat infection, nitric oxide inhalation, and frequent blood tests to see if he was getting enough oxygen. Since he had severe aspiration, he needed mechanical ventilation. An artificial surfactant was put into his lungs to help keep the air sacs open. He was also put on a special ventilator, which vibrated air enriched with extra oxygen into his lungs. Nitric oxide was added to the oxygen in the ventilator, which dilated the blood vessels and allowed more blood flow and oxygen to reach Nathan’s lungs. After going through these treatments for days, we were given more distressful news when the doctors said Nathan was not responding as expected, and there was the need to explore a higher intervention at the Beth Israel Hospital. The doctor said there might be the need for Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), a form of cardiopulmonary bypass, meaning that an artificial heart and lung will temporarily take over to supply blood flow in Nathan’s body. ECMO lowers the fatality rate for these severely distressed babies from 80% to 10%. The University Hospital was not an ECMO center, so we signed a consent form to transfer our baby. So Nathan was transferred to the Beth Israel Hospital. The transfer brought the whole family more worries, and our prayers heightened every step of the way. When Nathan arrived at Beth Israel, he was not placed on ECMO immediately; he was placed on an advanced ventilator to see how he responded before possibly going through ECMO. In the first 48-hours, the doctors were happy with how he was responding and so decided to keep him on the ventilator for more observation. And just like the miracle we all prayed for, each day Nathan showed slight improvements. Sadly due to some responsibilities in Ghana, I was soon faced with the dilemma of leaving while Nathan was still at the hospital but I cheered myself up with the slow progress he was making, and the fact that he would not need ECMO. In fact before I left for Ghana, Nathan had been taken off the antibiotics and the levels of his intake of oxygen and nitric oxide had been dropped. Before leaving, we requested for the NICU email updates so on a daily basis I could know how Nathan was faring.nicu updates In God’s perfect timing, I spent my last day with Nathan at a period when he was now good enough to be touched. In the first two weeks, he required heavy sedation so we were not allowed to do anything that could excite him too much, since he had many tubes and wires attached to him; and of course, the risk of complications with infections. So I rubbed some hand sanitizer in my palms and finally touched Nathan for the first time. I played with him, and as if he could hear my jokes, he squeezed my finger when I placed it in his palm. I left New Jersey for New York later that evening to catch my flight back to Ghana the following morning. When I got to Ghana, the news of progress continued; each day I would get an email from the NICU on Nathan. Each day either one tube was removed or his dependence on some medication had reduced. My fiancée kept me up to date with photos, videos and at some stage the NICU even allowed us to do video calls. Nathan was soon taken off the ventilator completely and put into a small incubator; and later he made his way into a baby court with the only tube attached to him being one for taking in breast milk. And as he made more progress with feeding from a bottle and eventually directly from his mum’s breast, we wondered if Nathan would be strong enough to come home before Christmas. In the early hours of December 24 (Ghana Time), that answer came; and it was positive. I watched with joy and excitement via WhatsApp video call, as his mother and grandmother cheerfully dressed him up and carried him from the NICU home. Yes, we finally got Nathan home to his crib that has been waiting for him for four weeks after his birth, and just in time to bring us some real Christmas cheer. If ever we had a Christmas wish, this was it! Welcome home Nathan, mum, dad and the whole family loves you!]]>


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‘Millennium Girls’ of Wesley Girls’ High School donate GHS 10,000 to the victims affected by the Akosombo dam spillage.



IMG 20231201 WA0072

The Wesley Girls’ High School 2002 Old Girls Association, known as the ‘Millennium Girls,’ recently showcased their commitment to social responsibility by donating GHS 10,000 to Citi FM’s resettlement project for the victims affected by the Akosombo dam spillage. Representatives Nana Finba Austin and Edith Dede Acquaye presented the generous contribution at the premises of Citi FM, emphasizing the association’s dedication to the welfare of the community and reinforcing the enduring values of unity, compassion, and service instilled during their years at Wesley Girls’ High School.

The ‘Millennium Girls’ continue to set an inspiring example for alumni associations, embodying the spirit of giving and making a positive impact beyond their Alma Mater.

The ‘Millenium Girls’ are set to host the 187th Anniversary and Speech and Prize Giving Day of their Alma Mater, Wesley Girls’ High School in February 2024.

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DJ Justice GH kicks off The Justice Experience Tour on December 3



DSC 1773

 Get your dance shoes on! DJ Justice GH will bring the heat to clubbers nationwide this festive month with the Justice Experience Pub and Lounge Tour–a revamp of his annual end-of-year concert, coming to a location near you. The tour will begin at Monte Carlo Pub in Tema–his home city, this Sunday (December 3). Be there!

The three-time Ghana DJ Awards’ “Artist DJ of the Year,” widely known as Stonebwoy’s premier DJ, is ready to spin some of 2023’s hottest tunes all month long: from North to South and East to West. And he won’t be alone. The ‘Dan Aase’ hitmaker will work with other top-flight DJs and MCs to curate what he dubs one of the “best nights” nightlifers will have this year.

“I feel the night scene has become pretty boring and I want to change that,” DJ Justice GH said. “It shouldn’t always be artists, so I’d be teaming up with DJs and MCs this year. They have more to offer than you think and nightlifers can expect one of the best nights they’ll ever have this year.”

DJ Perbi, DJ Toyor, DJ Xpliph, DJ Ronky, DJ Mpesempese, DJ Lord, DJ Wobeti, DJ Mynor, Sheldon The Turn Up, DJ Shiwaawa, DJ Mac Tonto, DJ Cartoon and countless more are on the list of supporting acts to storm Accra, Koforidua, Aflao, Kumasi, Tamale, Swedru and Takoradi alongside DJ Justice GH.

If you don’t want to miss this feature-packed experience, follow DJ Justice GH (@djjusticegh) on Instagram to know when he’s hitting your city.

Instagram: djjusticegh
Twitter/X: @djjusticegh

Facebook: DJ Justice GH
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Grammy Nominee Tyla Tells Apple Music About New Single “Truth or Dare”, Collaborating with Travis Scott & Summer Walker & How ‘Water’ Changed Her Life



unnamed 5

Superstar in the making Tyla joins Zane Lowe on New Music Daily to discuss her new single, “Truth or Dare” available now. They discuss the making of the new single, reflect on her smash-hit “Water” changing her life, recent collaborations with Summer Walker and Travis Scott, and more.

Tyla on having fun making her new single…

It was so fun to make. I just feel like I’ve worked on my sound so much these past years working on the album, so making this type of music is easy for me. I love it. I love it. Whenever I make something that I’m excited about, I want to drop it same time. But there’s a lot of times where I learned that being patient is important because I notice that once I wait and I spend more time on certain things, I always come up with something better.

On ‘Water’ changing her life…

Water literally changed my whole life completely. It’s so crazy how a song can change your life like this. It’s beautiful. It’s so exciting. I’m so happy that people are loving the sound, coming from home. So yeah, I’m excited to see where it goes from here.

On what she’s learned from collaborating with people like Travis Scott and Summer Walker…

It feels so surreal working with people that I’ve always loved and listened to. Yeah, I love it. I love that I’m able to also share my sound with other artists, bigger artists, and share their audience and their audience, experience sounds from home. Collaborating is my favourite. I love working with new people. When I was working on my album, I was travelling literally the world and working with everybody. So yeah, it’s cool that I get to now work with the big names that I’ve always been watching my whole life.

On making her forthcoming album self-titled…

For now, my introduction to the world, I just wanted to be clean, Tyla. I want people to get to know my name and get to know my sound because my first project is going to be Tyla in music form. So, I felt like self-titled would’ve been the best way to go.

On her recent success…

I think I’m trying to acknowledge it. It doesn’t feel real as yet, to be very honest. A lot of the times, I’ll just be doing what I usually do, and then my team has to remind me, “You can’t do that anymore.” So, I’m kind of adjusting to it. But yeah, I’m just excited that more people are hearing my music and enjoying the stuff that I’m putting out. And yeah, I’ll still have to get used to this whole change, but we’ll see. We’ll see.

On the idea of “home” and how it feels now that her music is representing her community and where she’s come from…

I haven’t been home in long since Water started blowing up. So, this is my first time home, and everyone’s just so welcoming and so excited and happy. So, it’s such a good time to be here. It’s summer for us here, so you can imagine how the vibes are here. South Africa is the place to be. Summertime, crazy.

On what she missed the most being on the road and away from home…

Obviously my family. I have a big family. I’m very close with them., So being away for so long is so difficult. So, definitely family and the food. Definitely my mother’s food. My mother knows as soon as I land, she knows the routine. She has to have a whole meal ready for me. And every single time, it’s there. I have Pap. It’s there. South African food is what I crave all the time, literally.

On her favourite artists from South Africa…

I always listen to Kelvin Momo. He’s a piano producer. Crazy. Crazy. Everyone should listen to him. I’m always listening to him. I’m listening to Nasty C, Kabza De Small. There’s so many amazing artists out here in South Africa.

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Can You Snort Kratom?



A Look At Kratom; Modern-Day Craze

If you are using kratom, this thought might have crossed your mind: ‘Can I snort Kratom?’. But, the answer to this question is a big ‘NO.’ Kratom forms clumps when it is exposed to moisture. So, it is not favorable to snort kratom.


Snorting or Insufflation of kratom can damage the mucous membrane and irritate your throat. People can experience negative effects, including overdose. But there are ways in which you can consume different strains of kratom without any problem. 


In this article, we will talk about the side effects of kratom snorting and what are the best ways to consume kratom. We will also discuss the dangers related to snorting kratom. So let’s get started.

Why Would Someone Snort Kratom?

Usually, the Southeastern people used kratom by chewing the leaves of the plant. But as kratom’s popularity increased, it was manufactured as capsules, powder, and liquid shots for consumption. People usually take kratom orally, but there are various reasons people snort kratom: 

  • Get High Quickly

Many people believe that if they snort kratom, it will be directly absorbed into the bloodstream, which will make them get high quickly. Some users who use kratom for recreational purposes consume kratom like this. 

  • Lack Of Knowledge

People who lack knowledge regarding kratom and its proper use snort kratom. Kratom forms clumps when it comes in contact with moisture, so it can further cause health issues.


Can You Smoke Kratom?

Other than taking kratom in capsules and powdered form, it is also smoked by many people. However, a significant amount of leaves is required to achieve the desired effects. It can be harsh on the throat and lungs, but you can get high quickly. Make sure you purchase kratom from reputable brands to get only the purest kratom. You can check this post to learn more about the best brands to buy kratom.


As compared to other herbal supplements, kratom smoke can be strong. It also produces a sustained euphoric effect, but you need a higher amount of supplement to achieve that euphoric state. 


Here are some points to know before smoking Kratom:

  • New kratom users or those who are sensitive to kratom must not consume more than one gram of the substance.
  • At lower doses, you will feel mild stimulation, and your mood will be uplifted.
  • If you smoke a significant amount of kratom, like 5 grams, then you will have noteworthy effects.

What is the Best Way to Use Kratom?

Other than snorting kratom, there are many ways in which you can consume kratom and get its various benefits. Manufacturers sold different types of kratom strains in the form of powder, capsules, extracts, etc. You can use kratom in the following ways:

  • Kratom Capsules: If you don’t like the taste of kratom, you can go with kratom capsules. This method eliminates the bitter aftertaste and also offers a convenient way to take your daily dose.
  • Kratom Tea: Brewing kratom tea is a timeless tradition. To create the best kratom tea, boil water on a low flame for 10-12 minutes and add kratom leaves or kratom powder to the water. Strain the liquid, and your kratom tea, with its amazing benefits, is ready.
  • Kratom Powder: People also use kratom powder along with normal water. To make it more fun, you can blend kratom powder with chocolate milk. If you are lactose intolerant, you can opt for a milk alternative. You can also make kratom cookies to get the best of both worlds. You just have to pour kratom powder when you are making the dough for the cookies, and it’s done. People make kratom cookies to get the benefit of kratom and the sweetness of cookies.
  • Kratom Extracts: These extracts are a more concentrated form of kratom. It can be created from kratom leaves of kratom powder. Its dosage is far more potent than the kratom powder.

Dangers of Snorting Kratom

Snorting kratom can be very dangerous for you and against your best interests. There can be short-term and long-term side effects of snorting kratom:

    • Short-Term Side Effects: Nose Bleeding, nasal swelling, trouble breathing, nose and throat irritation, buildup of mucous membrane, nasal blockage.
  • Long-Term Side Effects: Lung Infection, Damage to the respiratory system, Damage to throat and nose, Damaged mucous membrane, Blood clots in lungs, pulmonary embolisms, nasal inflammation, and perforation of nasal passages. 

Along with these, snorting kratom can also cause various mental and physical problems:

Hallucinations, anxiety, aggressive behavior, tremors, seizures, vomiting.


Snorting kratom can be dangerous, so make sure you consume kratom in the form of tea or powder, etc. You must also know about the different strains of kratom and their benefits; in that way, you can select the best kratom strains for you.


Final Thoughts: Can You Snort Kratom?

This leads to the end of this article; we talked about how snorting kratom can create problems for you. Snorting kratom is not a good idea; the powder will form clumps in your throat and lungs and can cause serious long-term side effects.


There are many ways to consume kratom; you can take it as a capsule or make kratom tea. It is also available as extracts, which are the most concentrated form of kratom. You can make kratom consumption fun by adding the powder to your chocolate milk or making cookies.


Kratom has many benefits, but only if you take it the right way. Snorting kratom can harm you in many ways. Its short-term side effects include nose bleeding, swelling, nose and throat irritation, and nasal blockage. It also has long-term side effects like mucous membranes, nose, and throat damage. It also leads to lung infection, blood clots in the lungs, and pulmonary embolisms.


So, we recommend using kratom safely by consuming it the proper way. Snorting kratom will not get you high but can damage your respiratory tract and lungs. So be careful and safe.


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Exploring the Latest Technological Advances in Fishing Reel Design



Exploring the Latest Technological Advances in Fishing Reel Design

Fishing, once a simple pursuit with rudimentary tools, has undergone a transformative journey with technological advancements. Piscifun, a prominent brand in the fishing gear industry, stands at the forefront of this evolution. Let’s delve into the latest technological innovations that Piscifun incorporates into their fishing reel designs, enhancing the angling experience for enthusiasts of all levels.

Precision Engineering: Micro Gearing for Smoother Operation

One of the standout technological features in Piscifun fishing reels is the implementation of micro gearing. This precision engineering involves the use of finely machined gear components, resulting in smoother operation and increased performance. Anglers experience reduced friction, allowing for seamless casts and retrieves, making each fishing excursion a more enjoyable and efficient endeavor.

Carbon Fiber Drag Systems: Power and Sensitivity in Harmony

Piscifun recognizes the crucial role that drag systems play in fishing reel performance. The brand integrates advanced carbon fiber drag systems into their reels, combining power and sensitivity. This innovation ensures that anglers can smoothly adjust the drag to handle various fish sizes while maintaining a level of sensitivity that allows for precise control during the fight.

Corrosion Resistance: Shielding Reels Against the Elements

Fishing often involves exposure to harsh elements, and Piscifun addresses this challenge with cutting-edge corrosion-resistant technologies. The brand incorporates materials and coatings that protect the reel from saltwater corrosion, ensuring longevity and reliability even in the most demanding environments. Anglers can trust their Piscifun reels to withstand the test of time and the corrosive effects of saltwater.

Lightweight Design: Graphite and Aluminum Alloys for Maneuverability

In the pursuit of the perfect fishing reel, weight plays a crucial role in determining maneuverability and comfort. Piscifun leverages the latest materials, such as graphite and aluminum alloys, to create lightweight yet durable reels. This technological advance allows anglers to enjoy extended fishing sessions without experiencing fatigue, ultimately enhancing the overall fishing experience.

Sealed Bearings: Enhancing Durability in Challenging Environments

Piscifun understands the importance of bearings in reel performance, and their incorporation of sealed bearings is a testament to this commitment. Sealed bearings provide an additional layer of protection against water, dirt, and debris, significantly enhancing the durability and lifespan of the reel. Anglers can confidently take their Piscifun reels into diverse environments, knowing that the sealed bearings contribute to reliable and smooth operation.

Dual Brake Systems: Fine-Tuning Control for Precision Casting

Achieving precise casting is a fundamental aspect of successful angling, and Piscifun addresses this with the implementation of dual brake systems. This technological innovation allows anglers to fine-tune their casting control, adapting to different fishing conditions and lure weights. The result is increased accuracy and casting distance, providing anglers with a distinct advantage on the water.

Advanced Gear Ratios: Speed and Power Tailored to Fishing Styles

Piscifun fishing reels come equipped with advanced gear ratios that cater to diverse fishing styles. Whether anglers prefer high-speed retrieves or require the power for deep-sea fishing, Piscifun’s innovative gear ratios provide versatility. This technological advancement allows anglers to adapt their reel’s performance to specific fishing scenarios, ensuring optimal efficiency and success.